Printing or walking in front with an umbrella for a while could not help but say to Xie Hengyan, "It will be like this."

Xie Hengyan asked, "What is necessary?"
India poured cold way "do you have money to eat?"
Xie Hengyan naturally said, "Isn’t there still you?"
Print "…?"
Then it wasn’t long before they successfully found the former Xie Hengyan, a pretty good Aqiu girl, at the innermost end of three narrow lanes behind the street.
At that time, Ah Qiu was holding two baby dolls in her arms, and there were two other dolls hanging next to them, running barefoot and chattering and chattering for a while, which made the courtyard full of joy.
Chapter 6 cohabitation begins!
It’s getting dark, and when the wind blows over the wall, it’s slightly fragrant.
There are two tall figures standing in front of the window as soon as they sit.
India poured her hands and arms, and her face was cold. She said almost word for word, "First, don’t leave the room easily without my permission, and don’t walk into the backyard without authorization."
At this moment, someone is being rolled around in bed.
"Second," the long arm of the seal was stretched out and Xie Hengyan was dragged from the bed to the closet directly. "The bed is mine, and you are not allowed to roll in it."
Xie Hengyan finally stopped rolling and propped up his arms to see him silently.
"The third thing is not to come out," Yin poured out. "Do you understand? No coming out. "
Xie Hengyan was wrapped in a bow and bent back to the closet to "know not to come out"
Yin Zhu is still not at ease, just pull the door force open and put the probe in his ear and say, "Listen carefully, I’m asking you to stay here for a while, not for a generation."
"I know that I can’t ask your master to find out, and I can’t ask your younger brother and younger sister to find out …" Xie Hengyan said impatiently, "I’ve said it three times, and my ears are almost cocoon."
"Can you do it?"
Xie Hengyan clutching his ears painful way "can! Stop nagging and go to sleep? "
However, it didn’t take long for half a column of incense to be printed, lights out and bed climbing.
In the cupboard, "Luo Zi Luo Zi Luo Zi …"
"Click click click click …"
"Yum yum yum yum …"
Yin Zhu Ren can stand up and gently knock on the cupboard door. "What are you doing?"
Xie Hengyan muffled sound from the crack of the door "? Did it bother you? "
A cupboard door was slammed open, and then something scattered all over the floor.
India poured a candle and looked at the foot … melon shell?
Still a pile of melon shells!
"Article 4" Yin Zhu resisted the impulse and lowered his voice to Xie Hengyan. "… You can’t eat melons after the unitary time."
It’s been half an hour, and the frogs and cicadas outside the window keep singing and burying their heads in soft pillows, so they can’t sleep anyway.
Finally, I lifted the thin quilt, got up, walked softly to the wardrobe and opened the cupboard door again.
And the man inside just came up with a big head hanging around.
-"Bang" A crunchy eyelash stuck to the eyelash forehead, and both of them felt the temple chugging at the same time.
It’s hard to bite the bullet for a long time. "What are you … still not sleeping?"
"You are," Xie Hengyan said with horror. "You didn’t sleep and came to spy on me sleeping?"
Print pour "I am …"
Xie Hengyan asked again, "What? Do you want me to sleep with you, young master? "
"I don’t need you to sleep quickly!" Yin Yin ordered in a restrained mood.
Xie Hengyan sat on her knees in the corner of the cabinet, and her two round eyes were spinning in her eyes, which was still a pathetic look.
Innya asked him, "What do you want?"
"I’m hungry" Xie Hengyan’s novel "Can you give me something to eat?"
Print and pour "…"
The next morning, it was raining outside, and the summer heat was still there, which was relatively more prosperous.
India poured Kang asked each to carry a laundry list of tools such as wood blade’s ignition photo with a short handle of paper.
When he became a Taoist, he said to them, "All those who can enter and leave the mountain roads outside the mountain need to lay out the boundary circle, and the single symbol paper is not very effective for some monsters … Never cut corners when necessary."
India poured hand said Kang Wen also beside nodding.
After a long time, I raised my hand and pointed to Kang’s head and said, "I’m not worried about your brother, but I’m afraid you’ll make mistakes outside in an unguarded moment."
Kang Wen-wen couldn’t help but curl his lips and say, "Master is partial to the strength of my brother and me … not too much difference."
At this time, Cheng Yuling followed slowly and sneered, "That’s really too bad, Brother Kang. Don’t flatter yourself!"
Kang Wen also wanted to defend something, but he threw his hand at him and motioned for them to hurry away. He dragged his younger brother’s sleeve all the way and dragged them straight out until they reached the street and went to the mountain. Kang Wen just stamped his legs and stopped and shouted, "Oh, brother, don’t catch it … I can walk by myself!"
Yin Yi looked back faintly and he still didn’t let go. "Do you know that you have to be busy today?"
Kang Wen didn’t seem very happy. "Master and sister don’t think I should be scolded by my brothers?"
Yin Zhu said, "I’m not telling you to talk less."
"White is disrespecting me". Kang Wen frowned and his eyes became more and more irritable in Mao Mao. "Brother has been avoiding me for a long time and never refused to say anything."
Print and pour "…"
"Stop talking"
Kang Wen-yue said that the more boring he became, the more he simply threw back the laundry list and poured it coldly at Yin. "If you go to the mountain first, you will have to be scolded by the master."