In fact, I still feel a little distressed about this elite monster and the leader monster in this chaotic shelter. If it explodes, the best medicine and better equipment will generally appear, but this ability is too special and Chu Fei doesn’t care so much about gold coins, medicines and equipment. After all, his equipment is now top-notch. The only regret is that the zombie is the first in his left hand. Although this is also very good, it is still worse than the special secret gold equipment. However, those pieces of necromancer special secret gold equipment are currently in the hands of elders and several very powerful officers, so don’t count on it.

Speaking of Sapphiron’s devouring ability, it only took three days to enter the chaotic shelter. Chu Fei was still very cautious. He made the hidden circle show the angel wings and quietly detected the whole chaotic shelter. After repeated investigations, he determined that there was nothing abnormal here. Three fiends and one Diablo also slept well in this seal and there was no busy place. After Chu Fei relaxed, he released all the summoning things and then a new round of leveling was held in three days. The former frost dragon has risen to level 45 and has a new ability, that is, the undead can devour all undead monsters, but at present it can only devour some ghosts. After all, this pointed mage.
In fact, this devouring ability has little effect. Most ghosts are bound by laws, and it is impossible for Chu Fei to take the frost dragon to look for those naturally formed undead. However, it is good if you meet these ghosts with special skills, and you have a certain chance to learn this special ability. This additional damage of winding is very good. If the frost dragon dies, the frozen air and the awn can wind the enemy, which not only causes continuous damage, but also produces special effects such as hysteresis and freezing. It is very good ability.
Cracking came from the waist. Chufei took out his identity nameplate from his belt, and then he saw that the Association of Changers gave a reply and asked him to return in a month. What a bunch of annoying old guys. You know, he just notified the Association of Changers yesterday, and everything is normal here. I didn’t expect to let myself return. These bastards don’t know that what they need most now is experience. It’s really depressing. Can’t you let me smoothly and steadily advance to the tenth level when I am old?
After complaining for a while, Chufei replied to the association of job-changers, saying that he would return in ten days. In fact, he was not happy to be sent by the association of job-changers. To tell the truth, the chaotic shelter is not the best place to train. First of all, the environment here is too hot and dry, and most of the monsters are physical magic, which is quite strong and can’t match his own call. The fastest speed of the necromancer is Harrogas, but some parties are better.
Alas, now the highest rank is the Association of Job-Changers, and Elder Baibo has come to the fifteenth grade. The savage elder is the highest rank of job-changers, but in this flaming river, he was first overwhelmed by purgatory and fire, and then he was suddenly attacked by a joint attack of higher demons. Naturally, it is impossible to leave the equipment and weapons on the spot. It is a pity to think about it. It is a few pieces of hidden gold, and it is also very dark gold. The high-end combat effectiveness of job-changers lost a lot in that battle. I wonder if the Association of Job-changers has found a way to
In fact, this may also be an opportunity. When the prison just invaded, there were masters like a cloud among those who changed jobs, such as Talaxia’s 99-level super-changers. It was because they were facing the most powerful demons, whether they were the three fiends or the higher demons. After that time, the three fiends were sealed, and human beings did have a rest for a while. However, due to the constraints of the law, now the changers are facing the worst, but they are just fiends in two places at once. After they rose to the tenth level, they couldn’t find a monster with a matching level to kill the
It’s too difficult to upgrade after level 10. If you kill a fiend member alone every few days, it may rise to level 99 in a few years, but it’s purely an extravagant hope that when you kill a fiend member, you don’t want to rely on * sea tactics. It’s a death to be alone. From this point of view, it’s not too terrible for the prison to release demons and let them get rid of the shackles of the law. Only when those powerful demons get rid of the law and further upgrade can they bring more experience and strength to those who change jobs, otherwise they may be further stagnant.
"Maru Cosias, what do you think Arthas will do next? It should be relatively simple to release the Four Demons from the bondage of the law." Chu Fei asked the prison marquis the double-headed magic wolf around the circle. This chaotic shelter still looks indestructible. It seems quite difficult to release the three fiends. So what will happen next?
"It’s not easy to release the Four Demons, and now heaven should have been on the alert. Even if the Four Demons are released, they are likely to face the angels’ encirclement and suppression immediately unless the Four Demons are resurrected in prison. But now there are no three demons in the prison, and maybe an archangel will lead the way to rush in, even if the prison weakens the angels by 30% to 40%, but if two archangels are dispatched, it is also acceptable." Malu Cosias is also seriously thinking about the new commander of Arthas. He has always been quite concerned, but this guy is really elusive and can analyze according to his own common sense, but this is probably a mistake, because this guy has never acted according to common sense once since he appeared
"Yes, I always feel something is wrong. Is there any problem?" ChuFei depressed sigh always feel Arthas that guy seems to hold more secrets. That guy should guess that he has several other Warcraft props here. Although he has no soul when he can cross, he doesn’t know what his abilities are, but he knows less about how many he has here, but he doesn’t care at all. There must be something wrong. What does that guy really want to do?
