Today, although it failed to free us, we found a way. When the master comes, let’s discuss it and see if there is any way for all your younger brothers to temporarily improve their skills and cut the corpse, so as to get out of trouble as soon as possible. Let’s propose a toast to our younger brother. "

Everyone’s eyes brightened when they heard it, but it soon dimmed. They knew that it was impossible, and the teacher elder sister was just comforting everyone. Even so, everyone was very happy. They all stood up and raised their glasses to propose a toast to Song Changgeng and Zhao Gongming. At that time, the atmosphere became more warm, and everyone shouted, just like the vegetable market, to vent their depression.
These people respect Song Changgeng the most. Who let this guy give hope and say no? They all point the finger at him. Now everyone is drinking more and more, getting drunk more and more, and they don’t have to work hard to sober up. They are all dizzy, red-faced, and have a big tongue, and they are drunk because they are depressed, but they are all finished with Zhao Gongming’s respect.
Because two Zhao Gongming were surrounded by three younger sisters, three girls kept chattering, and soon Bi Xiao asked, "Brother, are you two in the same mind?" It won’t be that you want to drink and he wants to eat? " This question makes Zhao Gongming laugh and cry, but the naughty little sister can’t help it. Just tell her seriously that this is a wonderful realm. They come from the same origin, but they have their own ideas.
After a while, Qiong Xiao looked worried and asked, "Brother, can you two be together?" It won’t be one going back to heaven and one going back to teach, will it? Then we are not going to separate? " Looking at the jade face she was worried about, Zhao Gongming was extremely distressed by this inarticulate and gentle sister. Although she was separated, Wensheng appealed that he would often go to see them and help both of them not to drink.
Even Yunxiao, who has always disliked talking, was full of worries and asked, "Brother, what’s wrong with you just coming here?" Why don’t you find a quiet room to stabilize? We’ll protect you, brother. Don’t worry about us. We’ll find a way when the master comes. There’s always a way. It’s better to consolidate it first. " After that, I went to tell the ethereal fairy to help me find a quiet room.
Song Chang Gung was repeatedly urged to drink wine, so he couldn’t help being overwhelmed. Seeing that two Zhao Gongming and three nights followed the ethereal fairy receded, he knew that they were looking for a quiet room to fix it. He turned to see Wen Zhong, Zhao Tianjun, Yao Tianjun and others with lonely eyes, knowing that their sealing ability was low, and they were restrained by the gods. They couldn’t practice, and their function ability remained unchanged. Cutting the corpse was even more hopeless and naturally depressed.
He couldn’t bear it, and suddenly he had an unexpected idea to laugh: "Ladies and gentlemen, stop drinking for a while and listen to me. It suddenly occurred to me that I had a strange feeling when I helped Brother Zhao to temporarily unseal the list of gods. Now I think it is very strange. I suddenly had an idea. When the master comes, we will discuss it, but you can’t chop up the corpse. If you help with the master, you can also erase the seal mark on your life’s core monuments magic weapon.
So you can practice with life’s core monuments’s magic weapon, right? In this way, although life’s core monuments’s magic weapon can’t leave the body imprisoned by the list of gods, it can cultivate and improve its strength. After a certain amount of disaster, you will naturally be true immortals. I don’t know how this idea works. Maybe it’s a hope. Don’t be depressed. Things will be solved sooner or later. Let’s drink, drink! "

Chapter seven hundred and sixteen Drinks to extrapolate
At his voice, the hall was immediately silent, and everyone was stunned by his idea. It was easy for the saint to erase the seal mark on his life’s core monuments magic weapon. After all, life’s core monuments magic weapon can practice by himself, although the degree of practice is slow, but supplemented by the abundant starlight aura in heaven, a certain amount of disaster can reach the true fairy, and so can the return of scenery.
After figuring it out, everyone couldn’t help crashing and drinking. At that time, they all stood up and gave a toast to Song Changgeng. First, his ideas were wonderful. Second, I’m afraid that his magical powers will be used then, so everyone came to propose a toast. Everyone was excited when it was noisy. Song Changgeng accompanied everyone to drink and talked a few words one by one. Everyone didn’t work hard to solve the problem. What was needed was the atmosphere.
They only woke up when they couldn’t stand it, and then continued to shout loudly. The warmer the atmosphere became, Song Changgeng became a little high. He even hugged the Virgin of Dolly and swore with her breast enhancement jade face: "Sister, when you cut the body in the future, you must tell me. I will help at once, no matter where I am!"
