"I haven’t spoken to my parents for a long time. I have to call one when I go back tonight. I’m a little homesick!" Ye Qing faint tunnel Dong Laoer smell speech not tunnel "eldest brother, I haven’t seen your parents? Are they easy to contact? "

"My parents are very kind, good-natured and don’t nag, and they never ask me what I do outside. Maybe others think that they don’t care about me, but they don’t really want me to be in trouble. They always lend me a helping hand privately. When I am sad, I will tell them that they will comfort me and encourage me." Ye Qing said that his parents are emotional
Dong Laoer couldn’t help but smile and admire the tunnel. "You must have a happy childhood. Eldest brother has the opportunity to take me to your hometown to play!"
"My home is in a small county. Are you willing to condescend?" Ye Qing looked at Dong Laoer joke tunnel
"It’s already visual fatigue to face these reinforced concrete buildings all day in big cities. I also want to take a walk in a small place to relax and my eldest parents are not my parents. I have to meet you. We are brothers, aren’t we? "
"That’s right! How about going back together when our team has a holiday? "
Su Yanbing came out while they were talking. "What are we talking about?"
"The boss said that I would go back to my hometown after the holiday. Do you want to come?" Dong Laoer looked at Su Yanbing and said that he was creating opportunities for Ye Qing. Generally, if you bring a girl back to your hometown, you will be recognized as taking your girlfriend back to see your in-laws. If Su Yanbing promised, she still cares about Ye Qing.
Su Yanbing paused, "It’s not good for me to go, is it?"
Ye Qing looked into her eyes and said very seriously, "What’s wrong?"
"I am a girl!"
"Girls can also go to our place to play as a tour! Although our county is not big, it is also a famous historical and cultural city. There are several scenic spots that are still good. "Ye Qing said that he certainly hopes that Su Yanbing can go to his hometown to play, even if he is not a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Chapter 11 Almost destroyed
It is very difficult for Ye Qing to invite Su Yanbing. Although she likes to travel and look around, going to Ye Qing’s hometown is sure to meet his parents, and it will be troublesome if they are misunderstood.
Ye Qing saw Su Yanbing frowning, knowing that it was difficult for her, and smiled. "I’m joking, even if you don’t go, I’m a friend, and an invitation has no other meaning."
Su Yanbing seems reluctant to see Ye Qing smile. She is afraid of hurting Ye Qing. After all, people are so sincere in inviting an ordinary friend to visit his hometown. There is nothing to explain even if it is misunderstood. So she smiled at Zhan Yan. "I accept your invitation and let me know when you want to go back!"
Dong Laoer suddenly blinked excitedly at Ye Qing, and Ye fell in love with him. The surface was as calm as water. He nodded and said, "That’s settled. I’ll call you then. Don’t refuse me again!"
"Well, I promised to do everything!" Su Yanbing was very sure of the tunnel, so the three of them went home together because Ye Qing had agreed to rent the house before they rented it, and they just wanted to live near Su Yanbing, so they all went home in the same direction.
In fact, it’s still a long walk from the coffee shop to Su Yanbing’s place. It takes half an hour and forty minutes to walk, but Ye Qing is very willing to walk this way because he is accompanying the goddess and Dong Er has become his own boss.
Su Yanbing is just walking. She thinks that walking after dinner is helpful for digestion. This section of the road is in a busy downtown area, and the night scene is beautiful. Those busy people probably never stop to pay attention to the scenery at that night. For example, Ye Qing is walking on the sidewalk at this time. He sees the lights dim everywhere, the cars flowing around, the people shouting in the food stalls, and the goddess around him. It feels very different, just like the goddess walking to Fan, which makes people feel very close.
Su Yanbing’s walking posture is elegant, even saying that some literary models are light-footed with their hands behind their backs, and their faces are finally filled with a faint smile. The leaves are extremely charming, and the heart is already quiet and restless. The almost fanatical love heart is beating badly. When he looks at it from the side, Su Yanbing’s outline is perfect and flawed, just like finely crafted art.
Ye Qing didn’t dare to feel anything again. Su Yanbing has made it very clear that he doesn’t want people to feel bored. In the end, even his friends can’t be treated as unrequited love. It’s bitter and sweet because they can’t see it, but they can’t think about it in their hearts. It’s sweet because there is a favorite in their hearts who will always think of her in sleepless nights and then sleep peacefully.
Ye Qing has no secret love for Su Yanbing, because he loves Su Yanbing very much. Su Yanbing also knows that his intention is that he and Su Yanbing will eventually come together, and that love can also be buried deep in his heart, which is also a kind of secret love.
People’s feelings are so strange. You like people who don’t necessarily like you, but you don’t necessarily like people who like you. It’s not easy to find people who like each other. Many people are barely together, and then their edges and corners are smoothed by life, and they become dependent on each other. Finally, it is a generation.
Ye Qing’s pursuit is a real heart-warming emotion, and so is Su Yanbing. Both of them have very high emotional requirements, and it is doomed that they have always been together. The biggest reason is that Su Yanbing has no heart-warming feeling for Ye Qing. Even if Ye Qing is very kind to her, she is very moved, but she is not moved by feelings.
