Then pulling Qin Yan directly out of the theater and disappearing into the night …

Leave a full house to coax the audience and look dead.
"Words Yang Ye and qin smoke what did you do later? Won’t be … "Peach looked at Yang Ye eyebrows shake a pair of" I know you ".
"Do you believe me when I say I’m walking around Zhuhu Lake?" Yang Ye drink a mouthful of beer way
"Don’t believe it!" How can you believe it? I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m affectionate, and the atmosphere is so explosive that I can’t believe anything. Peach looked at Yang Ye again, but it’s a pity that the topic ended like this when he saw each other’s roots.
"Hey, hey, do you know how that B man looks?" Peach base laughed
His topic successfully attracted the attention of people in the place-four in Yang Ye dormitory, four in Qin Yan dormitory and nine in Chen Yujia.
Satisfied looked around peach hey hey a smile "he was dragged to! Haha, I heard that I can’t move my legs. If I were you, I don’t think I could move. It’s not too big a blow. Gee, I’m too young to ask before I do things. "Tao said like" He who sees through the world of mortals ".Well, he is the youngest of the ten people.
"Yang Ye, what do you think?" Chen Yujia asked Yang Ye with a smile
"I don’t care" Yang Ye ha ha a smile.
This dinner was selected on the second night after the party, and sometimes after eating, it was also talked about the future of Yang Ye dormitory. Without exception, several people said that they would join the "promise" workshop, and Tao, a full-time gamer, had already said that they would enter.
And Chen Yujia has his own plans, and everyone didn’t ask more.
Except Qin Yan, the other three sisters can’t follow them like this. Among the crazy players, they come to college, not to play.
And qin smoke …
"I followed Yang Ye!" She said this.
The application for leaving school has already been settled, even though k245 dormitory is empty, but these four people have not moved for the time being. Anyway, the school is not in a hurry and they are not in a hurry. The end of the welcome party also means that several people have nothing to worry about.
Pack up. It’s time to go
Qin Yan didn’t leave any plans, maybe she was a little grumpy. She didn’t want to stay in school alone. Yang Yenai had to help her with all kinds of formalities to drop out of school.
what a pity
"It’s no pity that I shouldn’t have come to the university. People who have this opportunity are very lucky and worthwhile." Qin Yan said with a smile.
Yang Ye smiled and didn’t say that learning is small money. Qin Yan didn’t have a foundation to let her learn college things directly, and she certainly couldn’t keep up.
Finally, I followed them.
The university left her with a beautiful memory; She left the image of a brave and beautiful girl to the university.
On the third day of the party, several people’s luggage had been packed, and Tao called his family for help-a truck was dragging a box!
This guy Yintao said to his family, "I want to move out with my friends and have a lot of things. A bigger truck will help us with our luggage and a more comfortable car will take us there."
So the truck weighed 26 tons and loaded six of them with less than 26 kilograms of luggage; Comfortable car is to lengthen an unknown car, but Yang Ye likes cars, but he really can’t name this car
The two cars are connected for more than ten or twenty meters, and they are quite heroic and headed for Shangyuan Landscape Room …
Shangyuan landscape room
On the first floor of this building, Li Yanxin and several others are leisurely lying in a comfortable chair, playing games. They now earn a lot of money to eat and drink for themselves. At the same time, they can also buy some small things in this "small home". For example, Li Yanxin bought a "little bear humidifier" and Wu Di bought a "microwave oven" and Cheng Jun also bought several "lazy sofas". This sofa is very lying down. Shu Songbin asked this guy to think more. He bought a large set of fitness equipment and filled the small living room with exercise at the same time.
"Ding poison …"
The doorbell rang, Li Yanxin’s helmet flashed a small green light, and then I saw him retire from the game.
When I looked up, it was eleven o’clock in the afternoon, not when I ordered takeout. Who’s here? Is it the other four who are hungry? Li Yanxin thinks it’s probably
"Hey, hey, I’ll eat the pizza first." Li Yanxin rubbed his hands and went to the door with a thief …
Yang Ye several people arrived today without informing Li Yanxin. When several people counted, they could probably arrive at this point and just go out for lunch together. There would be no advance notice, and it doesn’t matter anyway.
Yang Ye, several people passed by the building and didn’t go directly in. After the arrangement, they came back to get some.
Peach rudely pressed the doorbell for a few times and waited for half a minute. The back door finally poked out its head and it was Li Yanxin.
"wild! Why are you back in the trough? " Li Yanxin exclaimed and quickly opened the door to pick up some pairs of slippers.
"School things done now come back to force the development of the workshop" Yang Ye way.
"This is good! I’m in favor of waiting for them to play games. I’m going to wake them up when it’s almost time. Let’s go out for dinner together. "Say Li Yanxin ran to the seven-legged lying helmet and knocked on one each.
Things will not be cleaned up for the time being, and a few boys will be thrown away. They are happy to talk with Qin Yan’s mother and two nannies. After learning that Tao will join the workshop, Li Yanxin extended a warm welcome to him!
After … Peach talked about the welcome party again … To be continued.
Chapter 19 Three Big Businessmen Stand Together
The two suites are just good enough to arrange a rest place, but more people are not enough. Yang Ye is considering whether to expand some more buildings and how to arrange Yang Ye regardless of their situation.
After going back to Louqin’s mother to talk, she chose to rest.
In the middle of the "rest", I slipped into the Qin smoke bed, which is another matter …
The next day, Yang Ye got up early from the Qin smoke bed. Although the key things were still not done, the rest of the things were already done. I went out and bought a lot of breakfast and sent some to Li Yanxin. These guys seem to have gone back last night and played games. They haven’t woken up yet.