"I …" LeiYe mouth to speak and consciousness to see the eye mother.

The woman immediately picked eyebrow avenue.
"Lei Mei, don’t bully people just because there are many people. Our family Lei Ye is his father’s favorite son, but he can become a strong man."
"And our Tang family is not a vegetarian!"
"Wang’s position must be in the industry. If you are well-informed, take the initiative to help the industry."
"Shut up!" LeiMei was a heavy nu way
"If you don’t like women’s publicity, don’t talk at random and confuse right and wrong. Thirteen brothers are no longer young and still have no opinion."
"I think it’s because of you!"
"You can’t say that about my mother!" Leiye quickly got up and stopped his hands in front of the woman and glared at Leimei.
"Third sister, my mother asked me to be a Wang, so I’ll be one."
"She said that if you want to be, you can be?" Lei Mei’s face is full of disdain.
"Thirteen brothers’ father died together with their uncle, brother Yuan, elder Jiuru and elder Liao … all these fathers valued people unfortunately died!"
"How many of us are left?"
She slightly ChuiShou intensely staring at LeiYe.
"But Qiu’s family still has many supporters, especially Elder Wu and Lord Shentang, who are with many people."
"If we brothers compete with each other again …"
"After the Tianhu gang, the surname is Qiu!"
"Then you should support the industry." The woman heard that there were some nasty busy ways.
"You can only stay in the hands of Lei’s family if you support the decepticons. You are a woman and married, but your surname is not Lei. This can’t be done."
"I don’t marry" LeiMei cold mouth.
"You said you wouldn’t marry if you didn’t marry?" Women face disdain.
"When you have tasted what it is like to be a man, you can’t even say such a thing …"
"Fucking words!" LeiMei great anger suddenly in the previous step is about to start work LeiYe face taut turns out to be fine meaning to stop in the crowd.
Lei Batian has many children, among whom the most favored is Mrs. Lei, a prisoner of thunder.
But to say that talent is the highest
But it’s Lei Ye!
It’s not false for a woman to say that Lei Batian likes Lei Ye best. After all, this young man has approached the top ten most promising black iron.
Even the purple thunder knife method is very skilled.
Even a ray prisoner may not be his opponent before his death.
Lei Mei and Lei Ye’s eyes are relatively intransigent.
for a long time
"You go out!"
Lei Mei’s beautiful eyes flashed and suddenly waved.
"I’ll speak for myself."
Zhou Jia looked up and wanted to think to nod a way
"Miss Mei, be careful"
Said gently waving with people walk out of the hospital to leave three people alone.
LeiMei slowly take back stunning temperament cold mouth.
"Tang Yi, you should know very well that thirteen brothers are too young and inexperienced, and now he is not the best candidate for Wang."