Yes, this moment, Kung Fu Lin Tianxie has once again risen to the next level. Before the addition, he killed monsters in the city and rose to the first level, which has reached level 52.

"I’m almost level 5!" The goblin disdained to say that Lin Tian-xie was stunned at the thought that many strange experiences were counted in the goblin’s head before it was relieved.
"Come on, take the opportunity to go back and have a look!" Lin Tianxiao said that the monster army had stopped at this time, and it was obviously ordered by the rear commander.
Once again, Lin Tianxie and the goblin went about 10,000 meters. Before they came to a dense forest, many monsters rushed out from this dense forest.
Lin Tianxiao immediately took the demon behind a rock and pointed to the left front. "See that big guy over there?"
"I have seen it for a long time, and that is the commander without accident!" Said the goblin
"Shit, I wonder how people like you became the top ten people in the first place. I can’t compliment you for your eyesight!" Lin Tianxiao shook his head with a contemptuous look.
"Fuck off, it will be different from this return engagement root now. Although the background is still the same, many things have changed. Before that, there was no such monster attacking the city, that is, a group of boss were easy to kill!" The goblin scolded and followed with a look of shame. "Besides, we are lucky to know the cattle people!"
"Ahem, that’s more like it!" Lin Tianxiao said with a look of alacrity, "See that big man with small shoulders?"
The goblin immediately leaned out his head and looked at it, not to mention that there was really a villain on the big shoulder. The villain was pointing at the monster and didn’t know what to do, but it should be in command.
"How to see it!" Lin Tianxiae saw the demon crouching down and asked the demon in a low voice. "It should be him. How can we kill him?"
The goblin is very direct, and Lin Tianxie also likes the goblin’s personality very much. He smiled and said, "How can you kill it now?"
The goblin froze for a moment, but soon revealed a trace of ridicule. Without saying a thunderbolt, he split it.
Seeing such a high injury floating from the big head, Lin Tianxie and the goblin both showed horror. How could it be very obvious that the boss’s defense would not be so low, but the goblin still did such a high injury with a lightning stroke?
"Impossible, my attack power is not so high, even if it is a crucial attack, it can’t be so high!" The goblin murmured and glanced at Lin Tianxie.
"Damn it!" Lin Tian-xie said, and a soul fire operator came out. He saw a 6+ damage coming from the big head and opened his mouth.
"No way!" The goblin shouted in surprise, followed by a look at Lin Tianxie’s weapon and found that it was not a low-order fairy. The stick face was even more surprised. "When did your attribute become so high?"
"It shouldn’t be, that is, there isn’t much upgrade to send attributes …" Lin Tianxiao said that his eyes inadvertently glanced at his beautiful weapon’ fan’ in his hand and followed his face with horror.
"Impossible, absolutely impossible, how can this happen!" Lin Tianxiao said that he carefully examined the fan attribute in his hand. At the beginning, the peerless weapon changed its name.
Rough and carefree fan (prefecture level)
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Physical attack 145
Daoist Attack 145
Physical strength +15
Power +15
Magic +15
Daoism +15
Need grade
Absorbed the soul of the immortal low-order boss and increased the crit chance by 20%!
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t think I would kill a boss when I stepped through the iron sheet, so my peerless weapon was upgraded!" Lin Tian evil. "
When I heard Lin Tianxiao’s words, the goblin seemed to reflect it and looked down at one of his weapons. Then he was all smiles. "Luck! It seems that you are really a lucky star!"
Lin Tianxiao touched the back of his head and narrowed his eyes. He glanced at the weapon in the demon’s hand and said faintly, "I didn’t expect your weapon to grow. Show me what it is!"
The goblin turned his weapon back and looked contemptuous. "Why don’t you show it to me!"
Just then, the ground suddenly shook, and then I heard a roar. Lin Tianxie and the goblin were frightened. Just now, they argued unconsciously, and now they have exposed the big guy’s anger and rushed over.
Chapter 51 insidious commander
The earth is shaking, the big guy is growling, the mace is waving, Lin Tianxie and the goblin check the big guy’s attributes for the first time, and both of them are dumbfounded when they see the big guy’s name.
Titan (heaven-class boss)
Grade 5
Blood volume 1
The children of Titan are growing up.
"I’m going to hang it like this!" Lin Tianxiao shouted and immediately summoned the skeleton younger brother to play an anti-magic and cast a cure for himself. This only brushed two and threw two poisons at the Titan.
The goblin cooperated just right. At the moment when Lin Tianxiao poisoned, his body moved quickly. When the Titan’s body turned red, a lightning trick had fallen on the Titan’s head.