"Go out and think about it."

Qin Xiao got up and put the teacup respectfully and saluted him and then turned away.
When she walked out of the imperial room, the warm sunshine poured in from outside, and she squinted and had the feeling that she was dreaming.
Just now, my father’s appearance is completely different from that of the person she remembers. It seems that she has overturned her feelings and thoughts in a flash. She can’t help but wonder if what she just experienced is true. Is she dreaming?
Hot and hot sunshine falls on her skin, and the oncoming hot wind passes by the maid-in-waiting eunuch to greet her, and when she returns to her bedroom, the mother princess is anxious to ask questions … all these tell her that she is not dreaming.
Soft princess handkerchief wiped her forehead sweat and asked her softly, "Are you all right?"? Is it awkward? "
Qin Xiao blinked in a trance and then she answered "nothing"
Today is the Summer Festival.
Qin Xiao walked along the street and hung on his side, clutching the piece of peace given by Bailudiao not long ago. It was lively and noisy, laughing and selling stalls everywhere, and the road the boss traveled with his peers.
She is followed by many people, but she feels more lonely at this time.
There was excitement and laughter everywhere, and she looked out of place when she walked in it.
She raised her hand and spread out her palm, looking at the piece of peace in her hand. Her eyes flashed slightly, and she suddenly smiled and held peace back in her palm.
In fact, Qin Xiao didn’t know until now that his father wanted to make a choice between marrying Bailu Tiao as a concubine and a relative, and he couldn’t figure out what he really wanted to do, but it was the day when Bailu Tiao Liang Yannian got married and the dust settled.
And she has made a choice, and she will not regret it.
"Princess!" Zhang Gonggong ran in a hurry with a worried face. "Where are you taking people? I thought you were going to the restaurant. Don’t go too far!"
Qin Xiao laughed. "What are you worried about? I’m not taking many people with me. There’s no danger, and I’m fine and fine."
Chapter father-in-law sighed "Oh, you are really …"
He breathed slowly. "It’s about time for the princess to go back, or the soft princess empress will have to worry about you again."
"Got it." Qin Xiao cooperated very much. "Then go home."
Father-in-law Zhang was surprised for a moment, but he didn’t expect his princess to be so obedient this time. If she pressed before, she would definitely be in a bad temper and continue shopping until she enjoyed herself.
Today …
Chapter father-in-law looked at Qin Xiao’s figure, which had already gone ahead, frowning slightly and thoughtfully.
Changsui riverside
The lanterns enter the river and follow the waves, bringing unspeakable wishes to this long river with the wishes of the wishing person. Pray that the river god will hear the lanterns and realize their wishes.
This summer festival is unified.
Everywhere you look along the river, there are people. Every year, during the Summer Festival, there are many people who come to set off lanterns. One after another, the river is rarely crowded and lively.
Liang Yannian those people looked at the crowded front and looked at the girls around them vying for the lanterns. She pursed her lips and silently moved back. She didn’t want to argue with them and didn’t want to squeeze.
But even so, she will be hit by someone, frowning, and trying to avoid those who pass by her as much as possible.
Bailu Tiao stretched out his hand and grabbed her shoulder and took her to his own direction. Liang Yan read one leng, but he also quickly recovered and cooperated with Bailu Tiao to move to the side.
Bai Lutiao held those lanterns in one hand and put her arm around her shoulder and bowed her head. "Are you okay?"
Liang Yannian nodded and smiled and said with emotion, "I didn’t expect so many people here to come later if they had known."
"I think there will still be a lot of people coming here later." Bai Lutiao looked forward and swept around. "This river is actually very long. Why is everyone crowded in this area?"
Liang Yannian explained, "Because this area is protected by the guards in the city, if you go out beyond the designated scope here, there will be no guards and no lights. If something happens, it will be your own responsibility."
She looked up at the white road and looked back at those people. "You can see that most of the lanterns are girls who come here. Naturally, they want to be safe and go to those who are not protected. Otherwise, if there is a one thousand, it will not be worth the loss."
Although it’s not 100% safe, it’s better than no one protecting the dark.
White road all picked an eyebrow "so that’s it."
Then he asked, "Do you want to wait here or seize the opportunity to squeeze in?"
Liang Yannian looked up instantly and looked down at the white road. It seems that her eyes blinked and her smile emerged from her eyes.
She took a sip of her mouth and hung her hands. She carefully raised her hands around his waist and gently stuck them in his arms. She carefully grabbed a piece of his waist dress and held it in her hand. She smiled. "I want to … wait a little longer."
Bai Lu looked at her and smiled deeper. "Then listen to you."
Liang Yannian smiled and bowed his head and leaned against Bai Lutiao’s chest.
Bailu Tiao hugged her tighter.
People come and go here, and there are not a few people who are joking and talking about love. It is more common to embrace each other in a way that is not abrupt.
They are like lovers in love, addicted to warmth and affection.
There are two arrows in the dark, and the sharp arrows are pointed at the back of Bailu Road.
Then someone took a short knife and chopped it severely, cutting the arrow in front into two pieces and then falling on the right
Then the second arrow shot another person with a short knife in the same way and cut it off and fell to the ground.
Bailu Tiao reaction turned around.
Holding a knife in front of him is followed by half a catty and two
White road caught a glimpse of the two arrows that had been broken into two pieces. What happened to the instant white drop position? His eyes were cold and his expression was dignified.
Come to yourself.
You really know how to choose a place. This place is crowded, noisy and full of dead ends. It’s easy to find a sneak attack place. You just need to seize the opportunity.
Half a catty said, "If you’re not comfortable here, take Miss San out of here first."
Liang Yannian was also nervous. She grasped the white clothes and nodded in agreement with half a catty. She also said, "Two men and half a catty are right. Get out of here first."
Bailu Tiao got into the crowd with Liang Yannian and quickly left there, half a catty and left with them while being alert to the surroundings.
The dark man cares about a bow and arrow facing the white road. He is too fast and squeezes into the crowd and soon disappears. The man holding the bow and arrow can take it back first.
Then cold out "chase"
"Tonight is the opportunity to kill Bai Lutiao."
A line of people disappeared in the dark.
Bailu Tiao left the Changsui River with Liang Yannian in a hurry and got into a half catty and two carriages.
Jin and Liang were driving outside, pulling the reins, crowing the horses, and running forward quickly with hooves.
The carriage is white and Liang Yannian sit side by side.
Bai Lu Tiao’s somberly eyebrows screwed tightly together, worrying about nervousness. Obviously, if he hadn’t arrived at half a catty and arrived at two o’clock, he must have been so relaxed when Miss San was together. He forgot that he shouldn’t be like this in a crowded place!
Damn it!
Almost … Almost miss San!
Bai Ludiao pursed his lips, his eyes flashed with cold, and his eyes came out to cover his hands, and his hands were clenched into a boxer’s back with a little blue veins showing.
Liang Yannian sat beside him and looked at Bailu Tiao from time to time. When she saw him like that, it was hard for her to be nervous and worried, and her eyes were even more confused.
Although her heart beat faster than half a catty and she arrived in the dark at two o’clock, the people who were hiding in the dark didn’t succeed. When she saw those two cold arrows, she was inexplicably afraid. If the two of them didn’t find them or came a little late, the situation would not be the case now.