"Ten years? Well, I have just arranged an array, and the time in it is ten times that of the outside world. If you practice there, it only takes one year. " Say that finish, Tianjun thought, and directly teleported the blood bodhi to a dú lì space in the large array of stars.

After arranging everything, Tianjun took Farah, Jin Peng and Tongan Ape directly to the boundary of the Snow Mountain Palace in the chaotic world. At this moment, almost a year has passed, and Tianjun has been traveling around all the time this year, and at the same time, he is also looking around for information about Xuanji.
"Ha ha, big brother, good news, good news!" Suddenly, Farah, like epilepsy, took Tianjun’s hand and said with a face of surprise.
"oh? Do you want to eat dolphin pork again? " Tianjun didn’t good the spirit of looking at Farah said.
"Eldest brother, don’t you also see that there is a Shangke restaurant ahead?" Farah said in mock surprise.
"Don’t be such a mother-in-law, just say if you want to eat meat, but I have been crossing the wild forest for a while. To be honest, I miss it a little, too. Let’s go!" Patted Farah’s head, and Tianjun several people went directly to a huge city thousands of miles away.
"Heaven? Now we should have reached the territory of Tiandao Sect. " Tianjun muttered to himself.
"Eldest brother, you don’t remember that beautiful woman named Qingcheng, do you? Be careful that Sister-in-law Xuan Ji won’t be happy when she knows!" Farah said with a teasing face.
"It seems that you are better than my memory. At the beginning, it was far from the third place among the four beauties. The whole city should be in this heavenly Sect! Don’t think about anything else now, brachiopod. You haven’t eaten dolphin pork, have you? I will let you taste the absolute delicious food in this chaotic world later. " Tianjun left his head and glanced at the one-armed ape standing behind him respectfully and said.
On the third floor of Shangke Restaurant, four Tianjun brothers surrounded an ancient Se-scented anvil wooden table and sat down. Except Tianjun, the other three of them wolfed down the dolphin pork in front of them, and even the once stiff one-armed ape let go of his massive cattle to eat.
"Really delicious, this thing is the best thing I have ever eaten!" Arm-tongued apes drank their daughters’ red while holding a dolphin leg and stuffing it into their mouths, all of which were covered with a thick layer of oil.
Above the third floor of Shangke Restaurant, besides Tianjun, there are still more than ten people sitting together in twos and threes eating side dishes and talking about some things. Suddenly, a somewhat high-pitched voice sounded: "Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard that the mysterious army at the beginning has now captured nearly one-third of the territory of the Dharma Temple and waved down like a bamboo!"
"This mysterious army is too much. At the beginning, the kamikaze army of Tianfengmen couldn’t resist it. You know, the masters inside Kamikaze are all masters of the late peak of the Emperor of Heaven, and they were slaughtered overnight by the mysterious army. Tianfengmen is completely destroyed. Alas, there are hundreds of millions of major sects, and they suddenly go up in smoke. Now it’s the turn of Dharma Temple. I’m afraid it won’t be long before.
"Do you know that this mysterious army is said to belong to Aotianzong, but no one has ever seen his true face!" A skinny old man who looked a little j and jīng was whispering.
"Laojiu, you can’t talk nonsense about this sentence. If you are heard by people who are proud of Tianzong, hum, I’m afraid you are prostrate!" One is young and slightly arrived, and his words have the meaning of jǐng.
"eh? Look at my mouth, damn it, everyone eat quickly, today is my treat! " Laojiu said with a nervous face after hearing the young scholar’s words.
After hearing the conversation of several people, Tianjun put down their porpoise pork and froze for a moment. Then Tianjun’s whole face was awed and said seriously: "It seems that the chaotic world is going to change!" ! ! !

Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Lessons (1)
Soon, the old man named Laojiu paid the bill and left Shangke Restaurant in a hurry, while the rest of the people were afraid of getting into trouble, and they were all well-advised to leave, for fear of causing unnecessary trouble to themselves.
