"wow! It’s rare … "Dong Laoer was surprised. Then they stopped a taxi on the road and went directly to a bar in the south gate. This bar should be familiar to Dong Laoer before, and as soon as he walked in, a manager greeted him very respectfully." Dong Ge hasn’t seen you here for a long time. Are you busy at work recently? "

"Ha-ha, yes, I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve come to play with several big projects." Dong Laoer said with a smile that the manager quickly said, "Dong Ge wants […]

What could be worse?

Yes! Operation Lilina answered this question! When the angel’s aura was broken and released, golden grains appeared all over the sky in the sky. Lilina waited a little and then […]

Physical attack 22

Daoism +1 Defence +2 Moyu +2 Skill level +1 when performing Youlong footwork. Increase your own defense by 50% Need a professional fairy Level 6 is required Need Daoism 1 […]

It is said that Chu Fei still placed considerable hopes on the mutant skeleton Xiaojin when it was just the birthplace, but it is a pity that it has many restrictions. Now it has evolved for three times. The mutant skeleton Xiaojin still controls senior demons. Otherwise, which one is not a powerful demon, the former warlord demon or the hellsiege beast? Unfortunately, Xiaojin is the method to control him. It is better to find the strongest species of some intermediate demons to replace the golden skull.

This infernal banshee chosen by Chufei lies in the fact that the curse she can cast can only deepen and weaken the damage. Chufei can also cast it herself, but […]