Walking at the front of the team, the one with the best equipment and the most momentum is the president of the Heroes’ Guild-I am a hero, and he is really narcissistic enough to get such an id.

After a brief surprise, Yang Ye turned around and said with a smile, "I’ve heard a lot about the president of the hero."
I am a hero and a young man in his twenties. It is hard to imagine that he can achieve so much at his age and have the means and courage to unite the guild. This makes Yang Ye Youpei’s light blue armor shine a little blue in the sun-fairy costume!
I’m a hero. I walked a few steps forward and came to Yang Ye with a smile on my face. "What a coincidence! I just came here to make a promise of hope. Don’t mind that our heroes’ guild is harmless."
"Where words this rain falls, it’s not like I’m all here to go and I’ll do it? Right? I’m just hanging out. Where can I manage anything? "Yang Ye laughed and said.
"Ah, that’s not true. You’re also a big shot in the rain, and you haven’t been informed here. It’s also wrong on our side. When it comes to the promise of having fun, you don’t have a guild, right?" I’m a hero in front of me, and I suddenly interrupted the pleasantries and said
The other party’s attitude suddenly changed, and Yang Ye also leng "Uh-huh. No"
"That’s good! !” I was a hero and laughed. His face, which was not handsome or mediocre, had the same ordinary temperament as Yang Ye.
"Good what?"
"Why don’t you come to my guild and join me in ensuring that you can cross the dragon-chasing guild?"
I’m a hero, and my smile is really brilliant. The elite players of the Hero Guild behind him watched themselves grow up to be so ridiculous, but they didn’t say anything. They didn’t know if they were at ease or too lazy to care …
Ah, ah, look at their expressionless faces but holding back their smiles. This group of guys seems to have been "invited" into the Heroes’ Guild like this …
"Ahem ….." Yang Ye light but a rectification a mood way "that what hero President I this person likes to be free and unconstrained to join the guild is too early for me, I won’t join other guilds for the time being …" Not joining other guilds doesn’t mean that I won’t own guild.
"That’s all right. You can come to our guild first to get familiar with the atmosphere of one guild, and other guilds can also blend in smoothly, right?" I’m a hero. Laughing is an evil …
"Uh-oh … no, no, I don’t want to join the guild. I don’t want to join anyway." Yang Ye hurriedly waved.
"Well, why don’t you come with me? How about the two of us team up to brush pairs every day and train together? Look at the guys behind me." I am a hero and said with a smile.
Shit, there’s something wrong with me. I practice with a big man like you every day …
"Ah, wipe the hero president. You see, I have the first level of leveling. I feel boring and I have the best equipment. It’s also boring …"
"Yeah, you’re all equipped like this, but I think you’re still single. Tell you what, these girls behind me are all my guild. Before they became famous and beautiful, they were all pulled over by me. They don’t have boyfriends. How about being their boyfriends when you’re just right?"
"Ah what? No, no … It’s very kind of you, president of the hero. Boyfriend and girlfriend, I think I’ll forget it and I have a girlfriend … "
"Ah, ok, then look … ah, what the hell!"
"swish! !”
I’m a hero. What else do you want to say, but cleo beside me? Caswell figure is suddenly appeared will he got a fright … To be continued.
Chapter 32 Erhuang
Cleo? Caswell suddenly appeared directly beside them, and everyone got a fright. After seeing clearly that the bearer was a np, he calmed down one after another-NP can be a cow force spell and teleport, which is nothing strange.
"Looking for you?" I am a hero. Looking at Yang Ye, I have some doubts and asked.
Yang Ye nodded slightly on the other side of cleo? Caswell turned his head when he appeared, and seemed to be looking for something. When his eyes gathered in Yang Ye’s body, his eyes suddenly burst into a warm light, and he strode towards Yang Ye …
"I np just waited for him here," Yang Ye said at me as a hero.
I am a hero and nodded thoughtfully. "Well, then I won’t bother you. Let’s do it. Don’t say goodbye. Come and say hello to the promise, and he will be your boyfriend. He certainly doesn’t have a girlfriend. Don’t be cheated by him." Finally, I was a hero and waved my hand at several younger sisters behind me.