If only I had directly controlled the body, it would have been sad. As a result, now I am not as strong as I used to control the body. Chufei can’t help but complain that it is getting worse and worse these days. With my own ability and this equipment, I will definitely be able to reach the peak of job-changers in a few decades, and I will definitely break through the limit of job-changers in a little more time, but the world obviously doesn’t give me this opportunity, and the reason for this situation is still the same as crossing Alsace with myself, which makes people entangled.
"Magic spirit, you’re back. Have you found anything?" Chufei and the two-headed wolf Maru Cosias are struggling with the magic spirit Elizabeth floating back here. This guy is very idle. Chufei also happens to use her to go out to detect the magic spirit, which is much faster than himself, and the induction range is much stronger than himself.
"It’s strange that there isn’t a hidden gold guy nearby." Elizabeth, the magic spirit, sat directly on the head of the frost dragon. She likes the undead frost dragon magic spirit, especially the frozen air of death
"Forget it, I don’t expect to find King Sisi and return in a day, but we’ll go to Lugaoin first. I’m going to see Bilaise and their situation, and then get rid of all the former equipment. This will change the need for gems, and at the same time, it will also make other job-changers have more extreme equipment." Chu Fei contemplated, "After all these are handled, I’ll go to Kurast to report and get paid, and then I’ll find a way to go to Harrogas. If I can gather enough money for one year, I’ll be confident that I can go
"This nature is that you make the decision and we will follow it." The magic spirit promised one and then directly entered the call. The two-headed magic wolf also stretched and entered the call.
These two guys have lamented in their hearts. Now it’s okay that these two demons have vital interests with themselves, so they don’t have to worry about what will happen. But in case of a dangerous situation, I’m afraid these two guys will bite themselves and always temporarily stabilize the bomb. After all, it may be caused by explosion, but it’s not right to try to abandon these two guys. After all, they are still of great help to themselves. It’s a headache.
Spread your wings and fly outside the chaotic shelter. Chu Fei thinks about the problems that need to be faced and solved next. It always seems more and more troublesome. Just give the old man a happy result! Soon after ChuFei finished, I didn’t care about one thing, that is, I didn’t meet a secret monster in the chaotic shelter these days. You know, this fiend Diablo seal should have many other secret monsters besides the super secret king Xixi!
The fourth volume Chapter sixty-six Alsace world
Dressed in a black cloak, Chufei proudly walked into Kurast’s job transfer association. Most of them were in their 30 s and 40 s. When they saw him, they immediately saluted and said hello. This feeling was really good. People admired him. In fact, he returned from the chaotic shelter four days ago, but he first went to Lugain to visit Bilaise. By the way, they gave them their own keel cream, which improved their attributes and strength again. Unfortunately, it seems that their level is difficult to rise rapidly, so Chufei doesn’t have to worry about their safety.
However, it’s really surprising that the new job transfer has produced nearly 100 people in such a short time, and it’s similar to Chufei’s speculation that these new job transfer departments are all honed by spirit and will, but they are not so concerned about equipment and grade. It seems that the job transfer association will definitely be able to lift them up and put them into the battlefield. Chufei is the director of Kurast Job Transfer Association, so you can naturally visit these little guys casually. After the promotion, you must be able to control these forces.
However, if there is only such a confession, then human beings are still very pessimistic. Chu Fei went directly to the department and entered the highest conference room through the magic circle screening. It used to be a decision-making place for seven elders and fourteen important officials. Unfortunately, now it has come out. This time, the elders alone have lost three, and the high-end forces of the Druid elders have lost more than half, which is extraordinary.
Forget it, this world is like this. Damn birds fly into the sky and never die. Chu Fei secretly scolded himself for thinking too much. He went to the front of Baibo to salute and then prepared to inquire about a recent information and see if he could find out whether it was more suitable for him to go to Harrogas or the ice and snow.
"ChuFei you did a good job this time. This is your reward. In addition, I will give you two pieces of perfect sapphires as a compensation. Here’s a recent confidential information, which only elders can read. Look for yourself, just don’t make public. Alas, recently, the association has lost its mobility. Although your level is not enough, everyone thinks that you have this ability. Please wait patiently for a while, and I think someone will recommend you to enter the first few seats. "President Bai Bo gave this award to Chufei and attached two sapphires, which made Chufei very surprised, but it was depressing to pick up this old guy’s speech.
Ya an old man is really a little grateful. I think you are still a good old man. Now it seems that you just want to use Ye as a cattle boss. Just these two perfect sapphires want to buy off your uncle. It’s not that cheap. Chufei roared in his heart, where is this mobile team? A mobile team is not wiped out, and it’s all a level 65 master. Although your level has reached that standard, adults have declared that it’s level 50. You old bastard will never listen to your orders.
Although he roared in his heart, he nodded and then accepted the so-called secret information. It’s really unbearable for people to stay here after leaving the job change association. It’s true that human beings are born with the sacrifice of changing jobs, but adults should be protected. How can it be dangerous to die before thinking of adults? Chufei feels particularly depressed. Let’s find a way to avoid these old men from today. It’s best to find a good place to train and then cut off all communication. Chufei is determined.
