And Yang Ye was able to see the boss action and his hiding place-just in front of a small garbage dump.

When Yang Ye, at the front of the team, slowly passed by this garbage dump, it was already red, and there was no movement in the garbage dump. Yang Ye Nai could move on, but the pace had slowed down. Out of the corner of his eye, he kept an eye on boss for a moment …
After Yang Ye, Taotao walked leisurely without any tension, and the boss didn’t move him either.
Then came the archer orange, and the same boss didn’t move.
Then there is the holy shepherd-luminous … to be continued.
Chapter 212 Tong
"bang! !”
Wu Di’s side is less than half a person’s high garbage dump, and suddenly the objects are blown and broken, and the dust is scattered, and a slightly crazy sound comes out of the smoke.
"Jie jie die! !”
At the same time, a pair of withered paws attacked Wu Di’s neck very fast!
To say that Wu Di has been playing games for many years, what profession has the old player never played? What game didn’t happen? At the beginning, there was no such good game equipment, and all of them could operate with a bang, and the characters were fierce and agile. Now it is still a virtual reality equipment.
It’s okay to hide, right?
So thinking about preparing Wu Di immediately, his eyes are fiercely, his legs are shaken, and he vigorously rushes to the ground to have a strong reaction, and directly pushes his body towards the back quickly, so there should be no problem, right?
Unfortunately, Wu Di was wrong.
After all, he underestimated the speed of the crazy doctor Longla. His backward jump speed is faster than Longla’s! It’s like a monkey, a man’s arm stretched out and suddenly freed himself from the smoke and rushed to Wu Di, while Woody was in the middle of the school.
"Finished" Wu Di’s heart sank, which must be finished
All of a sudden, a light ring sounded into my ears, and there was no choking sensation. Wu Di was curious. He settled his body and opened his eyes to the front. The crazy doctor Longla had long since disappeared, and the dust was constantly mixed, indicating that the former crazy doctor had indeed launched an attack on him.
Where’s crazy doctor Longla?
Wu Di turned to look around and finally saw this insidious sneak attacker ahead-being beaten by Yang Ye!
"Bravo!" Wu Di was pleased to appreciate Yang Ye’s remark that he guessed the specific reason and didn’t have to say that it must have been Yang Ye’s skill that pulled boss over and saved him. This reaction didn’t have to say!
"Hey hey hurry! Dawdle, I’m starving. I feel like I’ve got a line to eat. "Yang Ye hey hey smiled at this boss Yang Ye, but he didn’t relax his surveillance for a moment, especially when Wu Di went to the garbage dump. Yang Ye’s skills were already ready for a long time. Just as boss pounced on Wu Di, Yang Ye also launched an attack-
Turn around and reach for gravity control!
Gravitational manipulation is a skill that Yang Ye can’t tell if he can pull this longla, but he can’t. Even if Farah pulls in front of Yang Ye, he can stop his attack.
Fortunately, the gravitational manipulation did not disappoint Yang Ye, which not only interrupted the boss offensive, but also brought the boss to the front to make it easy …
"This reaction, alas, I am old!" Looking at Yang Ye, Li Yanxin sighed and said, playing games is his best reaction and fuck, but now … The boss is closer to him, but he didn’t do anything to rescue him. It was even farther away. Yang Ye reacted and successfully saved the priest.
"Ha ha, I’m afraid of a fart reaction, but I can practice slowly." Yang Ye said with a smile. At the same time, the miner’s hat swept away and saw the boss attribute completely-
Crazy doctor longla (boss spirit level)
Grade 45
Being killed, jumping and dancing in the beating; Killing people in the beating … Longla kills the target, directly jumps over the target from a long distance, wrings the target’s head and causes huge damage. At the same time, the target is silent for 12 seconds. If there is no damage during the jump to the target, the attack will directly kill the target, and the skill will immediately cool down and Longla will jump to a target. This skill is not controlled by the hate value.
Is the corpse manipulated to death? No … You’re not dead! Longla controls the resurrection of the corpse by studying the virus and fighting. After the resurrection of the corpse, it can continue to revive after the first death, but the second resurrection is no longer controlled by Longla. It will attack all units.
My life ends when Longla dies (passively) … I’m lying to you. When Longla is attacked, 5% will immediately enter the suspended animation state. This attack is effective when the enemy restarts and has a% attack evasion chance after getting up for 5 seconds. This state is triggered once a minute.
(hidden; Drop: cold light (level 4 spirit dagger), longla surgical suit (level 4 gold robe) …)
"The blood volume of 125w lying in the trough is really embarrassing!" Yang Ye looked at the boss blood volume to detain is also startled, which is much higher than the boss blood volume in front.
