"wow! It’s rare … "Dong Laoer was surprised. Then they stopped a taxi on the road and went directly to a bar in the south gate. This bar should be familiar to Dong Laoer before, and as soon as he walked in, a manager greeted him very respectfully." Dong Ge hasn’t seen you here for a long time. Are you busy at work recently? "

"Ha-ha, yes, I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve come to play with several big projects." Dong Laoer said with a smile that the manager quickly said, "Dong Ge wants a package today? My horse will help you arrange it. "
"No, don’t wrap it in a bag. What’s the point? You have to play so many beautiful women in the hall. You know, hey hey!" Dong Laoer smiled lewdly and the manager quickly got the message, "Then come with me and I’ll help you get a seat in the hall."
"Good" Dong Laoer blinked at Ye Qing, and then they followed the manager into the bar.
There are already a lot of dancing figures in the lobby of this bar. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer sat down in a central position, and then ordered a bottle of foreign wine in a shabby place. As we all know, almost all foreign wines in the bar are fake, but the price is very expensive. A bottle of foreign wine is already very deadly. Dong Laoer also said to the manager very forcefully, "I drank too much last night and now my stomach still hurts. Don’t drink too much today. I’ll bring more people to support you."
The manager nodded respectfully and said, "It’s okay, Dong Ge, you have fun. Call me directly." Then he turned and left. Ye Qing looked at the people around him curiously and said to Dong Laoer, "Did you often come to this bar before and feel that you are quite familiar with the manager?"
"That was a frequent visitor. I gave that little favor to the boss before. Pour a glass of wine and walk around. If you can see it, I’ll go first." Dong Laoer finished picking up a glass of wine and ran away. Ye Qing was very strange to this environment and seemed very restrained. Seeing Dong Laoer run away, he was a little overwhelmed. "No loyalty guy!" Ye Qing scolded 1, and then poured a glass of wine in his hand. He looked around at those swaying postures and felt a little blurred. This is a real nightlife that he has never touched before, and now he feels everything is fresh.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Su Yanbing invited
The acoustics in the bar are very shocking. The lighting is psychedelic. Ye Qing looks at a girl at the next table with a glass. The girl’s profile looks perfect. There are three tall girls together. Several men have already come over with wine and accosted the other three girls. Only Ye Qing saw this girl alone in a drink and ignored other men.
Ye Qing likes that kind of girl who is different, just like Su Yanbing did at first glance. He expected that even if he went to chat up the girl with wine, he would probably ignore it. He didn’t worry, but watched her quietly.
Dong Laoer is like a duck to water among women at this time. He used to be a rich second generation with a rich body and a very handsome temperament. Although he is a little shy in his pocket now, he pretends to be full of things and soon coax a group of girls into charming smiles.
Ye Qing still can’t let go. After observing the girl for a long time, he found that the girl looked a little lonely when she was drinking. He expected that the girl’s heart should have been hurt, maybe she was asked out by some friends to drink to relieve her worries, and it was probably the first time she came here, which made her look very conservative.
He walked up to the girl with wine in his hand and whispered, "Something on your mind?"
"What are you doing? Who are you?" The girl is very impolitely asked Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "People who come here to drink don’t ask who the other person is, right? I see that you seem to have something on your mind. Since you’re out to relieve your worries, you have to suppress yourself. Aren’t you disappointing your friends? "
The girl looked at him with a twist of her head in some surprise, and found that this guy was very tall. Yingwei had a good impression on his face and sighed, "Isn’t there a saying that it’s more worrying to drown your sorrows by drinking?"
"Then you don’t drown your sorrows by drinking. Let others drown your sorrows. Tell all the things in your heart that are depressing and unpleasant. Maybe you will feel much better. I may be incompetent in doing other things, but I must be a competent listener." Ye Qing said sincerely to the girl with an expression.
"Do you mean let me tell you?"
"Of course, do you have a better choice?"
