Vera heard that although Nolon didn’t ask for gold coins directly, if you think about it carefully, you can find that these things are very strong resources. For Alice Philo, who is poor, the resources are more than ten million gold coins. But what the hell are the three white elf female orphans who are pure in the end? Does Nolon like a little girl who hasn’t grown up so much?

(Don’t say that Margaret is 30 years old. If she is 20 years old, there are almost no pure girls among the white elves.)
Calculate a result. When Leonardo gritted his teeth, he thought that the white elves had given him a sacrifice to feed the dog in recent years. "You wait for me, and I’ll let the body deliver the things."
It didn’t take long for Leonardo to throw a ring full of epic to Vera. After the latter’s inspection, three ignorant white elf girls were sent here, and they were afraid and at a loss. They left Titan.
"Well done, Nolon." Vera threw the ring to Nolon with a cold face and a ha ha smile. "But I don’t care how many women you have around you, but if one day you annoy Ellie because of this kind of thing, be careful of your own life."
Very upset, the royal elder sister waved Margaret, Nolon and the three white elves back to Ellie’s temple.
On the other side, Nolon watched three lovely white elf girls coming back with herself and Margaret, and looked at the aggressive Ellie with a wry smile.
Chapter 52 Cover ()
(Thanks to’ Lost Love’ and’ Winter Lass’ for the reward)
Fortunately, in the face of the angry Elinor Long, she said,’ These are all ready to give away’ and calmed her anger.
"Give it away?" Ellie crooked a little.
"Yes," Nolon pointed to the foreheads of the three white elves. "Don’t you think this is a slave mark? After this completion, we can prepare to build a temple to recruit believers and professionals. White elf slaves are valuable in the human empire, but they are nothing to the elf Lord God. This time, I asked the elf Lord God for three and sent them out at the right time. Maybe I can send a big show. "
"Really?" Ellie nodded. "That’s no problem, but let’s deal with these three white elves without revealing our secret."
More importantly, I can’t let these three white elves go, Nolon Aili’s secret technique put all three frightened white elves into a coma and patted their hands. "Well, Nolon, I will cast spells on them regularly to prevent them from starving, so let them stay in the corner of the temple."
With a wry smile, Nolon moved the three sleeping white elves to the corner before telling Ellie about what had just happened.
"… so Margaret and I got a lot of resources from Leonardo, and it’s all in this ring."
Because the temple is full of puppets, there is really no place for such a large number of resources, and Nolon just keeps them in the ring and sometimes takes them out.
Ellie took the ring and went in to look at it. She was satisfied and returned it to Nolon. "Not bad. It’s really worthy that Nolon actually got so many things from a Lord God. Margaret, you are doing very well."
In the face of Ellie’s praise of Nolon, she smiled casually, while Margaret knelt down with a serious face. "Thank you for your praise, but this time I did it according to the instructions of Nolon’s predecessors, and there is nothing worthy of praise. It is really ashamed of the expectations of the gods."
How did she keep such a strict attitude towards life among the white elves? Nolon looked at herself and bowed her head. Margaret waved at Ellie, who didn’t know what to do. "No, actually, the main contribution this time is to Margaret. If it weren’t for Margaret’s identity, we wouldn’t be able to get so much from the elf Lord God. Just accept Ellie’s appreciation!"
Looking at Margaret’s refusal, Nolon pretended to be angry and frowned. "What, are you going to question Ellie?"
"I dare not!" Margaret looked up at Nolon and Ellie and didn’t choose to continue arguing.
Oh, my God, why is it so difficult to deal with my third god? The novice god Aili Sauce scratched his head in distress and said to Margaret who was still kneeling, "Get up, Margaret. I am not a strict god. Although you are very strict with yourself, it is better to relax in front of your own people."
"… is the god’s adult" Margaret hesitated for a moment and finally should come.
"Margaret will live in the temple until we get back to Caron City," Nolon said after a while. "It’s just the right time to familiarize Margaret, Alice and Bobby with one person’s wisdom and three people’s wisdom. You can also discuss how to make our Alice Philosopher name famous and attract more believers and professionals to join us."
With that, Nolon left the temple and reappeared in the auction house with a wave of fluctuation.
It was very late, and most of the roadside owners had already closed their stalls. Nolon also followed the map in his mind and walked out of the auction house in the left city of Haibang and returned to the Harpoon Hotel.
The innkeeper was asleep at this time, and Nolon simply flashed into the hotel and went back to his room to rest.
The next day, while his wanted order had not been checked out quickly by Nolon, he swept through several major pharmacies in Haibang and bought everything back and decisively sent it back to the little Terran.
"It’s true that these things are" Kara smiled with relief when she saw that Nolon finally finished once. "It’s really hard for you, Nolon. You can pay for these remaining gold coins."
When the system is completed, the experience is directly distributed, but the reward gold coins need to be collected by Nuolong himself. For example, the gold coins left over from this medicine purchase are Nuolong’s rewards, and the caravan was not rewarded because Nuolong did not settle in the temple of the goddess of wealth.
In the past month, Nuolong has lived a full life. At ordinary times, he usually kills a few monsters in the mountains and goes to several villages to help. When he is free, he practices Titan’s martial arts. It’s fast. Today is the departure day of the Terran.
"Mel, are all the men of letters and materials here?" Kara’s face is no longer a kind smile when facing Nolon at ordinary times, but dignified and solemn and said to several people.
"Forty villages with thousands of people have to be transferred, and a total of 101,463 people have arrived. The materials have also been carried by several adults, and the people have received half a month’s rations and enough clothes." This is the highest person in charge of the first sacrifice of the Melvin small people to Kara, the demigod.
"Are the remaining Dalkan people all arranged?" When we started this topic, everyone’s face showed a heavy expression.
"Everything is ready, and a total of 6,742 people who volunteered to leave the cover have also taken their own actions."
"Really?" Kara was silent for a moment and got up from her seat. "The message from the Beradian Imperial Heavy Horse Corps has been prepared at the border. It’s about two days’ journey from here. Now I order the small Terran members to start immediately!"
"Yes!" n