"…" The so-called even a wise man sometimes nods. zhaojie also patted his head and said to Ah Hong, "Go ahead and see a white passage."

"Understand" Ah Hong, hey hey, smile and swing out with a kitchen knife.
"My Lord, the information outside shows that a man has rushed into the pyramid. Will there be any other thoughts about repairing bits?"
A traveler outside the new weapons warehouse said to the Muse.
Muse also noticed this problem. He received a message from the line. He clearly understood that Amazon had also guessed their plan, and another point of this plan was obviously to continue to steal new equipment during the war. Even if the Amazon family didn’t release this, his name was Theseus Lan, who definitely thought of it, so he would take most of the crossers here to defend himself, but the appearance of Acer made him wonder.
Since that person has been here once, this time it will never be too long, but it has been ten minutes since Ahong entered here, but he still hasn’t seen them. Did you still expect an ambush to be set up here?
Or is there another purpose for the idiot macro to appear as a root?
But what about these five pyramids, even if she has each one? Except here, there is no one that can help her improve her degree.
Wait … If it’s there …
Muse’s eyes flashed with cold mountain, and zhaojie was surprised by his boldness. He was just about to take the crowd away from a sudden loud noise. A big hole was suddenly broken in the floor of several passers-by, and a blue knife rushed straight at them. These passers-by were directly chopped into serious injuries by this powerful attack without even shouting. An unlucky summoner was directly killed by seconds.
"Ah Hong" muse was furious when he fell in love with Zhao Jieji. Now he shouted immediately when he saw Ah Hong’s trademark skill, Crescent Moon.
"It’s always here." Ahong jumped at the ground gap and looked at the muse with a sneer.
Muse’s fist was full of veins standing out and glared at Ah Hong. Do you want to die alone? "
Ah Hong sneered, Muse, you are not too confident. Can you kill me with your strength? "
Muse’s eyebrows violently beat and instantly started the double pseudo-field of spirit and strength. A circle of masks around him directly enveloped Ah Hong and all the passers-by. The heavy pressure in the mask was like the heavy pressure on Ah Hong, and at the same time, the airflow in the air was constantly drawing out the magic in Ah Hong’s body. You guys should hurry to the energy pyramid and try to hold off the people who entered there. "
The pseudo-field is about to evolve into a leading muse, whose control is naturally stronger than that of a few people in the beauty squad. In his pseudo-field, the passers-by did not feel any discomfort at all. After hearing the words of the muse, these people immediately turned around and ran back.
"Want to go? It’s not that easy? " Ah Hong smiled and instantly opened the pseudo-realm.
In his pseudo-realm, the movement of all the travelers seems to be restricted, and generally even every move seems to become difficult.
"Ah Hong, we know all about it. You should know that you can’t live in my hands if you don’t turn your pseudo-field into strength." Muse said to Ah Hong with a smile.
"Really?" Macro sneer at a way the body a shock the second pseudo field suddenly zhang.
"How … possible?" When the muse’s body shook, how many attribute points Ahong had obtained in the past three years, he calculated clearly, and Ahong also made this mental confinement pseudo-domain ability rise by one or two hundred points less than 1: 00. Now he suddenly went out of the pseudo-domain, how can he be accepted by the muse?
"What are you doing with this surprised expression? Don’t you allow me to find a boss because you have background? " Ah Hong sneer at what zhaojie said to him and echoed in his ear.
"Since you are a dual-attribute expert, if you can make the strength of the dual pseudo-field, it should be completely different now?"
"Without my big move, it is necessary to absorb a field position in the body and then explode instantly … but when there is a field, it bothers me whether it is to trap the enemy or to strengthen it."
"You just said that the power is 75 points, which means that you need 125 free attribute points to have a second pseudo-domain?"
"Yes … that’s why I’m very upset."
"take it"
"Uh huh? This … "
This is a free attribute point from me. For me, these attribute points are not very important, but for you, it is different. This is an opportunity to change from quantitative to qualitative. Don’t hesitate.
"But … this you this 125 attribute point value? How precious are they to you? " Non-skipping word
"Of course I do, but I don’t rely on these attribute points to solve my battle. If I can’t kill my opponent, I don’t care if I add these attribute points."
"You … so me? Aren’t you afraid that I’m good? You kill the muse and wait until the main line is over before you run away? "
"I, you … or I, my partner, Theseus Lan, said that you are a trustworthy person, so I’m willing to bet on you once. Remember one sentence, a man has to pick his head and give it to me before he has the ability to kill you."
Boss … It seems that I really want to work hard for you.
Ah Hong laughed at himself. The huge kitchen knife slowly raised its flat end and pointed to the Muse. He said faintly that Muse, although your attributes have suppressed me, you and I are men who have the strength to challenge Mommy by leaps and bounds. Don’t slack off ~ otherwise I will kill you. "
Ah Hong released the second layer of pseudo-field in his body and quickly spread to all the passers-by present. In the pseudo-field, there was a bit of knife gas floating across the bodies of those who were doing slow motion, and immediately let these guys howl in pain. The muse also got a wound, although he was not injured, but he clearly felt that the physical and mental values were reduced at the same time, which made people fear that these reductions turned out to be permanent, that is to say, the physical and mental limits were reduced.
Muse quickly shrinks the double pseudo-field around his body, and the powerful coercion crushes the flying knife gas.
"You’ve seen my mental pseudo-field" weak soul ".Although the attribute is suppressed by you, your" ethereal Ling Bo "pseudo-field can still draw with me. What about now? Can you resist my’ soul dance’ in your spiritual pseudo-field? "
The muse’s pupil roars at the atmosphere and attacks the heart. You are proud, but you have mastered two pseudo-fields. It is better to be weak in front of your predecessors. "
With that, his right hand suddenly raised his middle finger and aimed it at the six-pulse Excalibur-Zhongchong Sword. "
A magnificent golden shock wave rushed out of his fingertips, mixed with bursts of wind and thunder, and blew at Ah Hong.
Although Ah Hong has an idiot’s name, once he enters the battle in daily life, this man is a genius. Just now, language angered his opponent, but it was just a means. Seeing the sword rushing near his body in the muse, he instantly avoided to reverse his shape. The kitchen knife flew out from the direction to cut out a blue crescent-shaped shock wave, but he was going to make a clean break with the muse.
Muse is angered, but half of the reason is that zhaojie is a real strong man, and naturally he won’t lose his mind by a little language. Seeing this man’s feet suddenly change into several legs, the blink of an eye has dragged a piece of ghosting to Ahong’s right little finger to point out.
"less sword"
Ah Hong’s eyebrows were raised, and his right hand kitchen knife blocked the wide knife face in his back, which abruptly blocked the blow, and he rushed less with his sword, and his body was also hit by powerful force.
One blow succeeded, and the Muse was just about to continue to pursue, which made him afraid of things happening.
This guy, who has always been immortal once he enters the battle, rushed to the side of more than a dozen travelers trapped in the field of weak soul with the help of less blunt swords to slay them quickly.
"Idiot macro, you …" Muse opened his mouth, pointing to a macro that shouldn’t have agreed.