It’s a pity that at present, there is a three-story top-level building in Kulastchu enclave villa, and even the servant is too lazy to find a Chufei lying leisurely in the sand hall. Other groups of sand have been thrown away to make room for the frost dragon. This is also a pity. At this moment, Sapphiron is lying beside Chufei and waiting for Chufei to throw a perfect sapphire from time to time.
The report is quite detailed. Chu Fei evaluates the documents in his hand. Through this so-called confidential document, he knows a lot of details and the analysis and countermeasures of the job change association have come to a strange phenomenon, that is, I don’t know what dragon activities have become more and more active recently. At the same time, although quite a few actions have been taken in hell, such as releasing some powerful monsters from the law, those monsters have not attacked Harrogas settlements but disappeared. This is indeed a strange phenomenon.
"Hey, Maru Cosias, is it possible to let ordinary monsters go back to hell if you get rid of the law in hell?" Chufei thought for a moment and then forced the two-headed magic wolf out of the call, thinking that it asked him what seemed to be the problem in his intuition.
"Released demons? How can it be so easy to return to hell once? The invaders in the whole hell are * playing with three fiends. Now the three fiends are sealed, that is, the lords can enter and leave the hell at will. Other little demons don’t have the ability. "The two-headed magic wolf is dissatisfied with Chufei’s summoning it so much, and directly turns out to be lazy and lying on the surface like Chufei."
"What if it’s Arthas? Does he have the ability to make a passage back to hell through thousands of intermediate demons? It’s like being in flames and tearing at once?" Chufei continued to ask
"No, this law has changed since the integration of the human world and hell. Now, in addition to the fiend level, no one can play at will; And the second time that is the tearing channel is still very dangerous. It’s nothing if it’s a inferno. If it’s a group of demons, it would have been torn to pieces. "The two-headed magic wolf narrowed his eyes slightly and scanned Sapphiron’s spirit and suddenly exclaimed," This guy really learned that method? Is the flash wrapped around the bones so clever? "
"What do you know? It’s nothing that I personally cultivated to be able to do this." Chufei freely argued that he was still thinking about this question. Since all these monsters were released, why should they be hidden? The former higher demon Marquis of Hell judged that it was impossible, so was it not hidden, but when it was another way?
There seems to be more and more mysteries. Chufei always thinks that it’s not just that he hides a lot of cards. Besides Frostmourne and Phantom Axe, Arthas should also have a lot of hidden cards. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so arrogant to run across the Three Realms. There must be a problem in it. He doesn’t know what the problem is, but he can gain so many abilities through this body if he changes his job. Then Arthas, the new leader of hell forces, will certainly have more unknown forces to gain.
Forget it. I think that Arthas is more powerful than myself. It’s really nothing to find depression for myself. It seems that after all, I am not as strong as Arthas’s original control body. Although I have mastered the anti-fate skill of deformation, and there are two great advantages, namely, the small bone No.1, the shaping cottage swordsmanship and the frost dragon. Can I restrain Arthas, who has frost sorrow and can summon two busy people? Unknown! Everything is unknown!
"Master, the third batch, a total of three intermediate demons in Qian Qian, and 500 advanced demons have been driven into that world." In the inferno of purgatory, an ice castle stands strangely, and there is a blazing flame burning outside, but in this flame, it is chilly to freeze the throne, and the shadow wing magic Fendi is kneeling in front of the frozen throne at the moment and heading for his own master hell. Now Arthas, the supreme commander, bows down and salutes.
"I know that I have already felt that the changes in that world seem to be getting closer and closer to the moment of enlightenment. It is really something that people can’t wait!" Arthas smiled abnormally at the moment and narrowed his eyes as if he were feeling something. What made him so addicted?
"Master, when I sent those monsters into the world this time, I could hear Mr. Luo roar. It seems that the distance from the world is getting closer and closer. When the world opens, the master will be the greatest in the world, even the three fiends and the five angels can compete." The shadow wing demon Fendi worships the world with a face, and he knows how powerful the master holds. When the world opens, the world’s most powerful army will be born and can be resurrected continuously.
"I will try to fight the world in one year, but there is still a big problem before that. Well, forget it. Let’s talk about it then. You should personally arrange to liberate more hell demons as soon as possible and then send them into the world without being bound by the law. I still have to keep a low profile, otherwise the world will be besieged by archangels before it opens. It will not be worth the candle." Arthas sighed and ordered Shadow Wings to say.
"Master, if you are worried about that Chufei, can I help you solve him?" Shadow Wings asked tentatively that he always felt that his master was paying too much attention to that job change, although it was really special. Is there any reason?
"Go and do a good job and explain things to me. Don’t bother me!" Arthas said softly that there seems to be no anger in his tone, but Frostmourne, the magic sword inserted in front, directly extends the cold air to instantly freeze the surface of the shadow wing magic.