"This ….. boss, what should we do? Do you want to continue? " Knowing that it was half a ring after the dress left, Sunspots got the nerve to ask for instructions from Tang Qing.

"Ask a fart!" Tang Qing gave him a vicious stare and said, "Idiot, this has nothing to do with us at all. People are trustworthy. You are responsible for asking something you shouldn’t know!"
"That this priest …" Shuairen also saw something.
"Cut the flag!" Tang Ye replied grumpily: "Ade is operating the knife!"
Gore was blindsided when he heard this. That’s great. People didn’t even ask questions. For a moment, he couldn’t care less about anything. He shouted, "You can’t kill me. I’m the high priest, and the Lord’s adult is marching soon. If you … you kill me, all of you will die!"
"Fuck you!" Tang Ye denounced, lifted his foot and stepped down.

Chapter 100: Swear to the Dragon
This year, the winter in Panlongling came a little earlier than in previous years. It seems that in order to witness the performance of a big drama, before winter, the snowflakes all over the sky can’t wait to fall from the sky and cover the eyelids of passers-by.
The first snow lasted more than ten days. The roads in the mountains became impassable, and the monster beast became more fierce and manic because of lack of food.
Originally the caravan began to reduce the frequency of travel, even HanYong mercenaries, also reluctant to desperate Shan Ye at this time. Without enough guards, leaving the land where human beings gather means dancing with death.
The winding and roaring Qinhuai water began to become quiet and gradually turned into a winding long mirror, reflecting the life and death in the world. Ordinary humans and monsters have been able to walk freely between the two sides of the strait. From the air, we will find black spots appearing on the river from time to time, holding iron guns to pierce the ice layer and test the thickness stress in different areas.
Occasionally, two or more black spots meet each other and blend together. A few shouts and screams, one side fell and the other side moved on. Only a few purples are left, which are adorned on the bright and clean surface like the cheeks of a girl painted with rouge, and are as delicate and beautiful as plum blossoms.
The bodies left behind will soon have all kinds of monsters and birds with outstanding sense of smell and vision rushing to share food, screaming and moaning several times, and a song of life falls to the last syllable.
The dragon plate in winter is full of cold breath, and the chill in the air seems to be getting thicker and thicker, even the blood seems to be frozen.
However, today is an exception. Today is the formation day of the Longpan Guards, and it is also the swearing-in meeting before the war. The new county magistrate Tang Qing, who is well known to everyone in Longpan, is roaring and roaring on the top of the light, exploding over the whole Jiuding like rolling thunder.
Even the falling snowflakes seem to feel the anger and flame contained in this roar, hesitating and fearing until they stop.
A high platform was built in the middle of Guangmingding. Only one side of the high platform was embroidered with the banner of an eight-claw golden dragon and a scaffold. Gathered around all the existing giants and soldiers of Longpan, with five hundred spike in the center, and Li Tang sunspot Ronaldinho riding a night wolf in the front row. The 3,000 guards are divided into left and right sides, and further outside, there are 5,000 reserve players. Godsworn team is led by ShuaiShuai and Song Yanfei standing on the other side of the tower, and Tang Qing leads all high-level people in Longpan to stand in the air. The outermost layer is the ordinary people living in this area, with tens of thousands of them.
This arrangement was designed by Tang Ye himself. Speaking of it, this fake county magistrate really knows how to use people. Some people help him stand firmly in the air without paying a trace of spiritual strength.
"People of Longpan, today is the day when the Longpan Guard was formally established, and it is also the day when you changed from dogs to people!"
Tang Qing’s opening remarks directly surprised the eyes, but he seemed to have no sleep and continued to speak with a smile.
"Look at your appearance, and what’s the difference between a dog! In the land of Panlong, the population of the three countries is quantitative, and the dragon plate is the largest; Compared with the armed forces of the three countries, monks have always been recognized as superior, and the reputation of the refined body is spread all over the continent; Among the three kingdoms, the empire has always regarded orcs as barbarians and Java as a place of exile; Don’t say Tianducheng in the empire, just take it out of any county and city, and it can be regarded as the capital in other countries. The Chena Empire is recognized as one of the great powers in Highland! "
"Look at you, as the people of the empire, live into a what appearance! Dogs are not as good as! "
"How many years, foreign bandits can freely in and out of your home, how many men were killed, women were humiliated, children were sold! How many caravans were robbed! How many alchemists were killed by orc soldiers and how many monks were taken by wizards? "
"Know what you are called now? The people are called slaves, and the exercisers are called sick men. What about monks? Male cultivation is the source of soul, and female cultivation is the furnace tripod! "
"How can you live? How do you deserve to live? Why don’t you go to hell! "
Under the stage, the heavy breathing was clearly audible. Needless to say, even the monks’ team was stimulated by this poisonous tongue, and their eyes were red. This is indeed the case. The power pattern of two thousand years has created the traditional thinking of protecting our sanity if it has nothing to do with ourselves. Now Longpan is indeed the weakest among the three countries.