"I’ll go. No wonder they all say that this boss is good for a long time." Li Yanxin’s boring way was also startled by this 125w blood.
"It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. We’ll play slowly." Yang Ye laughed and went to be controlled in front of him. boss neck wiped a little injury.
"Can also be like this …"
This boss really wants to be anxious and can’t be anxious. Just the passive "Long La Die" has to make several people attack a piece every minute, so several people are simply too lazy to attack the skills at that time. It is really high to stay in this evasive state and then use a set of skills to violently bomb and hurt.
"Jie jie die! !”
Suddenly, Longla smiled like a monkey with a sinister smile, and suddenly arched towards the holy priest Wu Diyue …
"Shit, here we go again." Wu Di is a little depressed. I don’t know how many times the boss jumped at him. Anyway, the boss seems to stare at him and jump at him. Sometimes every once in a while, sometimes the skills jump at him as soon as they cool down.
"Ha ha this boss is in love with Wu Di." Li Yanxin flipped his sword slightly in front of Wu Di and stared at the flying boss. At the same time, he didn’t forget to poke fun at it.
"That’s enough. I can’t stop afk (hang up) and see how you fight." Wu Di threatened with a smile.
"Damn it!" Li Yanxin’s expression of "unwilling" seems a little "nervous"? How is it possible-
Boss went to Wu Difei and was about to pounce on the instant Li Yanxin’s long sword. He slammed into a charge that had fallen to a height with them. The boss crazy doctor Longla directly made the boss dizzy in the middle of the middle school and then "snapped" …
Li Yanxin’s "killing charge" can’t help but say that it’s not good. Just the right timing and precise height control all prove that Li Yanxin’s player soldiers are at least very good at playing now. If this "killing charge" is let go early, Li Yanxin will flash directly at the bottom of boss’s ass, and then he will be dizzy. If it is put late, Wu Di will be finished.
It is said that it is the best time to release this "killing charge" when you can just bump into the position of the priest behind you without letting boss touch it, and Li Yanxin-did it.
"Yo-ho" Li Yanxin shook his eyebrows and seemed very satisfied. He saw the boss being dizzy at his feet and flying with a piece of direct skills …
For boss, the skill of "being killed and jumping" is Yang Ye’s division of labor, which is really mainly blocked by Yang Yelai. If Yang Ye’s "gravity control" is cooling down and boss launches "being killed and jumping" again, it will be interrupted by the second archer’s orange broken arrow. If it fails or collapses during cooling, it will be blocked by Li Yanxin’s "charge killing" if it fails again or cools down.
Just now, it was just because Li Yanxin looked at this boss again and again and just took off and was blocked out, leaving him no room for "show", so he was very upset and asked him to stop in front and finish a stop.
Others don’t think there’s anything wrong with moving their skills. Even if he can’t stop it, they can stop it. But this guy is good. There is no room for laughter. He has stopped it very accurately
"Good, good, very beautiful" Cheng Jun laughed at one side.
"That’s something natural. Ha ha …" Li Yanxin "flattered" …
Although a few people are laughing and laughing, they will not relax, and they will not give the boss a chance …
Boss’s blood volume drops slowly, the total amount of blood pool is very high, and several people are affected by attributes. There is no way to be more energetic and slowly come. This boss is also quite impatient and moves fast. He always likes to run around and suddenly "bang" and fall flat on the ground into a state of suspended animation, which makes people laugh and cry.
His little summoning skills are also funny. Although the first round of summoning, the dead bodies will come to attack Yang Ye and others, but as soon as they are killed, these dead bodies will turn their backs and rush to the crazy doctor Longla. Of course, a small number will throw sticks and sticks at Yang Ye and others …
This last boss is a little funny …
After several hours of dawdling, the boss is finally dying-if this boss didn’t have the passive skill of "Thrawn Death", he would have died hundreds of years ago!
"Kill this guy directly with one puff!" Yang Ye heartened that the virus lab was finally coming through after playing for so long!
"Good stem dead him! !” to be continued
Chapter 213 Rushing moment
When the rhythm is slowly stabilized, it will naturally be easy to play.
More than half of the skills of crazy doctors are to make fun of the root method, which causes more trouble to the players like a giant virus. In the end, this guy boss is really a little hard.
Sharp attacks continue to reach this blood volume. Some off the charts boss saved Yang Ye people and didn’t make weapons sharpen potions for extra output. After all, this is not particularly important. boss Yang Ye people also have enough time to play this kind of more important potions. Let’s wait until the key.