The birth and death of heaven and earth, the surrounding of time, and a figure dressed in a luxurious dress slowly condensed among all the ghosts and ministers, and a girl from Tsing Yi came from next to her, holding a tray with both hands, a golden list and a magic whip instantly attracted several people’s attention!

Seal the gods list and beat the whip! Tai, a god occupies the center, bearing dignity, breath as deep as the sea, and seems to support Tianzhu. Not only is […]

Since the third level of fighting skill, he has become less and less worried about his own safety, but his worries have not decreased.

With this in mind, Chen Yi came to the martial arts school again and asked, "Who has reached the level 1 standard in a week?" 红刘海佘雷和裸熊向前跨了一步 佘雷瘦瘦高高远没有裸熊壮实松松垮垮套在身跨栏背心浸是汗水如果不看他造型糟糕头发话倒有些像是普通体校学生 “其他人都没有?”陈易略微有些失望 “我们每天都在外面锻炼时太少了” “一次1个小时太辛苦” […]

There was a big table in this stone house, with four men and one woman sitting around. Among them, Zhang Ping not only met Mrs. Liu and three other "good friends", but also an "old friend" who should never have appeared here. His appearance gave Zhang Ping a great shock and strengthened his determination to get rid of them.

Zhang Ping’s soul saw that a few people came in to report the situation and flew out. Later, he found out the patrol sentry agent hidden weapons here, and then […]