"The sect as big as Tianfengmen has gone out!" Farah looked at Tianjun with some disbelief and said.
"Eldest brother, what do you think is the origin of the mysterious army? It can destroy Tianfengmen, one of the five sects, overnight. Even if Tianfengmen is badly hit, it can’t be destroyed overnight by the mysterious army!" Shocked, the only feeling in Tianjun’s heart now is shock. Overnight, hundreds of Tianfengmen, who have hundreds of Tiandi masters, were destroyed. The power of this mysterious army is so terrible.
"I don’t know, but the lesson of this God Chapter 396 (1) The terrorist fighting capacity of the secret army can never be ignored. Besides, I have a feeling that this mysterious army must have something to do with Ao Tianzong!" Tianjun said with sharp eyes, but also in his mind, what is the existence of this mysterious army?
"Well, the boss is right. Since this mysterious army dares to attack the Dharma Temple, why doesn’t he attack the proud Tianzong? Why should he kill Tianfengmen? There must be some purpose in this! " It is rare for Farah to sit down and analyze carefully at this time, and the whole person looks quite serious.
"Yes, old three, you can also calm down and think about the problem." Tianjun smiled at Farah and said, Jin Peng and the brachiopod ape know Ferrari well. Seeing him like this at this time is also very impressive to him.
"In fact, it’s really the purpose of everybody to know why. There is nothing but unifying the chaotic world. Well, after eating this meal, we will continue to drive to the depths of the Snow Mountain Palace. Now we will put aside the rest of the chaotic world. As long as they don’t provoke our demon domain and Xuantianmen, we won’t ask, but if they do, hum! " Speaking of which, Tianjun’s y and n cold breath is scattered, and within ten meters around him, it’s like covering the lesson in Chapter 396 (1) with a thick layer of frost. It makes people shudder involuntarily.
"Let’s go, this porpoise pork has also been eaten, and now we should go out!" Directly threw a top grade spar on the table, and Tianjun walked out of Shangke Restaurant.
"Eldest brother. The city controlled by Tiandao Sect is quite luxurious, although it is not as good as the previous Huan Tian City, but the human feelings here are obviously simpler. " Farah looked at the fairy who was quietly trading on the street and said with a smile as he walked.
"Well, it’s close to the core area of Lengshuang Palace, so human feelings or public security will certainly be much better!" Staring at all, Tianjun looked around curiously, looking at the bustling immortals on the street, and his heart was more serene. Although there are many immortals on the whole street, the four of Tianjun are like walking in a leisurely manner. No one can get within three feet of them, but those with low strength can’t notice at all.
"Get out of here, get out of here!" Suddenly, a loud roar sounded, like a bull braying, and suddenly interrupted the calm that should have been above the street. Is wrinkly to knit the brows, TianJun four people are some disgust look back at the past.
I saw four headstrong and powerful Han guarding a charming young man, walking on the street with bullying, and five people walked in parallel, directly occupying the street all day. And many immortals on the street look at the imposing manner of people. Knowing that they are not easy to handle, they all get out of the way quickly, and some of them are slow to respond, but they are directly kicked away.
"Four Erjiu distractions, this white youth is also the master of Tianjun’s peak. It seems that the head is not small! " Tianjun said with great interest, but the whole person did not go any further. Because there is already a young man who looks healthy and upright in Tsing Yi, he walked up and stopped in front of four big and strong men who are already the young man in white.
"Gentlemen, this is the territory of Tiandao Sect. I hope you will not disturb everyone’s normal life in this Tiandao City."
Polite, Tsing Yi youth gives people a sense of gentleness. Although the breath of the four big men is quite tough and even unusually domineering, the Tsing Yi youth is still supercilious.
"A small heavenly Sect, I haven’t put it in my eyes yet. What kind of onion are you, and you dare to stop in front of me. Be careful that I am in a bad mood and will destroy you if I am unhappy!" Looking at the Tsing Yi youth who is not available in the front, he said that a bruiser was unusually domineering and didn’t even pay attention to the Tsing Yi youth.
