Zhang Zhaihao has been at the peak of three championships in WCGESWC Blizzard Invitational Tournament.

What else do you need to avoid?
I can’t understand things. VIGOS always wants to understand them.
But after so many years, although VIGOS has been to China personally, his wife Kelly feels a little frequent.
But VIGOS still didn’t find Zhang Zhaihao.
But Zhai Hao has always been Zhang Zhaihao in VIGOS’ eyes, no matter his ID or name.
This surname represents a period of the past, VIGOS, a DOA superstar in the same era as Zhai Hao, and he will never forget it.
When the children at the curtain dining table in Kailila laughed and called their father, Christmas snowflakes fluttered and fell in Cologne, a city that was slightly classical in the wave of modernization.
The fire in VIGOS’s house reflects a happy family dinner in VIGOS’s convenient window, and the clock in Cologne Cathedral is still moving slowly behind the fire.
Cologne Cathedral, that is, St. Petersburg Cathedral, slowly knocks at midnight and falls asleep. The laughter and joy of Cologne night will be deposited in the time stamp and become another year’s memory.
"I’m going to be one year older. I don’t know if we can be enthusiastic when we meet you for the first time."
This is VIGOS’s last thought when he saw Kelly sleeping in his chest on Christmas Eve.
At this time, the sky was just a fish-belly grey, and a car in J City slowly pulled out of the garage of the wave Internet cafe in the first snow in J City.
A lot can happen in two months.
From ZGDYD’s sweeping gesture to getting a ticket to Cologne, it’s been two months since we set off, so that the elderly EH had a rare leisure time in EH.
In addition to having a family, Mu Feng and Lao K sometimes go back and forth between the family and Nanjing EH Department.
Others, such as Zhai Hao, Xiaoshi, Calyx and Luo Sheng, are slowly adjusting their state in EH.
Ladder, black, BN
Play all you can, play all you can.
Returning to EH Mi Wei not only made the confused EH team win the G League in a row, but also set up a unique recovery training for these old players with rusty fingers.
What makes Zhai Hao vomit blood most is QQ dazzle dance.
Dancing QQ with a bunch of non-mainstream people …
Having reached the age of uncles, Zhai Hao and Luo Shengzhen expressed great pressure.
It’s a little stone and MuFeng, a happy little man show man and a bunch of little girls and rotten women who are very happy.
Zhai Hao didn’t want to give these old friends a lot of training immediately.
But the fact is that Zhai Hao almost didn’t wear pants when he played the ladder for one day and went to the bathroom the next day.
This massive training program will be stillborn.
However, Mi Wei is reviving everyone’s state step by step.
An hour of training, an hour of playing and an hour of fighting.
Change every week
Occasionally, I played WAR3.
EH, these old people have no doubt about Zhai Hao’s nodding training plan, because Zhai Hao is also doing it like himself.
And after listening to Mi Wei’s opinion, Zhai Hao didn’t practice for himself at ordinary times.
Two months of unified training until the week resumed six hours of training a day. Finally, when the ladder rushed for 2,200 minutes, they announced that the two-month training period had come to an end temporarily.
Then there is a week of free activities.
Xiaoshitou and Luosheng’s old bachelor naturally stay in the last post of EH to give EH newcomers a good year.
Including newcomers, meals are being practiced in Xiaoshitou and Luo Sheng.
EH top clubs are still very good at training newcomers.