"I’m not used to talking to strangers. I’m sorry." The girl took a sip of wine and smiled indifferently. "Haven’t you heard a word? Quarrel with your lover and talk to strangers. "
"I haven’t heard of it, but it makes sense. No one else will know if you tell your heart to a stranger, right?" The girl blinked and said, her eyes are beautiful. The whole person looks a little sad but has a different style.
"You can safely tell me that I will be the most loyal listener." Ye Qing smiled and said that the girl nodded and then cut her hair. "I am lovelorn …"
"Well, many girls come to bars to drink because they are lovelorn. I have guessed that you still have a lot to give up on your ex-boyfriend?"
"Yes, he broke up with me. I don’t even know what I did wrong. He said he didn’t like me."
"Then you should ask him if he accidentally sat on the knife."
"What do you mean?"
"Short face! Otherwise, how could you break up with a beautiful girl like you? This kind of thing is done by an ancient court manager and someone who has had surgery in Thailand! Do you know what I mean? "
"Luo Luo … you are so funny." The girl couldn’t help laughing, and then her expression became dim. "He must like someone better than me, right?"
"How is it possible! Is there anyone bet than you? " Ye Qing showed a very surprised expression. The girl smiled indifferently. "Don’t kiss up, okay? Otherwise, I will recognize that you have ulterior motives like other men. "
Ye Qing thought in a daze, "Nonsense is not ulterior motives. Who will listen to your old-fashioned lovelorn story?"
"ok, I’m really sighing." Ye Qing said and took a sip of wine. The girl was about to speak when Ye Qing’s cell phone rang. He quickly took it out and saw that it was Su Yanbing calling him. How dare he listen to the music around him here? It would immediately expose his environment, so he said sorry to the girl and then squeezed out with his cell phone.
He didn’t pick up the words until he got outside the bar. Su Yanbing complained a little, "What are you doing? Why did you take so long to pick up my words? I was almost ready to hang up." Ye Qing quickly apologized. "Sorry, I didn’t hear what you wanted to see me about?"
"Nothing can’t find you? Where are you now? "
"I … I’m at home. Why?" Ye Qing said this sentence and felt his face burned. He didn’t want to cheat Su Yanbing.
"Is there? Come out for supper. I’m in a bad mood. "Su Yanbing’s tone shows that she is very depressed.
"Is there … where can I have a snack?"
"Let’s have a barbecue here in the apartment of HKUST. Do you know that place?"
"I know, I know, then you go first and I’ll be right there."
"Don’t you come to me? Let’s go there together! "
"You … you go first. I … I have something here. I’ll come to you in ten minutes at most." Ye Qing was embarrassed and tunnel.
"Ten minutes? Then I can wait for you, or I’ll come and find you! " Su Yanbing is so-called authentic. Suddenly, his scalp is numb and he can’t wait to slap himself in the face. Why can’t he talk for ten minutes for a long time? He quickly said to Su Yanbing, "No, you go first. Let the boss bake me first. It’s just right to eat."
"Well, hurry up!"
"Well, don’t worry. I’ll be right there."
When they finished hanging up, Ye Qing immediately rushed into the bar and found Dong Laoer to pull this guy out of the group of women, and then directly stuffed him with 500 yuan. "I left in advance. You don’t order wine, but I won’t come to redeem it if you don’t have money. Take it easy, you hear?"
"All right, I’m measured, but the boss, what are you doing in such a hurry? Su Yanbing’s bed is cold at home. Do you need to warm it up? " Dong Laoer was very lewd and gave him a push "get out of here first"
Ye dumped out of the bar, took a taxi and rushed to the University of Science and Technology. When he got to the apartment of ten thousand people, he went to the barbecue, which was very cost-effective, because most of the people who were close to the school were college students, which was cheaper.
Ye Qing went outside the barbecue shop and took a look inside. Sure enough, Su Yanbing was sitting at a table on the left. He hurried in and sat in front of Su Yanbing and said with a smile, "Thank you for waiting!"