Frowning, Tsing Yi youth still patiently comforted: "Several seniors, I am the duty captain of Tiandao Street now, and it is my duty to maintain stability. I hope that several seniors will not embarrass me."
"Captain, who is making trouble here, the brothers are already here." Suddenly, a rough and crazy voice came from behind the youth in Tsing Yi. I saw a team of more than ten people standing behind the youth. Everyone’s hands were clutching a pike, and the momentum was amazing. People knew at a glance that these guards had undergone strict training.
"A group of ants, Nuba, when did you become so wordy? Don’t tell me that you can’t even solve such a trivial matter, huh!" White youth seems a little impatient at this time, and the cold voice said to the tough man in front of him.
"Since you want to die, don’t blame me for being ruthless!" After respectfully looking at the young man in white, the big fellow named Nuba suddenly burst into a vicious and complete Se in his eyes. He reached out and threw his hand, and a violent energy enveloped the small group of people who had just arrived. Before he could react, all the twelve people who had just arrived turned into smoke and disappeared in the air.
"Hum, remember, this is my young master who is proud of Heaven Sect, and you can’t afford it!" Slave dam mercilessly glared at the youth in Tsing Yi, but the youth in white cassock didn’t say anything, smiled at the battalion chief to protect the city and directly ignored his anger.
And watching the tricks of many immortals in the future, this hand will fade out to twelve masters who are comparable in strength to Jin Xian, all with a face of horror, but no one dares to stand in the middle of the road.
"Hum. A bunch of miserable people. I don’t know fear until I see blood. " Looking around, obviously, the face of the white youth with a smile on her face suddenly changed and changed, mocking the immortals around. However, after hearing that he was the young master of Proud Tianzong, the immortal who was angry and even wanted to rush up was hesitant, but he was afraid to start work again.
"You stop!" Suddenly, it was still the gentle young man in the Tsing Yi Taoist robe, but at this time he looked angry and full of ShaQi.
"A proud day of little master? This is in the territory of my heavenly Sect, even if the heavenly king Lao Tzu killed someone, it is impossible to just forget it, today. The five of you must stay and give me a statement, otherwise, I will fight with you even if I die! " Body with a lag, white youth some can’t believe looking back at the male. Eyebrows are tightly knit together.
"Seen not bad, but have never seen you so bad, hum, since you want to die, then I will meet! Nuba, you should know how to do it! "
"Yes, young master!" The bruiser Nuba has just spared no effort to kill the young man. Now, seeing him in such a dilemma, he is also angry, and his cassock is shocked. Without wind, the whole person appears beside the tilting male out of thin air, and if you raise your hand, you will press it down.
Just stand still, until this moment, Tilt Xiongcai realized the gap between himself and several masters in front of him. Although Tianjun’s initial cultivation was outstanding in Tiandaozong, in the eyes of several distracted gods, he could easily kill him with one thought.
Close your eyes tightly. Tilt male know, I’m afraid this time is run, the man named slave dam, give yourself the feeling that is stronger than his father’s fury.
"Stop it!" The voice suddenly rises, and the next moment. Nuba’s raised right hand has been caught by an old man covered in blood, and there is no room for any resistance.
"Looking for death!" The remaining three big men around the white youth saw that someone dared to cross a bar. And the strength is not weak, without the slightest hesitation, like a tiger coming out, an evil jump.
"Hum! I can’t do it! " There were three loud noises in succession, and all the three bruisers who came from the raid fell to the ground in a mess, with blood in their mouths. Obviously, it was just a blow, and the three of them were seriously injured.
"You, who are you? I am a distracted god of Aotianzong. If you kill me, Aotianzong will definitely kill you! " Until then, Nuba, who was caught by the old man in bloodstained clothes, suddenly woke up, and a recruit could seriously hurt the attack of three September 29th distracted gods. At present, this mysterious person is at least a September 9th distracted god, but now the only one who can curb him is Proud Tianzong. Of course, this is just his wishful thinking. Directly ignoring what Nuba said, the old man in bloody clothes bowed respectfully to the sky and said, "Master, what should I do with this worm?"
