It is said that Chu Fei still placed considerable hopes on the mutant skeleton Xiaojin when it was just the birthplace, but it is a pity that it has many restrictions. Now it has evolved for three times. The mutant skeleton Xiaojin still controls senior demons. Otherwise, which one is not a powerful demon, the former warlord demon or the hellsiege beast? Unfortunately, Xiaojin is the method to control him. It is better to find the strongest species of some intermediate demons to replace the golden skull.

This infernal banshee chosen by Chufei lies in the fact that the curse she can cast can only deepen and weaken the damage. Chufei can also cast it herself, but the defensive curse is quite rare, which can weaken the enemy’s defense by 60%. The scope covered by this curse is also quite large, and the curse of Chufei Necromancer can be superimposed on each other. You said that it is tough but not tough. Besides, there is a curse, a special curse to deal with casting monsters can make the enemy hurt when casting magic, and the greater the mana consumed by magic. The greater the damage to the ground, the two curses alone make people very happy, and even worse, they can release blood-red flash balls. For this team now, such a hell banshee who can cast auxiliary curses is much more important than Sakaram who sings elemental spells.
A minute later, the hell banshee flew up from the ground and was mastered by the mutant skeleton gold. After it mastered the body, it naturally gained Chufei aura. The flying speed was much faster. The sound started with Chufeida’s attack command. The mutant skeleton gold controlled the hell banshee to release a long flash, and it was still a crimson flash. It seems that the ability to absorb the mutant skeleton gold is a chain flash. This is a very good way for the hell banshee to attack besides the curse.
In fact, the strongest attack ability of intermediate demons is the twilight soul. Unfortunately, those guys are the spirit root method to parasitize the mutant skeleton Jin. Alas, this guy just doesn’t live up to expectations. If this guy can control the senior demons without saying anything, Chufei will immediately find it a warlord demon or a hell siege beast, which is the king of hell or the king of death. Think about it. It is such a powerful fighting capacity.
"This golden skull is worthy of accepting my strength and mutating this ability, but it is very strong. You can wait for it to evolve into a pure gold skull or even a crystal skull. Maybe you can cut off a dragon’s head and exchange it for hahaha." The magic spirit Elizabeth proudly said.
"Where is it so easy to cut? The second evolution and the third evolution are separated by three years, and evolution is getting more and more difficult. I don’t think it is possible to control senior demons every few years, let alone dragons. Although dragons are not as high as demons, they are far higher than senior demons." Chu Fei disdained. "Speaking of which, Bones and Xiaojins are all mutated because of you. Are you trying to strengthen them?"
"Summoning things evolved according to * you. I left my strength just to make you think about what your mutant skeleton evolved so slowly. Except for one, you got the mutant skeleton, and it never appeared again. This is all because in the last three or four years, your fighting frequency is not high, your upgrade speed is fast, and you still shut yourself up. How can these skeleton soldiers evolve and mutate without fighting or absorbing souls? This moment is all your fault. Don’t blame it on my head." The magic spirit Elizabeth disdained.
Well, it’s still true that the Lord level, hell demons and angels have been killed one after another through transfiguration. Their own level has really advanced by leaps and bounds, which is why the number of mutant skeletons has not increased and the evolution speed is not high. If we really want to upgrade in a down-to-earth way, I’m afraid there will be many mutant skeleton soldiers.
No, if you upgrade honestly, maybe it’s only about level 30 now. How can you have this strength! There are advantages and disadvantages, but overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
The fourth volume Chapter 49 Harrogas Heroes
Harrogas is an iron-gray city, which is very different from Kurast. All the buildings here are made of stone and the population is far less than that of Kurast. Most of them are combatants. After all, this is the last and most dangerous place of the three strongholds of mankind, K.
Chufei immediately smelled a particularly sweet smell when he came out of the door. In a blink of an eye, he found that a wooden food truck was stopping not far from the farewell party, where several men were sitting there drinking and eating meat. This scene made people feel very warm. He gave up the idea of going home and having a rest immediately and ran directly to squeeze in with several men.
Honey flame fruit wine is grilled, and the big bird’s wings are boiling, and the ice cubes are poured directly into the throat. There is nothing more comfortable than this. Watching Chufei come in and eating and drinking, several other customers took the initiative to bring more roasted bird’s wings and glacier wine without any displeasure.
