So … Since the mysterious old man found this "not collecting and sorting" chip as early as a time ago, why didn’t he send a signal to the human language earlier? Doesn’t he know how precious it is to human culture in a hundred years, or is he really too optimistic about the time when human culture can keep peace?

It doesn’t make sense.
Unless … the old man said that his investigation of that "thing" had a great connection with human beings, before this matter was investigated clearly, the mysterious old man thought that human language was not suitable for sending personnel to Nanmen Erxing, and then the mysterious old man ruled out this matter and threatened human beings, so he sent a signal and floated away by himself.
Is there anything far away in this two-star Nanmen that can make the old man feel safe and would rather let human culture delay for as long as one hundred years?
After the mysterious old man uttered those words, Wei Feng turned many thoughts in his mind and thought of many things. Wei Feng was keenly aware that what the old man said next must be very important and may have an impact on the whole human culture
"You may not believe it, but … the truth is that when I first came to Nanmen Erxing, I was really prepared to spend a hundred years collecting and sorting out data. Even for me, this is very difficult, but no one can win except me," said the mysterious old man faintly. "But I didn’t expect that after I came to this planet, I got a lot of the simplest binary coding forms with little effort. All I did was translate them into our language and then sort them out according to our habits and burn them again and again.
Wei Feng’s brow wrinkled gradually, and there was a question hovering in Wei Feng’s mind, that is, "Where did these materials come from? Who prepared them? "
As if I had an insight into what Wei Feng was thinking at the moment, the mysterious old man’s voice came immediately. "I can tell you frankly that I got all the data from that pyramid. After I walked into the pyramid, these data were automatically sent to me … I think these data should be left by Mars, as if they knew that someone would walk into this pyramid after tens of millions of years, so I came and gave it to me."
Wei Feng’s brow twisted into a knot in one’s heart. Wei Feng’s wisdom and logical thinking ability, Wei Feng really have no way to organize all this described by the mysterious old man into a whole. What will put these things in order before? What’s the pyramid for? How can they anticipate that someone will come here after tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years?
The mysterious old man is still whispering, "Of course, I have verified these scientific data before I have the knowledge. In my verification, I will be confident that they can pass your value verification." The old man continued, "And all this only took me less than a year."
"So what did you do in your spare time?" Although Wei Feng knew that these words were recorded, he still couldn’t help asking this question, so there were too many questions in Wei Feng’s mind.
"When I am free … I’m investigating what this thing is … it’s hard for me to describe it," the old man said. "I think … maybe you should go to the next pyramid and have a look. After you have seen it, I think you can understand what it is."
"Of course, before this, you should know some pre-sexual things. We all know that the Martian text is also here, and the key scientific data comes from it. We know that the Martian text chose the voyage Nanmen two stars after the large-scale war. At first, we all thought that the Martian text was eventually extinct because of the degradation of science and technology and the harsh living environment, but it was not like this. This matter is not so simple."
Wei Feng’s heart moved, and Wei Feng remembered the strange fragments that he found in the universe when there were hundreds of billions of kilometers left in the journey, which did not belong to Martian.
Wei Feng once speculated that there was a war in Martian, but that weird fragments that didn’t belong to Martian meant three other contradictions, that is, those fragments were left unknown in the war with Martian. If they were in Nanmener dialect, they shouldn’t be left as a buffer for Martian. If they weren’t in Nanmener dialect, why did they have so many spaceships left after the interstellar voyage? If they have the ability to leave so many spaceships after the interstellar voyage because of the extremely advanced technology, what do they have to compete with the degraded Martian literature?
It is Wei Feng’s speculation that these three contradictions left a deep impression on the mysterious unknown article in Wei Feng’s heart. Wei Feng originally intended to "this has nothing to do with us" as Ye Luo said, but now … Wei Feng vaguely feels that the mysterious old man’s hundred years of investigation must have a great connection with this mysterious unknown article, and since the mysterious old man is willing to spend so much time to investigate, they are likely to have a great connection with human literature.