Notre Dame Dolly also indulged herself, and did not exercise her powers to get rid of alcohol. As a result, her face was flushed and her mind was unclear. She said with a big tongue: "Little younger brother, your mind was accepted by your sister. Don’t worry, when you really cut the body, you will be indispensable. If your sister really doesn’t repay you, I will marry you. My sister is born too white and refined, and she can’t humiliate you."
Song Chang-geng didn’t do any exercise, and his mind was a little unclear. The famous nectar in heaven was so rich and profound that he was already drunk, blushing and sticking his tongue out, saying, "Don’t worry, sister, I’ll leave you one of my wife’s positions. I must leave one. Who am I, Song Chang-geng?" Huh? Who? It’ s a spit and a pit to talk, and it’ s definitely one of the lucky ones. I promised. "
At this time, the ethereal fairy settled down for three nights. With two Zhao Gongming, everything was rearranged, and the shield and ban that had just been a little unstable by Zhao Gongming’s momentum were repaired, so it took a long time to finish. When I came in, boy, everyone was flushed and drunk, and some cuddled together and cried, and some laughed while sitting.
What’s more, Song Chang-geng actually hugged Jin Lingsheng’s mother and made out with each other. He was startled when he saw that everyone was drinking happily, and no one paid attention to them. He hurried over, patted Song Chang-geng on the shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Brother, wake up, wake up!" Don’t drink, there are still things to do, express your skills, and solve the wine, hurry up! "
Song Changgeng stared at him in a daze. Good. It took him a long time to wake up and said with a big tongue, "So it’s the ethereal fairy elder brother. Where have you been?" Why didn’t you come back? We were all waiting for you. What’s the matter? Huh? It’s the most important thing for all of us to drink, isn’t it? Come on, come on, come on, drink, drink. You’ve gone out to hide. If you can’t, you’ll be fined. You’ll have to have a few drinks. "
When the ethereal fairy struggled with him, she heard the Virgin of Dolly sticking out her tongue and saying, "Little Bird, what do you mean? Huh? Stir it up? Your sister and I didn’t even work hard to get over the hangover. Why did he work hard? Huh? What we want is this atmosphere. You are free and unfettered on earth after sealing the gods. Do you know that it is our anguish in heaven? I finally had a good time today. What are you messing with? Drink, don’t drink to clean you up. "
The ethereal fairy is really in distress situation at first sight. If these students work hard, drinking is like drinking water, which is all right. But if they don’t work hard, that’s the virtue, even the elder martial sister Jin Ling, who has always been steady. This shows how everyone is, but he understands that Zhao Gongming is the main reason for beheading the corpse, and everyone has seen the hope and disappointment, and he just took the opportunity to vent. He didn’t hear Song Changgeng just now and thought everyone was depressed.
After taking Song Changgeng’s glass, he gulped it down, knowing this now. I can’t get away from it myself. If I escape now, it will make everyone hate it later. You ran away when others were drunk, and you were not single-minded.
But he did it anyway. A magic trick was in Song Changgeng’s body, which led his skill to work automatically, and made his mind clear. He saw that his eyes were much clearer, and then he said, "Brother, hurry up and make sake, and then go out. I’ll take care of it here. There are still many things outside you. Let’s take care of the outside first. My classmates here will have time to drink later."
Song Chang Gung shook his head to wake up, knowing that what he said was excellent job. After making a ha ha with everyone, he said that he would come back to accompany them later, and then staggered out of the hall, only after passing through the ban did he wake up. After a moment’s reflection, he couldn’t help shaking his head. He really drank too much and actually wanted to be a couple with the Virgin of Dolly. Where is this? It’s true that wine can be promiscuous.
With emotion, he quickly jumped into the golden light. Moreover, he directly ran back to the mountainside palace of Xianshan in the center. After falling, he walked into the hall and saw Princess Changping, Princess Akihito and Emperor Zhu Cilang all there. Only then did he remember to greet them when he left, and then he left in a hurry, so he let them wait for himself here. I don’t know how long he waited, so I quickly greeted them to sit down.
After he sat down in the main seat, Princess Changping bowed down and said, "Master, my disciples have sent someone to check on Zhu Ciying, the Yongwang. In order to prevent him from having a chance to rebel, Zhu Cijiong, the king of Guangzhou, was dropped to join his disciples, and he will be arrested at the meeting. I wonder what the master asked us to do?"
