Ye Qing nodded his head. It’s really an old problem. You can see that everyone knows in their hearts that it’s a big honey. It’s hard to say. After all, meteors are all veterans of the team. They just took over the team themselves, but they can’t be said in the past, and she is not a heartless person.

"This problem needs to be solved urgently, otherwise our team will not be strong. I originally thought that they would train hard and we will eventually become strong, but I don’t have that much patience. Look at the Royal Forbidden City team, but they have never heard of a team before, but they dug two gun gods and immediately became a first-class team and became famous in this competition. I really feel very helpless. Even with a strong teammate, I don’t think today’s game will be like this. Maybe we can win!" Leaf tilting frowning a little depressed tunnel
Big honey has always been very inclined to spend money to build a luxury array. If possible, he even wants to dig over the river, rain and cold. She smiled and said, "Are you cruel enough to drive the meteors away?" And your brother Dong Laoer! "
"Let’s not say that the second child will leave sooner or later, and he is better than the meteor. It’s not enough to help him. It’s no problem for the meteor to stay for the time being. I want to say that it’s not a cruel problem, but the team will inevitably eliminate some characters if it wants to grow up. They are actually not suitable for being professional players. It’s a bit mediocre in terms of talent, so I think they might as well retire now and do something else. Maybe they can get along better." Ye Qing said consciously and reached out from his trouser pocket to find a cigarette case.
He usually smokes when he is struggling, but he ran out of cigarettes before he came to the sea this time, and he forgot to buy it when he came to the sea. Besides, he usually doesn’t smoke in front of big honey. Today, he is really struggling to find a cigarette case.
Big honey saw that he put his hand in his trouser pocket and didn’t take it out. "Looking for a cigarette?" Do you want me to buy you a pack? "
"I’m allowed to smoke today?"
"Nice try!"
"Who is beautiful? I don’t know you at all. Don’t wronged me. I never miss her! "
"Don’t be ridiculous. You said that I have already arranged things. I have contacted several team gunners. Although they didn’t say that they would join our team, they have been considering it. I believe that it won’t be long before they will make up their minds to come to our team. After all, I gave them a method to refuse the offer! You wait, our team will soon be strong, and then you won’t be alone! " Big honey is in high spirits. Her eyes are full of expectation.
She hopes that she can build an unbeaten dynasty team, in which talented people are always invincible when playing games. How powerful the team would be! Just thinking about it can’t help but get a little excited.
Ye Qing chuckled and put her hands on the railing. "Now that you have plans, it would be best and save me the trouble, but what are you going to do with the meteors?"
"Persuade me!" Big honey understates her man’s future and has nothing to hesitate about.
"One thousand advised not to retreat? This is very offensive and easy to scold! " Leaf tilt is very worried about tunnel
"How cheeky does this person have to be to persuade him not to retreat? When I say "stop", I mean to put it mildly. If I don’t stop, I’ll just grab the broom and drive people out. If I don’t leave, I’ll sweep him out as garbage! "
"So awesome! But after all, there is no need for teammates to do so well. I mean, you can give them a generous severance package so that they can find another way out, even if they can’t find any jobs for a while, they won’t starve to death, right? "
"Rich? How much is rich? "
"How about three thousand each?"
"What did you send for flowers?"
"How much did you say?"
"Give 10,000 yuan for one person, and the righteousness will be exhausted." Big honey is very generous tunnel.
Ye Qing opened his eyes wide when he heard it. "Why don’t you dismiss me and I’ll get 10 thousand!" "
"This is a plum assignment, isn’t it? Don’t tell me the truth. Do you think it’s appropriate to give 10 thousand? " Big honey lift up your face and ask a way
Ye Qing touched Ba, and to be honest, he thought that 10,000 was a lot. Now the boss is not so kind. Generally, he just tells you to pack up and leave. It is impossible for the National People’s Congress to give you this month’s salary and get you an extra penny.
"Almost. I just wanted to say 10 thousand, but it wasn’t me who sent the money. It’s a good thing you said it yourself. Honey, you are so generous. Should I get a raise or something?"