"I think … you’d better go to the pyramid first," the old man said faintly. "Because … I didn’t actually investigate this matter clearly. I had a hunch that my ideological limitations were insufficient to support me. After I tried for a hundred years and still failed, I chose to give up. But if this matter is not investigated clearly, there will always be some worries in my heart, so I will tell you these things because I hope you or the follow-up human language can take my place to make this matter clear."
"Go ahead, you can come back here again after you read it, and then I will tell you some of my thoughts." The old man said this sentence again and then there was no sound.
Wei Feng put on his helmet again, and then looked at the hatch avant-garde and found the button. Press the hatch and hit it. Then the hatch was closed and the pump pumped the hatch into a true outer hatch and hit Wei Feng again. Once again, he came to the surface of the hot and desolate planet Blue Night Star.
Wei Feng looked back at the base, then turned around and walked away. The huge pyramid in the distance has come into Wei Feng’s eyes. In addition to its grandeur and grandeur, it has many mysterious meanings in Wei Feng’s eyes.
There are three ways to find a reasonable explanation for the contradiction. The mysterious unknown article fled to Nanmen two stars hundreds of millions of years ago, but it finally perished here. The Martian article has all kinds of magical and incredible abilities. The wise old man spent nearly a hundred years trying to find out the result. The mysterious puzzle, the strange behavior before the extinction of the Martian article … All these things are constantly entangled in Wei Feng’s mind.
Wei Feng walked step by step towards the pyramid in front, which was not far from the base left by the mysterious old man. It seems that when he first came to Nanmen Erxing, the mysterious old man deliberately chose this place near the pyramid to build his own residence. After wandering around here for nearly a hundred years, he finally found something, and then he left this article to himself as a whole human language.
So … What’s in that pyramid? What is the problem that puzzles the wise old man?
Wei Feng walked slowly step by step, and when there were about tens of meters away from the pyramid, Wei Feng was very surprised to see that there was a small door quietly hitting the pyramid.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Make a deal
The remote automatic induction device is not a strange thing. It has existed on the earth for hundreds of years-it is not technical to hit the hatch when someone is near.
It’s just that what happened in the pyramid hatch at this moment clashed with Wei Feng’s impression of it early in the morning. Wei Feng was a little surprised at this moment. After all, things like pyramids are always associated with mysticism.
In a moment, I was surprised that the guard wind didn’t hesitate, but went directly to the hatch, but to Wei Feng’s surprise, this hatch didn’t seem to be for welcoming himself in. Before Wei Feng went to the hatch, Wei Feng saw something like a robot pushing a car staggered out of the hatch.
It seems to be very worn out. In almost violent sunlight, Wei Feng can clearly perceive that the robot has been slightly twisted when walking on four wheels. There are many stains on its surface and many distortions in its structure, which makes Wei Feng worry that it will fall apart in a moment.
But it finally didn’t fall apart. It ignored Wei Feng and didn’t send a signal to Wei Feng. It watched in Wei Feng and slowly walked out of the hatch, then turned around and walked along the base of the pyramid.
Wei Feng silently followed it.
This is a very strange scene. Almost at the first moment I saw this robot, Wei Feng knew that it was not built by human beings, and this is not the sun. This is Nanmen II, an alien star more than four light years away from the sun. This planet is desolate and scruple, and now Wei Feng is walking on this desolate planet and following an old robot that doesn’t know from which hand.
The robot wobbles in front, sometimes it passes through uneven places, and it will shake violently from side to side. It seems that it may overturn at any time, which makes Wei Feng unable to help but give birth to hold its mind. It walks very slowly, which makes Wei Feng feel that if this planet has something to say, it will definitely hear harsh metal friction from its surface.
If it goes slowly, Wei Feng will go slowly, and Wei Feng will follow it in lockstep, without interfering with other lines. If it stops in Wei Feng, it will stop and Wei Feng will leave.
Finally, after walking out of a distance of about 100 meters, it stopped completely. This is the back side of the pyramid. Although the sun can’t shine here, it is still reflected in the surrounding valleys. This old robot stops here and then turns around and goes straight to the pyramid tower again.