"Great, now I’m white. What do you like to gather here? It’s all Harrogas bosses who don’t like to go to the best restaurants for recreation. Instead, they are crowded here because of this cleanliness and comfort!" I ate more than a dozen roasted bird wings in a row before I stopped, and then I slowly enjoyed some snacks with these men around me, such as these fried beef balls and arrows into small pieces of cheese lamb chops
There are a few men who are crowded here, but it can be said that the whole theory of Harrogas is respected in terms of status and strength, especially Harrogas is not in the aristocratic joint club similar to Lugoin, and they are also the highest-ranking people in the whole city. It happened that these guys especially like to discuss things, drink and have fun in this roadside stall. You know, although Harrogas is not as prosperous as Kurast, there are more than a dozen super restaurants in this city, and the chefs’ skills are not comparable.
"You have not seen you for almost a year, haven’t you? Yeah, it’s been eleven months." The barbarian next to you handed me a pancake to signal Chufei to eat it with cheese and lamb chops. "You look down on it more strongly. How many grades have you risen this year? Has it reached level 55 now? Well, it seems a little strong. "
"I tried my best to reach level 56 in a year, but it was only ten days before I was outside for two or three months at most. In the past eleven months, the whole person felt a little collapsed. I didn’t speak very neatly when I saw you just now." Where did ChuFei dare to say that he was already at level 64? If you say this, these men will definitely overturn the booth next to him, even if this level 56 is also to make them stare big eyes.
The strongest barbarian warrior in Gandulu Harrogas, the barbarian, has a barbarian-specific dark gold helmet, and the destroyer helmet on the edge of the demon horn, but at the same time, +3 shouting, combat skills and dominance skills are also equivalent to +3 skills, and the defense is even more shocking, and it has the ability to increase the attack speed and steal life attributes. With this dark gold helmet, Gandulu has become the strongest team leader and can play the strongest fighting capacity when he leads a team.
If the barbarian elders of Kurast Association are the barbarians with the strongest personal injury, then Gandulu is the barbarian with the strongest injury in the team. Everyone is passionate, and Chufei likes a kind of job-changer, especially he likes to confront the headquarters of Kurast Association.
"Yes, yes, this is a great event. You are the necromancer with the fastest upgrade speed in Harrogas. Since Lesotho died last year, our management has been short of a necromancer. I don’t like other options. Xiao Chufei, if you work hard, I will invite you in." It seems that the ancient sun god Bhutto Phil just put the beef ball department in front of Chufei into his mouth and patted Chufei’s shoulder and laughed.
Paladin Bhutto Phil, the supreme leader of Harrogas City, has absolute prestige and is the hero of the whole world of job-changers. In this life, he has made countless heroic deeds and his physical strength is also the peak among job-changers. It can be said that although his rank is one level lower than that of President Baibo, if he really fights, everyone believes that Bhutto Phil can easily defeat President Baibo. Bhutto Phil is the peak of this job-changer’s world in terms of fighting consciousness and skill, and his personality can be said to be almost perfect. Although he is a little treacherous, it makes people like him even more.
It is such a group of people that when ChuFei came into contact with them, he realized that human beings can be born in such a dangerous environment. Everyone is a pure-blooded hero, and there are no impurities in their bodies and souls. However, according to this situation, I am afraid that they will be the most heroic sacrifice among human beings.
"Bhutto Phil’s adult how so happy Oh, you changed your weapon is new? Let me see it." Chufei couldn’t help feeling up in his heart, but the situation in this world is not something he can change, so he put on a smiling face and smiled at the strongest paladin. From the moment he saw that Bhutto Phil’s weapon was changed, but now it has become a staff. It seems that it is not a hidden gold staff.
"Ha ha, you are small, but you have a keen eye." Bhutto Phil laughed and took out the staff behind him and handed it to Chufei with a very proud look. This is really a show-off but it makes people feel happy.
Strong scepter
One-handed injury 152
Level 61 is required
Need strength 125
Need agility 65
Durability 5
Base weapon speed [+3% increases damage.
+5% damage to undead
33% target defense
+2% Increases attack speed
33% probability of crushing strike
+2 points of life are gained after each enemy is killed.
+3 Paladin Skills
+3 Illumination range
Groove 2
The Dark Golden Staff Heaven Light can be said to be the top of the Paladin Staff, and every attribute is extremely+skill variable, and there are two grooves. No wonder Bhutto Phil is so happy. This is extremely extreme.
