Today, although it failed to free us, we found a way. When the master comes, let’s discuss it and see if there is any way for all your younger brothers to temporarily improve their skills and cut the corpse, so as to get out of trouble as soon as possible. Let’s propose a toast to our younger brother. "

Everyone’s eyes brightened when they heard it, but it soon dimmed. They knew that it was impossible, and the teacher elder sister was just comforting everyone. Even so, everyone was […]

Yes, it is. If Johnson is strong at this time, he will swear. He will point to Lin Tianxiao’s nose and scold him. If he doesn’t play and kill like this, he will die. His head will drop a big scar, but Lin Tianxiao will cut off his grandson. If this is not a game, it is estimated that Johnson will really waste Rao. So Johnson also hurts and doesn’t even have the strength to swear!

"Hem hem …" It was a long time before Lin Tianxiao heard a hum coming from Johnson’s mouth! Maybe you will ask Lin Tianxiao not to be so stupid. Why […]

So … Since the mysterious old man found this "not collecting and sorting" chip as early as a time ago, why didn’t he send a signal to the human language earlier? Doesn’t he know how precious it is to human culture in a hundred years, or is he really too optimistic about the time when human culture can keep peace?

It doesn’t make sense. Unless … the old man said that his investigation of that "thing" had a great connection with human beings, before this matter was investigated clearly, the […]

Vera heard that although Nolon didn’t ask for gold coins directly, if you think about it carefully, you can find that these things are very strong resources. For Alice Philo, who is poor, the resources are more than ten million gold coins. But what the hell are the three white elf female orphans who are pure in the end? Does Nolon like a little girl who hasn’t grown up so much?

(Don’t say that Margaret is 30 years old. If she is 20 years old, there are almost no pure girls among the white elves.) Calculate a result. When Leonardo gritted […]