"What are you going to do when you get a raise?" Big honey smiled and asked
You!’ Ye Qing blurted out
"What do you mean?" Before big honey could react, Ye revealed a bad smile. "Didn’t you ask me what I was going to do when I got a raise?"
This is a joke, but after the big honey reacted, she blushed and said, "Smelly * * * *!"
Ye Qing laughed and didn’t care. "Is this * * * still fragrant and smelly?"
"* * * all stink!" Big honey angrily tunnel
"What about a bottle of perfume?"
"I can’t cover up that smell!"
"Fortunately, I am a good person. My face is kind and upright. At first glance, it is the kind of philanthropist who often donates money. If he has nothing to do, he will build a hope project. When he passes by, he will lose two peanuts when he meets a beggar. If he accidentally steps on an ant, he will be sad all day. Finally, he will throw the ant’s body into the water for a scenic water burial. How can a person like me be smelly?"
"Philanthropist? Shit! You can’t wait to break a dollar into two dollars to pay back the donation. When have you ever donated money? "
"When I was in high school, the school organized a donation to the people in the disaster area. I donated 50 cents. When I was a freshman, a classmate got leukemia and the school organized a donation. I donated a dollar to the flood in the south. I donated all my primary school clothes!"
"I depend on that is also called donation? You can’t even wear primary school clothes. You don’t donate or throw them away! "
"Do you look down on fifty cents and a dollar? At least the renminbi has dignity. It is illegal for you to tear 50 cents as much as it is for you to tear 100 dollars. Don’t look down on the low denomination! That dress in my primary school is antique. Do you think it’s like us now? Who else keeps wearing it in primary school? I even donated antiques, which shows how caring I am! "
"Then where is your Hope Project?"
"I used to drink Nongfu Spring. Didn’t they advertise that every bottle of Nongfu Spring was donated to Hope Project? I drank so many bottles, and I also contributed to the Hope Project, right? "
"Bullshit! You’ll talk nonsense. Forget it. I won’t joke with you. I’ll help you find a way to deal with the team formation. This game is over. Let’s go back and think about these things. Now you should think about how to play in the day. We have to stay in the sea for another day! " Honey gradually calmed down to feel that her face was not so hot.
"I’m not familiar with the sea. How about following you then?" Leaf shrugged his shoulders. He now thinks it’s a team reorganization. Where is the idea to play?
"Follow me to eat wonton!"
"Playing with you, being beaten every day, following you with flying knives every day" Ye Qing connected with a smile and big honey also giggled.
Cold-blooded and affectionate, they are still watching in their own rooms, unaware that their fate is about to change. Although they are not strong, they all love sports and want to take this road. They are not talented, even if they leave the I club, they may not engage in other industries. Maybe they join another team or form another team themselves.
Big honey didn’t think about these things. In her opinion, these guys should leave the team happily and gratefully after receiving 10 thousand yuan, and then find another worker to do Ye Qing’s return to his room from the corridor. He needs to think about too many things.
There are some things I have learned in this game that need to be digested-he has been able to imitate the posture of Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng into a seven-point portrait, but he is not skilled enough. When he returns to the club, he will be able to practice hard for a while, and Feng Xiao’s posture is exactly the same, which may be even more awesome than their posture.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng both have mastered the gun rhythm. In fact, Ye Qing has mastered it almost. He integrated the gun rhythm of Feng Xiao into the ak surface and tried it a little. He found that the power was quite extraordinary and the rate of head shots was much higher. He planned to practice the gun rhythm of Ji Xiaofeng well after returning to the club to see which of the two gun gods had the better gun rhythm.
He went to the window of the room and drew the curtains. Outside the window, there was a quiet road with French phoenix trees planted on both sides, but they were all bare. But you can imagine what this road would be like when these phoenix trees were lush. It must be very romantic.
There are two girls walking arm in arm on the side of the road, and Ye Qing can’t help but feel very familiar with the back of one of them. The tall figure, flowing black hair and walking posture once fascinated him deeply, but he is not sure whether that girl has never forgotten that person in his heart. Because this is the sea, he can’t believe what a coincidence it is!