"It’s a powerful dark gold staff. Sure enough, the paladin still makes the staff more suitable for that rune language. Although it hurts a lot, the strongest thing for Lord Bhutto Phil is that he is superb in skills, or is this staff that can add 3 paladin skills more suitable?" Chu Fei stroked this dark gold staff and asked, "I wonder what runes Lord Bhutto Phil wants to embed in these two grooves?"
"Well, at this moment, I don’t want to inlay a handle of runes, but I have consumed all the runes accumulated over the years. It seems impossible to get rid of that handle of runes in a short time. Even if it is disposed of, it may not be possible to change to a suitable rune. It happened that Larzuk promised to add a hole for me." Bhutto Phil sighed. This is a typical clever woman who can’t cook rice. Just tell me what runes you like. "Chufei insisted.
"It’s good to increase damage, ohm blinder and freeze +3 chum, but that is to say, I can’t find these three runes now," Bhutto Phil sighed.
"Ha ha, I’ll give you a gift." Chu Fei said, taking out a rune from the object box and embedding it directly. It is the rune ohm that can increase the damage by 5%. However, the only good thing he got from the crystal channel for half a year was precious and very precious, but it was nothing more than that for him to have a projector. It was only because this person was worthy of respect.
"You silly little!" The paladin immediately grabbed the dark gold staff, only to find that the rune had been embedded in the surface, so he couldn’t take it out. This rune ohm is also very precious, so he felt very sorry instead of being happy and excited.
"Let me tell you the truth. This rune is very important to me as a necromancer. After all, the damage of the staff is far less than that of the rune before you. Haha, some time ago, I offended the Druid Elder of the Kulaster Association. I know that you helped me to press me. This is also a blatant bribe." Chufei haha laughed. "Don’t say anything kind to me. The Druid Elder was directly scolded by me. Don’t force me to scold you."
"Well, I’ll accept your bribe this time. Speaking of which, the old guy should really scold me. Later, I learned that you were the first to find Long Ta, and the result was delayed by that bastard. We Harrogasgen don’t have to pay attention to those idiots in Kurast." Bhutto Phil sighed for a long time.
"Drink, have a good drink with you today. I’ll pick it up and set off, and I’m going to Lugaoin." Chufei raised his glass and gulped down the wine in it. In fact, he felt a little guilty. He came to help these heroes more, but because this fucking world can do as much as possible, alas, if these heroes die, they can inherit their wishes and fulfill their wishes when they are strong.
"Well, we’ll think about it tomorrow if we’re not drunk tonight." The barbarian was the first to take action. He directly picked up a barrel and filled it into his stomach. Under his influence, everyone raised their glasses and enjoyed themselves.
The fourth volume Chapter 50 Flame River
It’s really annoying that the crackling and slight noise keeps coming out of it. The air in the environment is full of burning smell. Chu Fei can’t help but hold his nose. He likes cold more than hot. Since the blood bath of the frost dragon, he likes the cold environment even more. In fact, he doesn’t hate hot, but it’s a bit exaggerated here. From time to time, Mars explodes directly in the water.
"Ah, I really miss it. I’ve long heard that this place is the most similar to hell, and it really smells like that. Unfortunately, the temperature of the lava river here is too low and too calm." Maru Cosias leaned out from it and sighed with emotion with a special nostalgic tone.
Looking at the roaring magma, isn’t there a bubble floating out of the magma river and then a few firebombs are fired around? That’s a burning small meteorite that hits the ground and is a big pit. If there is anything flammable around it, it will immediately burn into flames.
Chufei took a whiteboard saber out of the box and threw it directly into the lava river, watching it soften and finally disappear. Is it still too low? Is this still too calm? Chufei is now a white hell. Those guys desperately want to run to the main world. It’s also a white hell. Those monsters are so tough. It’s impossible to live in this environment without being tough.
"Well, I knew I’d rather stay in the Crystal Channel. The environment here is really uncomfortable. You see, even my frost dragon’s power of freezing gas has dropped by 5%. Not only that, but the overall strength has dropped by 5%!" Chu Fei complained that the frost dragon is frost and the theory of the undead, whether it is frost or the undead, can hate the flame. At this moment, the frost dragon seems to be a little listless, which can be seen from the flight speed and altitude
"What’s the matter? Although your frost-bone dragon’s strength is reduced due to the particularly rich fire elements around it, at the same time, the monster’s resistance to cold has also decreased a lot, and you are still cheaper." The two-headed magic wolf strolled out of the void and plunged into the lava river to swim in the fiery lava, easily retorted.