Not to mention the great destructive power brought by these two forces after fighting.

Now that Fusang Prefecture has been so miserable, where can it withstand the devastation of two people’s wars?
When the time comes, Fusang Prefecture will sink directly, okay?
"Are you … are you threatening me?" Baishi quiver way
"You can interpret this as friendly advice." Zhuang spread his hand not far away.
Baishi blanched. He couldn’t feel where the friendship was not far from Zhuang.
After a long time, he asked Zhuang not far away, "Excuse me, how to build this … undersea tunnel? I’m afraid our geological conditions in Fusang Prefecture are not suitable for tunnel construction now … "
There were also undersea tunnels in the former Fusang Prefecture, but now the geology of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis is very unstable all day. The previous earthquake even displaced several cities in Fusang Prefecture as a whole.
Don’t tell me, don’t tell me. If the volcano in Hongdao Port erupts again, you can’t even escape in the undersea tunnel.
"Don’t worry, we can build the manor, which is the first in the world. Fusang is still here, and we can’t cross the submarine tunnel." Zhuang said not far away. "Do you want to listen to our construction plan, guest?"
What else can Baishi do?
"Say … let’s see?"
Not far from Zhuang, I don’t know where I pulled out three drawings.
"We have three schemes here," Zhuang said. "The first scheme is that a 62-kilometer submarine railway can accommodate four trains in two directions. The cost of this scheme is 300 million nut coins."
Hearing Zhuang’s offer of 300 million yuan, Baishi consciously wanted to say, why don’t you grab it, but his entourage pulled him, and he immediately shut up.
The attendant whispered a few words in his ear, and his face softened.
In fact, Zhuang is not far away. This quotation is not high. The cost of the submarine tunnel has always been extremely high. The cost of the submarine tunnel in Midi and Lanxi was as high as 1.5 billion in that year, and it can accommodate two trains. This tunnel is not only longer than them, but also can accommodate twice the technical difficulty of vehicles. This quotation is simply a special conscience.
Baishi gave a flat mouth and asked, "What about the second plan?"
"The second scheme is a two-way submarine highway tunnel, and the cost of this scheme is also 300 million nut coins."
"The third scheme is a specially designed conveyor belt and conveying pipe to convey all kinds of materials, and this scheme is also 300 million …"
"Sir, just from the price point of view, the price is very reasonable, and other construction units can’t come up with such an offer, and the design and construction ability of the manor is the best in the world …" The secret whispered in his ear.
Baishi nodded and tangled again.
In terms of transportation capacity, of course, the train is stronger, but the car transportation is more flexible and convenient. If the train is transported, it needs to be unloaded and repackaged again.
The conveyor belt also has irreplaceable advantages in transporting a large number of materials and some bulk materials.
In particular, Fusang Prefecture is in short supply and needs to import a lot of grain, ore, raw materials and so on from outside the state.
The pipeline is to transport some scarce crude oil, natural gas and so on to Fusang Prefecture.
Not far from Zhuang, almost every plan has scratched his heart.
For a moment, he forgot that he meant to build a port.
"how much will it cost if all three are built?" Baishi struggled for a long time and asked
"If you build one, three, of course, is one." Not far from Zhuang, of course, "Will you build it or not? How many do you want to build? "
Baishi "…"
Who on earth did you learn math from? Fall!
He looked at Zhuang not far from Zhuang and looked at him not far from Zhuang.
I don’t know what. Looking at Zhuang’s eyes, he felt that he vaguely saw Zhuang and Qianwu. A big war was played in the dark. The number of casualties in Fusang State even died in front of Qianwu House.
He tingled and hurriedly said, "I built it! I built it! "
"Then how many do you build?" Zhuang asked again not far away and then stared at Baishi.
"I built three! I built three! " Baishi hurriedly way "this project … what do you want us to do? When will it be completed? "
"If you don’t do anything, we can. The manor project has always been a turnkey project," Zhuang said with a smile. "You just have to be ready to get the key."
"The money …"
"Just settle the money after you get the key," Zhuang said not far away.
"Oh … so?" Baishi suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, that is to say, he sometimes went back to blow the wind to arrange a buffer.
"Then I’ll go back and prepare a …" Baishi turned to go.
"live!" Zhuang stopped him not far away
"Have you got all the money for the key?" Zhuang looked at the three keys in Baishi’s hand not far away.
Baishi bowed his head and looked up again with a dull face.
Mom, the egg is set!
Chapter 14 Life in Hongdao Port
No matter how wily a politician meets Zhuang, such a person who doesn’t play according to common sense will have to swallow his anger and weep.
Baishi shook hands with Feng Liangzhou in tears and took photos. With a click, it was even uglier than crying. The photo of Baishi was always fixed in history.
Hongdao Port-Dongdu subsea tunnel has officially become the longest, most advanced and most developed subsea tunnel in the world.
When several trains with white bear heads printed on them and hundreds of white bear express trucks drove into the streets of Dongdu, materials from all over the world finally entered Fusang on a large scale.
At this time, brolin had taken a bath, had a meal and slept in the dark in the hotel, and finally recovered his spirit and felt alive again.
Brolin is a real workaholic. He just woke up and wanted to work. He wore a bathrobe and called his assistant in. "Help me find a dress. I’m going to work!"