"Hello, Promise God ~" Sisters laughed together and settled in front of Yang Ye. Yingying Yanyan’s colorful equipment glowed and flashed Yang Ye dazzled.
"Er … by the way, I have a girlfriend …" Yang Ye said with a smile.
"I know! He likes to joke like this when the hero is president. Don’t pay attention to him. He is an idiot. "One sister said, and when she finished talking, the girls beside her were all laughing."
I’m a hero ahead, with a face of so-called "ok, don’t disturb the promise, we’ll go too! Promise bye bye … "
Watched that I was a hero and took away a group of people. Yang Ye just sighed and turned to look at cleo? Master Caswell, cleo? Caswell looks high-spirited in a blue wizard costume with gold thread. This cleo? Caswell is not only a nobleman, but also a great mage. There is still a trace of worry in his eyes, but it doesn’t seem heavy. This is probably because a nobleman should be calm and self-restrained.
Cleo? Caswell approached and smiled and made a courtesy-this etiquette is what friends do when they meet. It is a great honor for Yang Ye to put Yang Ye and himself in the same position directly.
Yang ye learn np reciprocate and said, "cleo? Master Caswell is fortunate enough to live up to his life! "
Cleo? Caswell nodded and said with a smile, "It’s a hard warrior. I just heard that a warrior killed the Queen Flower. I immediately thought of you, and then the news came that it was really you! This surprised me very much. You are very brave! "
"Thanks to cleo? Master Caswell believes that Yang Ye is light and supercilious.
"Well, let’s go in first. It’s crowded and noisy outside. Let’s go in and talk." cleo? Caswell motioned for Yang Ye to go to the mansion department with one hand and one lead.
Yang Ye also don’t go repetitive leg lifts …
Cleo? Caswell House is still so grand and particularly large, and there are many people in it. cleo? Everyone in Caswell is very respectful. Every time you meet someone, you have to bow and greet them. Every time cleo? Caswell will smile and nod to answer the hard work! So this cleo? Caswell seems to be a nice person, too
"Have you got the flower juice of the Queen of the Warrior?" Cleo? Caswell turned to Yang Ye and asked.
Yang Ye nodded and convinced that "it has been taken"
"Great!" Cleo? Caswell clapped his hands. "Cole, his condition is getting worse and worse, and he won’t last long. These days, I have been maintaining his life with magic and special magic array, but I know it won’t last long. Now, the warrior has brought the queen flower juice to Cole, and he is saved!"
A slight sigh in Yang’s ambition makes the queen flower juice people will be controlled by the queen flower. Although the rose has become a seed now, Yang Ye must find a way to cultivate it. Can he control Cole then? He is not sure in his heart, but there is a great chance that he can control cleo. Will a powerful np mage in Caswell know all about the efficacy of the white queen flower juice?
This is somewhat unreasonable …
But at this time, Yang Ye has come here. For other things, it’s np-hard. He’s just a player who doesn’t care about the messy situation. If I give you a reward, I won’t do anything else.
"Yes, I almost failed when I got the queen flower juice, but fortunately, God helped me succeed after all!" Yang Ye nodded and said.
"ah!" Cleo? Caswell exclaimed, "That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much! Come to the warrior’s side and ask Cole to be in another place. You give me the queen flower juice and I will give it to Cole. "
Cleo? Yang Ye didn’t think much, or he didn’t bother to think much. Even if he really found out what was wrong, he would choose silence. The reward was "the first shop". Yang Ye couldn’t let go even if he helped cleo? Caswell did something terrible-
[You have finished the "Bright and Deadly Queen Flower"! 】
[You got all the shops of the Caswell family in rainy city, and now it belongs to you completely! 】
[You won the [Second Wilderness Forging].
[You got EP+6.76 million! 】
A series of instructions sounded to complete and obtain all the shops. Forget it, Yang Ye came here for this, and now he did get it, but there was actually a "second wasteland forging" afterwards!
Forged Yang Ye has a piece of equipment that was once forged by the by-product "One Cut Forging" in the virus laboratory. At present, all the materials have been collected in shoulder pad, but now there is a "second shortage". The original Yang Ye intends to use the so-called "One Cut" as a transitional equipment and does not intend to accept it. The reason is that this equipment is quite large, but now …
He has some other ideas.