At this most critical time, "Hua" exploded, and a splash of water more than ten meters high was splashed by the river. Someone jumped up with his hands and patted the black man’s crown.

It’s a pair of weak meat palms that turn into a mirror image of a huge iron palm when pressed. These magical skills show that newcomers are also first-class masters.
This sneak attack was very unexpected, but no one thought that men in black could react in this situation.
He staggered, turned around, raised his hand and waved a brilliant knife light, bright blood beads and jumping golden dragons to form a beautiful and beautiful picture.
The sneak attack fell from it like a broken kite and fell back into the water. The river turned red immediately.
"Not a little daring!" Men in black don’t care who the sneak attacker is, but they will die if they are stabbed.
He turned to face mad dog dragon again, but at this moment he froze.
It was impossible for the mad dog dragon root to get up again, but now the mad dog dragon is up again
Not only did he get up, but he was covered with black fog, and a black humanoid mirror was set on him. His eyes were no longer turning into two white lights.
The awakening special effect was finally activated, and it was at the most dangerous and most seriously injured time that the famous wristband flashed and braved the red light, which greatly overshadowed the golden light around the men in black.
Black dress person also look out the situation is not quite right, grind teeth or a knife to cut.
"Bang" a flips.
Worse things happened. The knife was cut on the forehead of Mad Dog Dragon, but Mad Dog Dragon was fine.
Yellow wound crit "-1"!
The man in black couldn’t believe his eyes. He raised his hand and stabbed himself in the middle again.
Mad dog dragon lightly reached out and whispered, which easily blocked the heavenly king’s sword.
"This is impossible!" Men in black murmured that the strength, defense, hand speed and many other attributes of this theory have risen at least four or five times at this moment.
In fact, Mad Dog Dragon not only started many special effects at the same time, but also injected the last precious Sclerosis Gene himself.
How do you try to cut brother Niu with a knife? I still don’t believe you can cut it?
At this moment, the man in black suddenly turned and ran away. He even had times of fear and times of running for his life.
He ran out forty or fifty meters in the blink of an eye, but his footsteps suddenly stopped because the mad dog dragon in the street ahead was already waiting for him there.
The men in black were sweating, and the black cloth was soaked.
Mad Dog Dragon is gone. This time it’s not stealth skill or flash, but Alpha Raid.
When this skill is applied to a single target, it is like a sword flying snow, and many phantoms are flying around, but the speed is definitely faster and much faster than that of Ten Square Chop.
"Cha Cha" A sudden loud mad dog dragon floated back to its original position, and the black dress person stopped holding the knife.
A second later, a large yellow crit damage value appears.
Mad dog dragon never looked at the black dress person before he left and walked straight to the beach.
Until he passed before the men in black, the black people "boom" and fell to the ground, and he was bleeding all over.
He is as fearful, unwilling and humble as those who died at the Heavenly King Knife.
Mad dog dragon crouched down and held the box in his hand, gently weighing it.
So many people died in this small brocade box, and they almost died at such a high price.
Is it all worth it?
He didn’t go to see the true colors of the men in black, and he didn’t care whether the men in black would explode the heavenly king’s sword, because he had a more important thing to do now.
That is, who is the man when the black dress person jumps out of the water and carries out a sneak attack when he is performing the killing skill?
The river is still flowing, cold and affectionate.
But when the body in the water was lifted over, the mad dog was full of blood.
Star boy!
Finally, the sneak attack turned out to be Star Boy!
When we broke up in the inn before, Xing Zi vowed that he would not go with Mad Dog Dragon if he was killed because he was afraid that he knew that the heavenly king’s sword was powerful.
But now that Star Boy’s eyes are closed, his face is neither afraid nor angry, but calm, and it seems that he is still smiling.
He stole the goods from Mad Dog Dragon and finally got them back for Mad Dog Dragon. He finally owed Mad Dog Dragon nothing. He paid off all his life and blood, so he would have this expression.