But the idea was dismissed by them the next day.

When they passed by the school lotus pond, they saw Xiao Nan sitting in the pavilion with a girl, talking and laughing, and they felt very close.
"Darling, people have girlfriends yesterday, and that logic doesn’t hold." Liu Xing gave a hand and waved away that terrible idea.
Qiao Yun took a deep breath. "Then why did he tell me to stay away from Mo Ran? If he wasn’t jealous of Mo Ran, there was no reason to do so."
Liu Xing realized again, "I almost forgot that Mo Ran is an idol in their circle. Xiao Nan is a god-class idol. Can you think that you are a stumbling block when you study financial mapping and go out with other idols?"
"-it’s because of my brother’s face that I’m embarrassed to say it."
Such a thought makes sense to Qiao Yun.
It is no secret that he and Mo Ran are really close.
"You’re the fucking stumbling block. Don’t talk without metaphor." Qiao Yun punched Liu Xing in the chest.
Liu Xing immediately screamed, "Can you change your chest-beating problem so that you will be surprised to see that I have to go into the refrigerator again?"
Qiao Yun smiled and never crossed Liu Xing.
Just after walking here, someone called, "Why are you two waiting for me at the school gate?"
Chapter 74 Chapter 74
I don’t know if it’s because of Liu Xing’s talk. Qiao Yun is in a particularly good mood.
Turn around and smile at Ivan. "Sister Liu Xing bullied me."
Evian went from Qiao Yun to Liu Xing, one by one, and glared at each other. "You two are just dogs who can’t see what they want when they see sheep, but they will pinch when they see them."
"Aye aye, that’s not right. Qiao Yun just hit me." Liu Xing mumbled and went to help Ivan get his brain.
"I saw that neither of you saved the oil lamp" Ivan chuckled gently "Let’s go. Today’s game is my last one, so play hard"
Back to the game, Qiao Yun entered the state in a second.
"Today is a sword fight with an old rival."
"Well, any ideas?"
The three of them walked and chatted.
Qiao Yun said, "Relying on the sword can stabilize the position of the second gang in the whistling area, and relying on the core figure of relying on the sword day, my idea is that we will kill the sword day alone this time and keep an eye on him."
Ivan nodded. "Zhou Yi Jian Gang won the White Tiger Pirates’ Group by a narrow margin of 3-95. It is reasonable to say that the strength of the White Tiger Pirates’ Group is far less than that of Yi Jian. How can it score such a close score?"
Liu Xing then asked, "Could it be that we think too much, maybe their strength has regressed?"
Qiao Yun shook his head. "It’s impossible. I’ve played against the sword many times, and my strength is not empty. It’s hard not to let me doubt that they are putting smoke bombs."
Ivan laughed otherwise and looked at the two. "You all think too much. It is reported that the Sword-leaning Sect may be dissolved."
"dismissed?" Two people have different opinions.
"I mean, maybe," Ivan said. "I met a demon when I was catching the baby. She said that Yi Jian Tian wanted to take the competition prize for herself. This made a big fuss. There were thirty-six people in the weekly competition, and the White Tiger Pirates Group was fifty people."
Qiao Yun asked, "Swallow the bonus by leaning on the sword? Isn’t this digging your own grave? Besides, it’s not certain whether they can get the bonus or not. Their help is too mindless. "
Ivan shrugged slightly. "I don’t know if Yi Jian Tian has this idea, or if they help people, Reagan won’t believe this gang leader’s help. It’s not a matter of time before the group disbands."
Liu Xing suddenly slapped Qiao Yun’s shoulder and laughed. "Joe Wang shows how trustworthy you are in the hearts of the ethereal gang. Don’t drop the chain and come on and kill them all."
The three of them went to the cafe to meet Jiminghao and talked and laughed with the two.
Liu Xing took the lead in greeting "Hao Ge, here we come"
When Ji Minghao heard the sound, he turned back. "Why did you wait for you for half an hour?"
Qiao Yun pulled his left hand over the most chair and casually took out his brain.
Liu Xing and Ivan sat next to him on the left and right.
"Let me introduce you." Qi Minghao pulled out his Maitreya smile. "These three are awesome people."
"I know these three people." Jiminghao was interrupted by one of the girls as soon as his voice fell.
When Qiao Yun heard this in his brain, he lifted the girl opposite his eyelids. He was sure he had never seen it.
The girl smiled and lifted her jaw and said, "Opposite me is the new school grass Qiao Yun. On the left, this is Liu Xing on the school face list. This beautiful woman is the daughter of the two-time school flower president Ai Yun."
"-really awesome are C big man of the hour"
Qiao Yun fingers a lecture. Who is this man?
Chapter 75 Chapter 75
Just when he guessed that the other party might be Li Meng, Ivan smiled gently.
"Li Meng’s classmates are not bad, and the sophomore broadcast flowers are also very popular."
Is Li Meng, Qiao Yun eyelid jump quickly pull the line of sight back.
This movement was instantly captured by Li Meng. She bent down slightly and said wittily, "I mean, you three are the ones who help us … Little clouds, meteor, and Ivan."
"What is to remove the word ba?" Ji Minghao is a big heart. "It’s that the three of them are amazing."
Li Meng wears a high ponytail, looks sweet, and stoops with his hands on his back, which is even more playful and lovely.
"Then guess, everyone, who is this next to me?"
As soon as the words fell, the girl next to her pulled Li Meng’s clothes and said, "Don’t be so convergent."
This girl is much more shy than Li Meng.