Kong Haifeng respectfully replied, "As a matter of fact, I already have many clues. When I contact them, I will inform them of the current situation, so that they can see Su Zhangmen and find their bodies in reality, so that they can recover."

Shi Yan asked, "mass production master plan?"
This step is not much different from the mass production master plan.
He said, "No wonder, Mr. Su, that you should have the means to save these people. It turns out that this plan is going well. Consciousness-body integration is if you lose your body …"
Speaking of which, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath.
Obviously, this is his biggest concern.
"There are still some problems. You can go to the research institute later if you are interested."
Su Wei naturally won’t say that it’s simple. Why not highlight his hard work?
"It just so happens that I am still very interested in this knowledge."
Shi Yan laughed. "I’m an ordinary person with my hands tied, and I have nothing in common with you. Mr. Magic, let’s chat with Mr. Su, and I’ll go to see the achievements of a scientific research institute."
Su Wei smiled and said, "I have accumulated a lot of information during this period. I believe it is enough for you to watch it for a while."
But you can’t guarantee it if you want it …
After all, you didn’t tell me about the longevity program.
Shi Yan divorced.
Kong Haifeng was a little embarrassed to look at the magic machine and then at the eye. Su Wei felt that the pressure around him was too great and quickly excused himself, indicating that there were things busy in the game.
Although he is groggy in the game, he still has to show a wave of struggles from time to time. Otherwise, if someone gives up treatment, he will really cry and don’t know how to cry.
Leave Su Wei and Magic God Machine for a while.
Su Weixiao asked, "Mr. Phantom, do you want to see the scenery of Taiping Island? !”
The illusion is concise and concise
"Come with me just to show you the development of Taiping Island fighters."
"I’m very interested in that little girl named versicolor, but she’s already your person, otherwise I really want to introduce her to my son. Her natural cold nature and her blazing nature may have a lot of effect."
The magic machine shook its head. "But it’s really a great event to add an A-level magic teacher to the surgery side in a few years."
"am I alone?"
Su Wei raised his eyebrows in surprise and immediately reacted by referring to my power, right?
He nodded. "That’s right. You don’t steal people’s favor. It seems that Mr. Magic is not a good man, but at least he is bad."
This is much better for people than Xiao Chen.
Whether you are a friend or an enemy, you will always benefit more than a villain.
The magic machine looked at Sue’s only eye and said, "Bad? I’m the best good man for different arts. I have to be qualified. I don’t care about my family’s assets. I don’t know how much money I’ve funded to study different arts artists over the years, but if I’m Gu Wu, I’m really a despicable and shameful villain. "
Su Wei took him to Taiping Island’s arms drill ground.
At this time, there are about forty or fifty reincarnation in the martial arts field, either practicing swords or meditating or each holding weapons.
Present a lively scene
The most attractive thing is probably that there are more than a dozen Yingying Yanyan women in the middle position, and the natural speaker is Zhou Zhiruo.
Now that she has come to Taiping Island, especially with the Emei Sect, everything is in order …
She also relaxed a lot.
However, she is now very self-oriented, carrying forward Emei and never letting Emei fall behind others.
She doesn’t need to manage the game, so she’ll take the elite route …
As it happens, there are quite a few Emei school women reincarnation in Taiping Island, and she carefully trains these women reincarnation and gives them all the skills that Su Wei taught her during this period.
Emei martial arts is not profound, and Jiuyin Zhenjing is defined as peerless martial arts, which can’t be taught at will.
Fortunately, Su Wei taught her heart lamp magic and many other achievement methods …
She earnestly taught all the girls to listen to each other with ecstasy.
And Shi Qingxuan impressively is among them.
Magic god machine can’t help his eyebrows surprised way "this woman …"
He has remembered that this woman was among the people surrounded by the plane that day, which was not obvious at that time.
But now, if you look at her, she is almost the pinnacle of detail.
He is very optimistic about Coriolus versicolor
But in fact, this female fighting capacity is not inferior to Coriolus versicolor.
And I’m afraid there are not five or six people like this in Taiping Island.
Taiping Island is indeed very deep.
Even without the old monk, I’m afraid he won’t be too cheap that day.