Ye Qing still appreciates Su Yanbing’s attitude towards feelings and thinks that she is a sincere girl, a girl who will always be loyal to her heart. Su Yanbing found that Ye Qing had been staring at the front and seemed to be thinking about something, so she smiled and said, "Ye Qing, what are you looking at? Is there a beautiful woman in front? "
Ye leaned back and looked at her beautiful face. "Even if there is a beautiful woman in front, how can it be as beautiful as this one beside me? If I want to see a beautiful woman, I must look so far away!"
Su Yanbing’s face suddenly turned red and shy. "You’ll laugh at me. I’m not so beautiful … Now I can’t rank the most beautiful women in the street. Recently, the coffee shop has been so busy that I don’t have time to dress up. Now it’s estimated to be hideously ugly!"
Before Ye Qing spoke, Dong Laoer chimed in, "You are so beautiful if you don’t dress up. If you dress up, don’t you want to go against the sky?" You are too modest. The word ugly will never be around you. I have met many beautiful women, but none of them have your temperament. I am responsible to tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Otherwise, our boss wouldn’t be so infatuated with you. Hey hey … "
Ye Qing was so embarrassed when he heard this that he gave Dong Laoer a vicious push. "Will you die if you don’t add the last sentence?"
Su Yanbing is also embarrassed not to overdo it. Dong Laoer smiled and said to Ye Qing, "I just said the truth. Can you still deny it, boss?"
"Even the truth also don’t you say it! I really want to pick up a brick and stuff it in your mouth! " Leaf tilt is very annoyed tunnel
Outside Su Yanbing Community, Ye Qing asked Dong Laoer to wait outside for him to decide to send Su Yanbing. Perhaps his subconscious felt something that day. Anyway, he had a strong idea to send Su Yanbing that night. Su Yanbing felt a little strange about his insistence, but he accepted his kindness.
They took the stairs to the stair door where Su Yanbing’s house was located, and they walked out of the stairs together. Suddenly Ye Qing felt a black shadow flash out, and then something liquid came along. Ye Qing consciously waved Su Yanbing behind him and quickly pulled up his coat to cover his head.
"Poof … Zizi …" When the liquid touched his clothes, there was a similar frying sound. Ye Qing hurriedly threw the coat directly and looked down. The coat was already a hole. Obviously, the liquid was not ordinary water!
"Sulfuric acid! ?” Ye Qing shouted in surprise, and then saw the shadow throwing sulfuric acid and turned to run to the stairs. Ye Qing immediately became furious and started to chase Su Yanbing and looked at the coat in shock. Then he looked down at himself and found that his long skirt had also splashed a few drops of sulfuric acid, which had corroded a few small holes. Fortunately, he did not touch the skin.
If Ye Qing didn’t insist on sending him here today, if Ye Qing didn’t respond quickly enough when she stepped out of the ladder, she would be ruined by sulfuric acid today. This kind of thing has emerged one after another. Some people have distorted their psychology and will destroy her if they can’t get it. Su Yanbing didn’t expect such cruel things to happen to herself.
She was so scared that she was weak all over. She knew very well who wanted to hurt her. Ye Qing saved her again. If she was destroyed, she probably wouldn’t live. She couldn’t accept being ugly.
Ye Qing has chased the black shadow in front of him at this time. He took three steps and two steps. Ye Qing drank "live" while speeding up. Suddenly, the black shadow seemed to step on it and fell to the ground floor by floor. The aisle called Ye Qing to run and step on that guy, and then the person turned over and showed his face.
"It was you this unscrupulous bastard! I’ve taught you a lesson twice. You don’t have a long memory. You’ve intensified this time. I think it’s necessary to teach you a deeper lesson! " Ye Qing looked at the actor is very angry tunnel
"It’s you! Why are you always right with me! " The actor shouted angrily that Ye Qing didn’t answer him, but kicked him in the waist and then leaned over to pick him up. Two fists were punched in his face and two bloody teeth flew out of his mouth, and his left face was swollen high.
"Xiao you move Su Yanbing is equivalent to moving me and moving me. People who see me today have to detour and go to bed late to have nightmares! Now I’ll let you experience one! " Ye Qing gave the actor a beating while talking.
After the fight, Ye Qing let go, the guy fell to the ground, clapped his hands, and then took out his cell phone and dialed the alarm. Ten minutes later, the police came to Ye Qing and told him that he was fighting back in self-defense. Unfortunately, his opponent was beaten like this.
After Su Yanbing calmed down, he also proved that the police had a lot of complaints about Ye Qing’s heavy hand, and taught him a few words to let him encounter similar things again. Don’t catch people with his hands. Just call the police directly. Ye Qing nodded and received education, and then the police took the actor away. This guy is suspected of intentional injury, and he will definitely be detained and probably go to jail.
Dong Lao Er also heard the news at this time. Two people accompanied Su Yanbing back home. Su Yanbing sat on the sofa with her eyes fixed on her. She couldn’t figure out what she had already broken up with that guy. He was still pestering her and destroying her cruelly.
"Don’t think too much. Things have passed. That guy was taken away by the police. I think he will definitely be punished. After that, I guess he won’t dare to bother you again. Go to bed early. I will protect you forever!" Ye Qing patted his chest and said, Su Yanbing suddenly turned his head and looked at his two lines of tears. Then something unexpected happened. Su Yanbing jumped directly into Ye Qing’s arms, put his hands around Ye Qing’s neck and put his head on his chest and sobbed, "Thank you, Ye Qing. You are such a good man. If I miss you, I think I will regret it for a generation!"
Chapter 119 No pains are spared.