"Little gently, you really don’t learn well-"He stretched out his hand and pinched Feng Yun’s light cheek.

Fengyun takes a deep breath, but it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s small, not baby.
She heaved a sigh with a bowl, and she really couldn’t stand it any longer.
She had a hard time when she was in the secretariat, but she was better than Fengchao Haigen, regardless of her.
Even if he cares about her, the number is not at the same level as Xiao Linchu.
She can make the secretariat of the government restless with just a little trick, but now Xiao Linchu just smiles, and she is directly scared and weak.
Looking at her eyes, Xiao Linchu had to say that he was a little hit.
She is nothing like the woman he met before.
If those women in Beijing say such things, he will feel that they have attracted his attention and want to refuse to welcome them.
But now Feng Yunqing is really eager for him to divorce her at once and return her from Chapter 64. What are you dissatisfied with me?
Chapter 64 Where are you dissatisfied with me
He hooked up his lips and smiled gently. "Baby, can you tell me what you are not satisfied with me?"
After that, she rose gently from childhood to baby. She can’t find a mouse hole to get into.
Looking at her, he woke her up. "There are no mouse holes or even cockroach holes here. But if you want to make out with these little animals, I can be you!" "
Fengyun light blanched pathetic staring at him.
Xiao Linchu raised his eyebrows. "You’d better give me a reason why you want to climb the wall and elope, or I’ll really strip you naked, cover you with honey and throw you into the mouse hole …"
Fengyun was afraid to take the teacup to relieve her nervousness, but her hands didn’t take it for several times without taking it.
Xiao Linchu stretched out his hand and slender white hand joints. He picked up the cup and put it to her mouth. She bowed her head and took a sip of it and looked at him with pathetic eyes.
He put the teacup aside and his face was still that gentle and greasy smile.
Fengyun takes a deep breath and then takes a deep breath. "Because I don’t remember the Book of Rites, I don’t want to be scolded by my husband or laughed at, and I don’t want to get involved in my balls!"
Xiao Linchu gathered up a gentle smile and became inscrutable. "That’s it. After being chased by Fengxianglian, you had the idea of being private and running?"
Feng Yun nodded and looked at Xiao Linchu carefully. "I don’t want to go to Xiao Yi, but I want to say goodbye to him and let him help take care of my balls. People like me are not worthy of Xiao Yi …"
Xiao Linchu gasped and his face became gloomy. He frowned and looked at Feng Yunqing. "What do you mean, a person like you doesn’t deserve a flute or a stranger?"
Do you deserve it? But worthy of him?
He’s angry. Really angry!
Fengyun pursed her lips and bowed her head. "I just don’t deserve him, and you can rest assured that he doesn’t like me either. He confessed to me in front of you in order to make you angry. It is more likely that he likes you!"
Xiao Linchu stared at her "…"
Fengyun hangs his head lower, ignores his line of sight, and can’t hear it. "You want to hear the reason, and you are even more angry after listening!"
Xiao Linchu slapped the table. "You don’t even want chicken balls, so you have to run away with the money?"
Fengyun light suddenly looked up with a grievance. "Do you want me to do this? My balls are my heart, spleen and lungs. If I wasn’t afraid that he would be sad, I would have slapped my ass and left last night! "
Xiao Linchu snorted. "Now you are justified. Didn’t you think of fruit when you wanted to abandon your balls?"
Fengyun flicked her lip and blinked. "I’m worried about my balls. He won’t be successful if he follows me. If he can follow you, he may become a big official!"
Xiao Linchu was angry and smiled and gnashed her teeth. "It’s very kind of you to play abacus and throw yourself away. Let me help you raise Chapter 65. Do you want to choose a way to die?
Chapter 65 Do you want to choose a way to die?
What’s more, this child is not his own. He really wants to crack this woman’s head to see if it is filled with cotton wool.
Fengyun light cowardice way "I’m not thinking about you is a good man? Although some abnormal, some turtle hair and some split personality … "
Feng Yun heard Xiao Linchu’s gentle smile before saying that, which once again caused her to tremble.
She closed her mouth and lowered her head, afraid to say more.
Xiao Linchu whispered, "Can I tell you a story?"
Fengyun light wonder what story to tell at this time.
He said, "Once upon a time, there was a man who thought I had many shortcomings, abnormal condition, split turtle hair …"
Fengyun winked and nodded with a look of great minds think alike.
Xiao Linchu looked at her with a smile and she asked curiously, "What happened later?"
"Then he died-"Xiao Linchu laughed at absolute beauty.
Fengyun light immediately shut up.
Xiao Linchu reached out his forefinger and provoked her. "Do you want to choose a way to die?"
Feng Yun shook his head lightly, and Xiao Linchu got up. "Okay, I’ll let Fang Heng choose a mouse hole for you …"
He turned and left, and she hugged him from behind, and her white face clung to his back, and her slender arms clung to his fine waist.
Xiao Linchu’s back was stiff and he was short of breath. He was still there, so she slowly turned around and walked to him.
Her hands were still on his waist, and she frowned beautifully, slowly raised her eyes, rippled and looked at him with big eyes.
""xianggong "I never dare again …"
Her voice is very low and soft, with a look of prayer. A word of "xianggong" in it is enough to break his psychological defense, not to mention her delicate expression and attitude of admitting mistakes.
Xiao Linchu stretched out his hand and touched her cheek and saw that her eyes were pale blue and that cute little face was pale, which was rare on weekdays.
She has really been tormented by him these days.
He frowned and lowered his voice. "Did Mr. Jiao scold you?"
Fengyun is very light and very low "hmm"
"Did your little classmates also make fun of you?" Xiao Linchu asked again
Fengyun light is still low "well" root dare not look up to see Xiao Linchu.
"Is this whiplash from Fengxianglian?" Although he knew it, he still couldn’t help asking.
Fengyun nodded lightly and looked timid.
Xiao Linchu sighed and stretched out his hand and grabbed her hand and walked toward the outside.
Feng Yunqing was dragged and stumbled. "Where are we going?"
"Revenge!" Xiao Linchu took his time.
Outside, Fang Heng is looking at the sky with his eyes open.
Recently, I talked about Feng Dan’s going to a private school, and I didn’t play with him. I didn’t make any trouble. Why is it so bleak? Chapter 66 My wife’s learning situation is like
Chapter 66 My beloved wife’s learning situation, such as
Just thinking about it, Xiao Linchu came behind him with a cold voice, "Fang Heng, let the shadow guard show up and bring the guy!"
Fang Heng zheng shouted in my heart is bad.
Those shadow guards are all in one thousand. The master actually named him to take the shadow guard, which means the opponent is very strong
When his face changed, he immediately ordered soldiers to bring twenty shadow guards with Xiao Linchu.