Chapter 31 Meet an old friend in another country
Outside the window, there are two graceful shadows with warm sunshine moving on Wutong Road like a delicate French oil painting. Ye Qing suddenly turned and rushed to the door. He rushed out of the door and almost bumped into a man. He stopped and grabbed the man’s arm in front of him to make himself more stable.
"What are you doing in such a hurry?" People in front asked curiously.
Ye Qing looked at her beautiful face, stretched out his hand and touched the top of her head, so he easily said, "I’m going to buy a bottle of water. The water in the hotel is too expensive to drink. Shall I bring you a bottle?"
"Then bring a bottle of pulse! I’ve been chatting to death in my room. I was just about to come out and have a drink with you. Since you’re going to buy water, let’s have a drink in the room. "Big honey said with a smile. She never doubted Ye Qing. She didn’t think Ye Qing was a dishonest person, but this time Ye Qing did tell a lie.
There is a flame in his heart that has been burning more and more vigorously since he saw that figure. He can’t restrain his excitement. He won’t think about her for a long time. He has been occupied by training and competitions for most of his life, so he has no time to think about her, but when he saw that figure, he found that he was wrong.
"Well, wait for me in my room. I’ll be right back!" Ye Qing is a little impatient, but he is afraid of being seen by big honey, but his feet still don’t move, but he seems to want to give birth to a pair of scud with the cat in his heart. He is worried that the figure will go far and suddenly disappear into the street.
Big honey felt a little * * * when she heard his words, and she also replied, "Do you want to wash it?"
Ye Qing didn’t mind joking at this time, but he still smiled and said, "Of course, it’s best to pout your ass!"
"Go to hell!" Big honey JiaoChen a word and then kicked Ye Qing’s ass sideways. Ye Qing covered her ass and ran to the stairs and disappeared. Big honey pushed Ye Qing’s door with a smile and went in. She found that there were no curtains in the window of Ye Qing’s room, so she went over and pulled the curtains up. She didn’t like it so bright and dazzling in the room.
Ye rushed to the hotel building and then quickly went around the road behind the hotel. He gave full play to his expertise in sprinting for 100 meters and broke the school record. In the blink of an eye, he had already rushed to the end of the strip. Unfortunately, the two girls had already disappeared from the street.
He looked around and felt very depressed. Did he just see presbyopia? He looked dejectedly at the cars coming and going to the road. Just as he wanted to turn around and leave, two girls came out of a shop on the roadside. Both of them were talking with smiles. Ye Qing just could see the exquisite and perfect outline of the tall girl’s side face.
"It’s really her!" Ye fell in love and got excited again. He ran a few steps over there and stopped. He didn’t know what to say after meeting her. It’s been so long since he met her, and now he has a formal girlfriend. What should he and she be? Just friends?
"Even ordinary friends should say hello?" He said to himself, so he made up his mind to run over. At this time, the two girls had already walked out of a distance, but the distance was not long for him who was good at running.
Ye Qing slowed down behind the two girls, probably because he felt the footsteps behind him. Both girls turned their heads in unison. At that moment, Ye Qing finally saw the profile of the tall girl clearly. He couldn’t help but cry out "Yan Bing" with some excitement in his heart.
Harassing Su Yanbing’s coffee shop has never happened since Ye Qing cleaned it up. Su Yanbing didn’t go to Ye Qing’s place, so naturally she wouldn’t think of him for a long time. She almost forgot that Ye Qing was still here.
She will never have anything to do with Ye Qing again in her life, and she never thought that she would meet Ye Qing when she came to the sea. Her expression was very surprised and a little dumbfounded, but the beauty was still amazing. She froze for a while and then smiled. She always said this about treating people with a smile, showing good looks and self-restraint. She said softly, "Ye Qing! You … why are you here? "
The girl beside Su Yanbing also saw Ye Qing when she was in the shop. At that time, she felt helpless and scared. When Ye Qing’s tall and strong figure appeared at the door of the coffee shop, she felt very safe in her heart. She always remembered that this man was handsome and terrible. He never seemed to know that he was afraid when he faced more than a dozen gangsters. His arm was full of strength and he threw those gangsters out of the coffee shop. It was overbearing and handsome, which made people move.