Yes, it is. If Johnson is strong at this time, he will swear. He will point to Lin Tianxiao’s nose and scold him. If he doesn’t play and kill like this, he will die. His head will drop a big scar, but Lin Tianxiao will cut off his grandson. If this is not a game, it is estimated that Johnson will really waste Rao. So Johnson also hurts and doesn’t even have the strength to swear!

"Hem hem …"
It was a long time before Lin Tianxiao heard a hum coming from Johnson’s mouth! Maybe you will ask Lin Tianxiao not to be so stupid. Why don’t you kill Johnson when the other party has been kicked to the ground by yourself? Don’t Lin Tianxiao want to carry forward the spirit of fairness and justice? It seems that Johnson has lost his moral integrity since he met him!
Actually, I can’t blame Lin Tianxie. He also wanted to kill Johnson. He put him down himself. It’s a good time to kill him. After all, Johnson killed his own target.
However, just after Lin Tianxiao put a back-type coquettish leg to good use, he received a unified indication.
"Five words floating in the sky made the player attack his opponent by improper means for three minutes. It is forbidden to attack his opponent. If he commits another crime, he will be punished by imprisonment for three days!"
That’s why Lin Tianxiao didn’t make a move. He stared at the ground and trembled. Johnson Lin Tianxiao kept reading the seconds. Now 140 seconds have passed, and 32 seconds can solve Johnson himself!
However, in the last ten seconds, Johnson frowned. His right hand covered his crotch and his left hand pointed to Lin Tianxiao’s nose and scolded, "Falk, you are a dirty trick. This is not chivalry. I will punish you!"
"Go to Nima and die for me!"
As soon as Lin Tianxiao roars, he immediately kills Johnson with his dragon sword, because three minutes have finally passed, and it’s more time to wait until he doesn’t kill!
Johnson scolded Falk again and immediately hid to one side while shouting "Kill him for me!" " Immediately, I stayed on the side, and the blazing angel didn’t know where to get a big sword and roared at Lin Tianxiao. "I represent justice, and I will send you back to hell on behalf of my Lord to die!"
The blazing angel’s wings were instantly blocked in front of Lin Tianxiao, and at the same time, the big sword in his hand immediately split into Lin Tianxiao, and a white light appeared, and the light set on the big sword seemed so dazzling.
A red blood blade appeared instantly blazing angel sword to block up at the same time, the blood blade rushed out of a blood mans white light confrontation.
Blood chop is the ghost dragon small four holding blood chop rushed out, blood chop blazing angel sword collided together at the same time, Lin Tianxiae ear to ghost dragon small four figure "boss this bird man to me, you kill that man, I also felt a little hate in him"
Lin Tian evil heart one leng followed white come over why Johnson will have a blazing angel pet, it must be that he chose the light camp to have a light breath to have a blazing angel pet.
Very quickly, it was like a gust of wind. Lin Tianxie killed Johnson again with the dragon sword. Johnson had already picked up his big sword and rushed away when Lin Tianxie rushed.
The weapons in the hands of the two men kept colliding with clusters of Mars, and they kept appearing like meteors. Lin Tianxie never made immortal skills because he felt that Johnson was definitely more than this strength, otherwise Johnson would not be so powerful. Besides, the other party never showed his skills!
Chapter 263 Are you a monkey sent to tease? middle
Both of them tried to find an opportunity to beat each other, but no one found it! Now the battle between the two men has entered a stalemate, and you have fought for thousands of moves with each other, and there is no difference!
And another battle, Ghost Dragon Xiaosi and Blazing Angel, have already flown to the high place, and the strong strong breeze constantly blows over two completely different smells, which instantly permeates dozens of meters in Fiona Fang. If you look at it from the ground, it is like two extreme black balls and white balls colliding together, you generally want to overwhelm each other, but no one can resist anyone!
"You are evil. You are Satan. You are a devil from hell. I want to destroy you on behalf of light!" The blazing angel shouted with anger, and at the same time, a white firm but gentle spirit went straight to the ghost dragon small four body.
"Go to your sister, you are birds and hermaphrodites. If you don’t have that, just die for me, you hypocrites who call themselves light messengers!" Ghost dragon small four also not to be outdone lambasted a hand blade directly hew out a bloody white firm but gentle hit together.