Su Yan Binglai was playing with his mobile phone. When he heard his voice, he quickly looked up and revealed a smile. "You’re still here soon. Do you drink?"
"I’ll drink … whether I drink or not …" Ye Qing wanted to talk about drinking, but he was afraid that Su Yanbing didn’t like drinking. The man immediately changed his mind and said that it was ok to drink or not. Su Yanbing couldn’t help but smile and then said, "Do you drink or not?"
"Do you like men who drink?"
"I don’t like or dislike drinking, but I don’t like men who drink too much. I just drink red wine. I think drinking is an atmosphere and you don’t need to get drunk, don’t you think?"
"Yes, you are absolutely right!" Ye Qingyi agreed in a dutiful manner. Then he looked at Su Yanbing and tentatively asked, "So … So I’ll drink?"
"A bottle of beer, don’t drink too much!" Su Yanbing put up a finger and nodded seriously, then turned around and shouted to the boss, "Boss, a bottle of beer, pure snow!" "
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three To sing
There are many snack bars such as hot pot, skewers and barbecues outside the apartment of 10,000 people in HKUST. Compared with college students, local HKUST is a comprehensive university, but there are few beautiful women in the main science and engineering institute, but some can still be seen here in the apartment of 10,000 people.
Ye Qing poured a glass of beer with a bottle, then picked up a bunch of barbecue and ate it. Su Yanbing picked up chopsticks to get the barbecue noodles into the bowl, which was very elegant. Ye Qing felt that Su Yanbing’s theory of doing everything was so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.
"What did you do just now that didn’t let me come to you?" Su Yanbing asked casually while eating, Ye Qing reacted quickly and immediately said, "The quarrel between the second child and his girlfriend is not very beautiful. I didn’t let you come over at the fight stop."
"Oh, I see."
"Yeah, and you? What is the bad mood? " Ye Qing looked at Su Yanbing and asked Su Yanbing to put chopsticks with a sigh. "That man called me again and wanted to save it, but I refused. He also scolded me a few words. Why did he scold me? I was right. He didn’t want me. Why could he scold me so confidently?"
Su Yanbing said, tears fell. Ye Qing suddenly panicked, grabbed the paper towel on the table and handed it to Su Yanbing. Then he carefully said, "Don’t cry, don’t cry, you don’t answer his words directly. There is no quality in what he does. If I meet him, I will help you teach him a lesson."
Su Yanbing wiped her eyes with a tissue and choked, "I don’t want to answer his words either. He’s a strange number. I didn’t know it was him, so I picked him up. His swearing was really ugly. If I had known he was such a person, I wouldn’t have paid attention to him at all."
"Forget it, it’s all over. Fortunately, you have got rid of him." Ye Qing comforted Su Yanbing and shook his head. "I don’t think he can get rid of me. I guess he will come to my house to find me this time when he scolded me. He said in his words, let me be careful. Ye Qing really can do anything. I’m a little scared."
"How dare he!" Ye Qingbi drank a lot angrily, and everyone around him couldn’t help turning to look at him. He quickly smiled awkwardly at those people. "Sorry, I’m excited." Then he whispered to Su Yanbing, "If he dares to come, tell me that I won’t beat him into a transformers."
"If he comes, will I have a chance to inform you?" Su Yanbing worried tunnel
"That how to do? Why don’t you tell me where he is now? I’ll teach him a lesson first and then warn him not to come to you. "Ye Qing clenched his fist and was very excited. Su Yanbing waved his hand." I don’t know where he is. I mean, can you move to my place for a while first? "
Su Yanbing immediately bowed his head when he finished this sentence, and obviously felt that this kind of words was disrespectful. Ye Qing heard Zheng and immediately felt a surge of ecstasy in his heart and then quickly said, "When … of course! Is it so convenient? I … I’m afraid I’ll mess up your house. "