Song Changgeng turned a little red and smiled a little embarrassed. "I’m really embarrassed about this matter. In fact, I’m just an idea. Listen, if you can, do it. If you can’t do it, forget it. I don’t like forcing people. When you do it, you must tell people that we are voluntary and I don’t want it if we don’t want it."
Several people looked at each other and didn’t know what the master was talking about. After coughing, Song Changgeng said, "In fact, I suddenly felt something. Think that I have already picked a golden fairy and stepped into the door of real immortality. I won’t have to worry about my life in the future, but in the long years to come, there will be no familiar people around me, just lonely immortality, so I came up with a way to set up a harem."
Speaking of which, he coughed again, then took the tea and tasted it. He felt his face burned. He was really embarrassed, but Changping three people all looked at him with wait for a while. The emperor Zhu Cilang tried for a long time: "Master, what does that harem mean? Won’t be like me, from the folk chose a beautiful woman as? If so, I can help. "
Song Changgeng hurriedly laughed: "It is, it is, hey, you see, it’s still kind and clever. I can understand it as soon as I say it. That’s what I mean. The hibiscus tree in my companion magic weapon’ Jade Butterfly Gourd’ can turn all kinds of life into fruit. As long as the magic weapon is not bad and the fruit is always there, I can turn it back to its original shape to relieve me when I need it, but it must be voluntary. You can’t."
Emperor Zhu Cilang nodded, 1 vigorously to ensure that there was no problem. What the master wanted was an order, which must be completed, while Princess Akihito was awkward and didn’t know what to say, but Princess Changping ignored these. She felt very painful in her heart and didn’t go into a sharp track: "Teacher, what are you doing? How can you have such an idea? What’s so good about those earthly women? Isn’t it enough for us to accompany you? "
Princess Akihito hurried to give her a hand, but she turned her sleeves away, and turned pale with anger. She looked at Song Changgeng with bursts of anger, and her eyes were full of grievances. She felt that it was enough for her master to marry, and now she was asked to help choose a beautiful woman. It was too much. Song Changgeng understood her thoughts by looking at her, and she couldn’t help but feel soft and silent.
It took a while for Wen to track: "Changping, I understand your idea, but we are mentoring, so it is insurmountable. I know your mutual affection over the years and how you have done it, but you should understand the gap between us in your heart."
Hearing the name and the gap, Princess Changping couldn’t help but feel weak and sit in the chair. She knew that she had asked for it on credit. How could the disciple and the master? I want to be with my master, so it is impossible for him not to marry anyone. After thinking about it, she gradually understood and her look gradually returned to normal. Princess Akihito advised a few words, but the emperor Zhu Cilang looked rather embarrassed.
Song Chang-geng saw that she was calm, and then she whispered, "I’ve made up my mind about this matter. Go ahead and do it. How to do it depends on your efforts. I don’t necessarily want to be a woman. I just want to have many contemporaries to accompany me in the future. You are my disciples. If you don’t have the confidence to practice immortality by your own ability, you can also go to the gourd. As an emperor, Ci Xuan can take a few favorite concubines.
Even if I give you a reward, at the same time, you tell Dingwang Zhu Cijiong this meaning. Changping, if you are willing to go to the Jade Butterfly Gourd, maybe we will have something to live in the long years, but now you have to understand that you are my apprentice and that’s all. Go! Go about your own business. I still have a lot of things here, so I won’t leave you. "
Princess Changping wanted to say something, but in the end, she said everything, but her eyes were firm. After the ceremony, she led out. When she reached the door, she suddenly stopped and whispered, "Master, I must try my best to do this well. I have no desire to seek the Tao, but I only hope to stay with my master for a long time. When it is over, I am willing to go to the Jade Butterfly Gourd and stay with my master forever."
Say that finish firmly, leaving Song Changgeng can’t help but touch his nose with a wry smile. He doesn’t know whether he did it right or not. It seems that he has been a little too indulgent recently. Perhaps there is no bondage of life and death, and he has lost a lot of care when he does things himself. But he didn’t think he did anything wrong in this matter. It is as simple as that. What he did at this level should not be excessive.
But how about thinking about what you just said and Changping’s future? This seems a bit like that. Is it a teacher-student relationship? What about earlier with the Virgin of Dolly? Sister-brother love? I don’t know if the elder martial sister remembers what happened just now when she woke up. I hope not! But he knew it was impossible, and he remembered it himself. Why don’t people remember it? It’s really scratching his head. It really is wine that can be chaotic!