I saw a loud noise in the fish pond and a huge head stuck out.

Villagers …
Zhuang not far covered his face and shook his head and shouted, "Which bastard lost a whale!" "
"Zhuang … the owner is whatever fish you say … I can’t find so many fish at the moment, so I just caught a whale at the seaside …"
"I said how many times! Whales are not fish! "
Zhuang not far thinks that these servants are really stupid!
Chapter 155 Sky Wei Achievement II Completed
"Reporting a state news some time ago, after a rainstorm in many places in the state, there was a scene of wonders in Wucheng Zhuangjia Village. It began to rain, and all kinds of marine fish in Yu Yu were thrown into the fish pond. The villagers fished in succession. The reporter interviewed a villager …"
The villagers grinned and smiled from ear to ear. "Oh, the fish in that fish pond is getting longer than an ugly one. We are scared when fishing. Can such ugly fish be eaten and poisoned?"
The villagers put those ugly fish in front of the camera, and the reporters’ eyes almost popped out.
"Experts have identified these fish as edible marine fish, and they are also valuable fish. The reporter can’t help but wonder where these fish come from …"
Not far from this news village, I want to swear. "Where did you get these fish?"
"I just saw a four-winged chicken flying over and let it give me the fish directly …" The servant said.
Not far from Zhuang, he feels that his servant is more stupid than he thinks! How do you idiots live so big? What the hell was wrong with me when I took you as my servants?
This must be where the whales caught it and tried to replenish it, but the servants stopped them.
It’s strange that these marine fish can live if they are thrown into fresh water!
"What’s even more strange is that a whale fell from the sky. This is a minor killer whale. I can see that it is not afraid of people. Although it has just suffered a disaster, the villagers still feed the caught fish to it …"
As soon as there is a scene that can make the gourmets have a heart attack, they can see the villagers fishing for groupers, flounders and flounders. ? ? ? Fish is thrown into the water. If these villagers know that any fish they throw into the water is sky-high … Forget it …
That killer whale is really not afraid of anyone who comes to the net and eats everything, even the pork fed by the villagers!
Not far from Zhuang, cover your face. Whose child is this? It’s really embarrassing for killer whales!
Killer whales are very picky eaters!
Enthusiastic villagers said in an interview, "This little whale doesn’t know where it came from, but we have to feed it well. Whale is our good friend, Whale Fat is an old friend of our state, and this may be an old friend of Whale Fat Child … Ah, you said it’s not the same species? Are they not all whales? I think it looks almost, um, almost … "
Not far from Zhuang, I covered my face again.
Whales were sworn enemies with killer whales before they got fat. When did a killer whale have an illegitimate child?
And killer whales and big-winged whales look the same!
"The villagers have contacted the phase department to transfer this little killer whale to the sea to help it find a home. We interviewed the Institute of Whales in Nengguan … Sir, why are you covering your face? Sir, can I have an interview? Sir? Sir? You don’t go … "
Zhuang shook his head when he saw it not far away. What can you idiots throw the whale away and dare not be interviewed? Huh? Dare to show your face and accept the contempt of the broad masses of the people?
The whale was sent to a water tank truck in a hurry. The little killer whale also said that he didn’t want to leave, and he was reluctant to go to the taste of pork. He kept sticking his head out of the water tank to look at the enthusiastic villagers.
I just came to help, but I didn’t expect to make such a mess.
However, because of this chaos, no one paid more attention to the sudden stop of this rainstorm in other suspicious places.
Helping Uncle Mao solve the flood problem, the manor servants hurried to report.
"Master Zhuang’s red and green channel survey has ended."
"how about it? What is the response of the tester? "
"At present, the mood of the surveyors is not very stable …" The servant added his forehead. "Master Zhuang, when can we get the red and green channel special effects ready? If we continue to measure like this, something will happen."
"I’m not trying to …" Not far from Zhuang Wu face.
It turns out that it is impossible for even the manor owner to completely control the manor environment.
Especially now, the area of Neng Manor has far exceeded its current level.
If you want to simulate the environment of the Arctic waterway, you must create a large number of icebergs, but it is not easy to reduce the temperature in a large scale, and it is not easy to consume a lot of energy. At present, Zhuang is not far away and has not thought of a good way.
Do you want to make a super-power refrigerator to freeze ice?
Although he once froze the city of Italy, freezing a city and freezing an ocean are completely different concepts.
Without the "Arctic Channel" camouflage manor, there is definitely no way to put the red and green channels on a large scale, otherwise, how can we explain the speed of their ships?
Just then, Zhuang suddenly saw a sign not far away.
I was so angry that I didn’t notice it just now because of the stupid behavior of my servants.
"Congratulations to the cruel manor owner, you have completed the achievement of" Tianqiaowei ".Second, you have caused ten small-scale climate changes to make the world feel the power of the sky! An achievement reward’ Rule Tower’ token can be exchanged at the’ Rule Tower’ for a specified level of rule. "
"Huh?" Not far from Zhuang wondered, "Is this finished? How many small-scale weather anomalies have I caused? "
Not far from Zhuang, break your fingers and forget it.
It was the first time to freeze the city of Italy, and then it was the White Wolf City, Fusang Prefecture, Guangzhou …
Wait, this is only four times. How many times is it in Fusang?