Scratching sound constantly in the half-explosive blood chop that’s The Hunger magic weapon, although it is now a weapon refined from debris, but the strength is not underestimated, especially The Hunger has become possessed, which is even more powerful than in its weapon.
Similarly, the blazing angel is a middle-level leader in the divine world, except that he is the archangel and the king of God. It can be said that the blazing angel is the backbone of the divine world, and the number of blazing angels directly affects the development and decline of the divine world, and the blazing angels are already very powerful.
The ghost dragon small four is absolutely top-notch, but it is a slave who has come back from the dead and belongs to the category of the underworld. However, if she is definitely the dominant material in the underworld, it is a pity that he will become very strong and develop badly, and he will also fall with the underwater boat. However, the ghost dragon small four is a god after all, although he comes out from the underworld, he is definitely a leader in the underworld.
Two people are you, one tiger, one tiger, and I won’t let anyone, but two tigers are killed in one mountain before they can decide who is in charge in this day!
"Light chop!"
A more dazzling light rises in the blazing angel holding up the big sword as if to break through this world and go straight to the outside of the cloud nine. A strong light breath suddenly appears, which suppresses the black momentum a little bit. The blazing angel is more proud than the Lord God in his heart. That is high or enemy. No one can go against the will of the Lord God to destroy all the darkness in the world and let the light return to the earth!
You are stronger than me, and I am stronger than you. Ghost Dragon Xiaosi held high the blood drink and roared "Blood coagulation!" "
A deep red knife rises to the sky, and the deep red knife is sharper than if it were separated. It usually makes people look directly at a strong evil, which quickly converges to the black ball. With this evil, the black ball once again pushes the ball back, and the two sides have once again entered a stalemate.
Lin Tianxiae Johnson collided again and again. Finally, Johnson couldn’t help but shout, "You are strong. You are better than all my opponents. You are the first person in return engagement. I was deeply attracted by this game when I first saw you use your big moves to kill millions of people. It can be said that I joined this game because I was attracted by you. Many people are your goals to play this game crazily. You are a strong enemy!"
I didn’t expect Johnson to say such a passage, which surprised Lin Tianxiao. He really didn’t know when he would let them know. Did his heroic deeds come to the ears of’ crooked nuts’?
"It’s my pleasure to have someone like you!"
"Ah, bah, you’re the monkey who sent you to tease Billy. When did I say I admire you? I was attracted by this game setting. It just happened that you put this setting to good use!"
"Fuck you, this is the rhythm of death!"
Lin Tianxiao didn’t expect to be teased twice. Since the other party wants to die, be him! With the dragon sword, I intend to use my one hundred percent strength to kill Johnson, but as soon as I took a step, Lin Tianxie stopped. The big sword in Johnson’s hand has disappeared and replaced it with a thin sword and a shield!
Cu frowned. Lin Tianxiao was puzzled. Shield didn’t expect this Johnson to be a defensive counterattack knight. It seems that he really underestimated him!
Suddenly Johnson quickly rushed over, and the rapier in his hand stabbed out at the edge of the shield like a snake.
Lin Tianxiao naturally hid for a while. At this time, Johnson shouted, "Wait, now is the seal of justice!"
The Seal of Righteousness fills you with the holy light, so that your melee attack can cause 9% weapon damage to all targets within the code range.
Seeing the rapier in Johnson’s hand suddenly shocked, a holy light fell from the sky and directly filled Johnson’s body. Then he saw dozens of rapiers spread instantaneously, but there was a step distance. However, this step distance directly caused Lin Tianxiao to lose nearly 90% of his blood.
As soon as Lin Tianxiao heard Johnson shouting, he immediately retreated, because there was a strange throbbing danger in his heart. This was the first feeling of Lin Tianxiao’s heart rising and throbbing. He retired quickly because he was alert, and his blood volume was lost by 90%
Several rapiers were cut directly at Lin Tianxie, which was not a split or a stab, but a vertical push, which was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, when these rapiers passed through Lin Tianxie’s body, Lin Tianxie’s blood volume floated out of five in a row. That’s not all. At this time, Lin Tianxie was only seven steps back.