In front of the old man in bloodstained clothes, it was the blood Bodhi who practiced in the Star//fastest text update without pop-ups and advertisements//large array. Since his practice, it has only been a short year, but it has been ten years in the Star Large Array, which is enough for him to unite his body and recover his injuries.
"Kill the useless man as a lesson!" Tianjun said faintly, and didn’t pay any attention to this proud young master.
"Elder, wait a minute. I am a proud master of Tianzong. I have just offended many people. I still hope that the elder doesn’t mind. As long as you release the slave dam, even if I owe you one, otherwise, I’m afraid …"
At this point, the young man in white proudly saw that Tianjun was moved to kill his heart, and he could no longer maintain his previous demeanor. Even in the proud Tianzong, there were not many people, but he believed that as long as he told his identity, no matter anyone in any place in the chaotic world, he would sell himself a face.
"I’m afraid so?" Tianjun pretended to be shocked and looked at the air, with a playful meaning on his face.
"Proud day is one of the five branches of chaos, and you are a proud day of less master, I want to give this face. Bodhi, you know what to do! " Tianjun stared at the blood bodhi who grabbed the slave dam, only to see the blood bodhi bow down and say, "I know the master."
The next moment, I saw the slave dam in the hands of blood bodhi actually exploded out of thin air, and the flying flesh splashed around. Originally, I thought that the slave dam that had escaped was hung with a smug smile on her face when I heard Tianjun’s words. Who knows that the person who caught himself actually killed him without warning, even the proud air didn’t respond, and some looked at Tianjun from embarrassment. Angry said: "You, you …"
"A little spring day gentleman period. Actually, I’m arrogant jiān your Lao Tzu’s name. Today, I’ll kill you first to show jǐng’s accusation. Don’t let me see it next time, otherwise, hum! " Tianjun grunted in a cold voice, but with a wave of his big sleeve, he directly lifted Tsing Yi youth up, ignoring the existence of the proud air.
Aokong was a proud and heartless only son, and he never suffered such a dark loss. Now, seeing that the unidentified man in front of him actually killed his own men like this, he didn’t give himself face at all, and I was furious.
"What’s your name? After Ri, the boy can tell my father to visit!" Proud air-cooled said. He can’t afford to lose this man in front of nearly ten thousand immortals who are watching him.
"Just you? I’m not qualified to know my boss’s name yet. Hum, dude, scum! " Farah laughed as he walked around Aokong, regardless of how ugly the God Se on his face was.
"A little slave dare to laugh at me? Nufei, kill me! " In front of the master laugh at yourself also calculate, after all, other people’s slaves are so severe, and in front of the bloody clothes spring unexpectedly also bullying, of course. This is the idea in my heart.
Master can’t kill, killing a slave should always be ok, arrogant is gambling, and as a proud master, no one will really treat him. Seeing that Aokong wanted to kill Farah, Tianjun smiled, but he didn’t stop him, letting Aokong pounce on Farah.
Tianjun knows that Farah’s defense can’t be shaken by ordinary people. A layer of green dragon scales outside the body has reached the level of Chinese artifacts. Generally, in the chaotic world, nothing can hurt him at all.
"Hum, you really dare to do it!" Farah corners of the mouth hung y and n cold smile, looking at slave flew towards him, the body does not hide not flash. Abruptly meet up.
Two violent crash, in slave fly’s subconscious. At present, this bloodstained garment has been lying on the ground for at least one thousand years, even the body has turned into an ionic state, but the next scene is to make him frightened, because after the blow, he feels that his hands are like hitting a steel plate, numb and heavy, and his body is unconsciously shaking slightly.
Three steps! The bloodstained youth only retreated three steps, and then stared at Nufei with an evil face.