Then a scene surprised Wei Feng, and a picture appeared. After this robot with four wheels came to the foot of the pyramid, the original Wei Feng stopped because of obstacles, but I didn’t expect its body to go directly to the pyramid with a great slope.
The slope of the pyramid is very flat, much smoother than the uneven surface of the blue night star, so the robot will walk extremely smoothly. It not only has no shaking, but also … as if the extremely inclined slope is like a flat ground, it will go easily.
It’s like a gecko. It goes higher and higher along the slope. Wei Feng raises his head in the face and looks at it with doubts.
Wei Feng doesn’t know what this thing wants to do. I don’t know why it wants to do this, but Wei Feng is watching.
When the robot reached a height of about 20 meters above the ground, it stopped and just stayed on the slope as if its four wheels were not wheels, but four were attracted to steel magnets.
"Turn the glass into telescopic mode" Wei Feng commanded Ye Luo and immediately replied "Good".
So the distant scenery was constantly widened, and Wei Feng clearly saw the robot moving more than 20 meters high
At this time, Wei Feng saw a cave with a diameter of about one decimeter and a depth of about seven centimeters next to the place where the robot stayed. This kind of cave is very familiar to Wei Feng, because Wei Feng has seen many similarities and differences on the blue night star surface. The caves in other places are larger, and the caves in the pyramid tower are smaller.
But they are all caused by the same thing, that is, the meteorite Nanmen Erxing, like the sun, will have many asteroids or stone fragments in the star, the largest of which may be dozens to hundreds of kilometers, and the smallest is smaller than rice grains.
In the case of gravitational disturbance of large stars colliding with each other, sometimes they will break away from their original orbits and crash towards large stars. Obviously, at this moment, the concave hole of the pyramid tower is caused by the impact of small interstellar debris.
There is no atmosphere on the blue night sky, and even such a small interstellar stone can hit the surface freely. It is very normal and frequent for this planet to be hit by such things.
After the robot stopped next to the cave, it stretched out a mechanical arm and stopped after reaching into the cave, and then some yellow, red and sticky things flowed out of the mechanical arm to fill the cave, and its other mechanical arm also stretched out and wiped it from the cave filled with viscous liquid, so the cave was immediately leveled.
It’s like the best mason. It fills a hole in a few seconds and its appearance is extremely flat. If the color of that place is not the same as the rest, Wei Feng will almost never find it.
So Wei Feng knew that the robot had come out to repair the pyramid, which was a very reasonable thing. Wei Feng thought that if the pyramid was not repaired continuously, it would not be long before.
After repairing the concave hole, the robot slowly came from the pyramid tower and stopped in front of Wei Feng again. In the process, the leaf has been precisely adjusting the angle of light bending of the glass panel to ensure that Wei Feng can always see the robot in perfect angle.
The original Wei Feng thought that the robot would continue to ignore itself and then leave, but this time it was not like this. The robot stopped at Wei Feng’s foot and then pointed something like a scanning device at Wei Feng Wei Feng, who frowned and felt a little unhappy about this kind of line.
Wei Feng thought that if two different languages in the universe come into contact, they must pay great attention at the most basic line. It is very likely that one language is considered as a friendly act, while the other language looks full of provocation and hostility. Wei Feng doesn’t know what this robot wants to do, but pointing something at his own line will always remind Wei Feng that he is preparing to shoot pistols and other things.
At this time, Ye’s voice fell to Wei Feng’s ear. "Captain, don’t worry about it. There is no danger. I have scanned it before. I have determined that it is just a scanner, which means that it is scanning at the moment. You are trying to understand your structure."
Wei Feng nodded his head and quietly accepted the robot scanning there.
Wei Feng doesn’t know what logic is calculated in this robot chip or in a core device in the pyramid, and he doesn’t know what results they will calculate because of these logics. Wei Feng is waiting silently.
About a few minutes later, the sound of falling leaves came to Wei Feng’s ear again. "Captain, I received a simple message of binary coding from this robot and I have decoded it. It just said please come with me."
Wei Feng said, "Translate my words to it and tell it so that you can lead the way."