Only the Spike players still don’t change their faces, they don’t have this shame, and their minds are more determined. Since I followed the leader into the Dragon Plate, Spike has been invincible, and all the bandits fled on the news. If external threats are not taken into account, today’s Dragon Pan can already be called a paradise, and it is recognized as a mainstay by the people today.
Guards are different. They have been practicing crazily all the time since the day they were recruited. Their strength has improved, but the tyrannical gas accumulated in their hearts can’t be vented. Every soldier knows that long-term boring and strict training will drive people crazy. Today’s guards are eager to shed their blood on the battlefield.
How can you exercise without blood, and whose man is not passionate!
At this moment, Tang Qing will violently tear the scars buried deep in their hearts, completely exposing the covered flesh and blood, conscience, helplessness and pain. How can we not let these men who are already full of mania be angry!
The sense of discipline that has been rooted in the blood makes them unable to move. All of them are breathing heavily, their eyes are red, and their weapons are tight, loose and tight.
Monks are not much better. These people are far from being centered. In fact, even Johnson, who has been practicing for thousands of years, has no passion at all! No, it’s not. It’s just that you’re not motivated enough.
Shuai Ren is still in a cloud-light amorous feelings. On such an important occasion, Xiao Shuai consciously converges his temperament, and his white dress is like a monk’s example. Song Yanfei can’t, because she is taller than Shuai Ren, which is a far cry from her mind. On weekdays, it was quiet and comfortable. I was excited by Tang Qing’s words, and then I thought about my experience since I became a monk. It seems that I have done nothing but practice! Where did you learn to live like this?
She is like this, and the other monks are even worse. The immortals who were scolded to pieces glared at Tang Qing, but they were silent. Since the contest with Howard, Tang Qing’s strength has been recognized. You dare not provoke, but expect to vent your anger on the enemy.
Tang Qing doesn’t care what these people think, he bursts with poison words like a flame, just as the crowd in front of him is not his Ministry, but it seems to be an enemy of life and death.
"That’s right! The Covenant of the Three Kingdoms prevents Longpan from stationing troops, and no one gives you hard money to defend your country. As long as you can survive, why worry about others? That’s what you’ve always thought, and it wasn’t wrong! "
"But this situation is not long, the Covenant of the Three Kingdoms is fair. Don’t think that the empire has wronged you and abandoned you! It’s you who didn’t plant it, and it’s you who are ashamed! "
"But after all, you are still human beings, people who are the spirits of all things! Besides living, everyone should have something different, that is, dignity and glory! Memory and conscience! "
"Now you can feel these doesn’t matter, even look down upon. But don’t forget, people will die! Of the tens of thousands of people standing here today, how many will survive a hundred years later? Tang Ye wants to ask you, what will you tell your children and grandchildren when you are old? When you die, what should you tell your ancestors? "
"Are you going to tell your children and grandchildren that you have been hiding like a weasel all your life and finally survived! Are you going to tell your ancestors that the homeland they once defended with their blood has become a hunting ground and a place of pleasure for the enemy? "
"Touch your heart, do you have any evidence that you can say out loud that you are a’ person’? What’s the difference between you and the dead? What’s the difference between you and the monster beast? "
The continuous roaring is quite exhausting. With a sad face, Tang Ye said softly, "The county heard about this situation before coming to Longpan, and there is a question that has always puzzled me."
"Longpan how can there be so many people? How come you all have the face to live? I still live a delicious life! "
Just like the gentle whispers between lovers, they dig more hearts than the roar in front. Many people have tears on their faces, not because of sadness, but because they are ashamed and angry.
"Now, the opportunity to wash away the shame has come, and God has given you a chance to turn over a new leaf!"
While rejoicing in my heart that I had experienced red education, Tang Qing continued to perform.
"Everyone knows that the orcs, our old rivals, are coming. Two thousand years ago, the empire paid millions of soldiers and a pillar of the town and country for a thousand years of comfort! Today you will have the opportunity to prove to your opponents once again that this is not only their tomb, but also their hell! It is the forbidden capital that they can never run wild, dare not be arrogant, and are not allowed to be arrogant! "
"Within the empire, the dragon is the surname of the emperor, symbolized by the dragon. In Highland, all imperial people, whether monks, alchemists or mortals, are called the sons and grandchildren of the dragon! What is called Panlong in this place? This son of a bitch is actually called Longpan! "
"Now, the county announced on behalf of the empire, changed its name here. From today, it is no longer Longpan County, but changed its name to Yanlong! Anyone who enters without permission will be killed without forgiveness! Empires don’t just go to other people’s places to bully people. But anyone who wants to bully us here will kill him, son of a bitch! "
"Have you seen him?" Tang Qing pointed to Gore on the high platform and took the credit for himself without shame: "This county tells you that this guy is a priest and a high priest. Come here to spy on the military situation, and now you tell me whether this guy will kill or not! "
"Kill … kill … kill …"