"Ah, another companion died? Look at Hugh bit. He seems to be unable to endure the death of his companion! Do you think if your partner dies more, will he go crazy at once? ?” Although I was shocked by the ultimate power of Zhi bird, I still continued to tease and fight ghosts.

(Hugh bit …)
The war ghost slowly turned his head, and his eyes became more determined than before!
"Ahhh! Ahhh! ! !”
War ghost face upwards roar a seems to want to chest all depressed and pain to vent.
"Why? Are you going to collapse before Hugh bit collapses? " Ghost stopped in disdain laughed
"Ghost … ha ha! I thought you’d be the boss’s friend. I didn’t expect it to be me fighting in the end, but you can’t stop me. "
The war ghost suddenly showed a hearty smile, and his body center of gravity slowly shifted backwards to pose that even now the ghost is afraid.
(Theseus Lan … Help me for the last time! )
"Phantom of the universe!" In utter amazement, both hands hold their fists high above the top of the war machine, and the two iron arms contain enough energy to break the planet. "I will never let you hit this punch!" "
"fight against the sky!"
In this instant, Hughes Lan’s body suddenly appeared in the war ghost and ghost. His body showed a big font, and all the energy in his body merged together to form a five-meter-high, three-meter-wide golden tower shield with several golden carvings!
Like the explosion of the Milky Way, the explosion resounded in everyone’s ears, and several golden shock waves swooped out all around. Even the strong people like Terhi and Samsung Dragon were instantly weakened, and some passers-by and shining golden gods were even killed by a blow!
"How is it possible!" Take a step back in a panic
He believes that he almost tried his best to hit it, but it also caused a crack in the golden tower shield in front of Theseus Lan, and Theseus Lan was even more strange!
There is a war ghost behind Theseus Lan. After seeing a smash, the militant armor behind Theseus Lan instantly bursts and breaks, and the flesh and blood behind it also tears!
This golden tower shield … The root is Theseus Lan’s durable defense equipment!
Crazy as hell, crazy as a punch, and in just a few seconds, the golden tower shield in front of Hughes Lan has been blasted with cobwebs!
Feeling that the ghost of war was about to break out, he panicked. Instead of continuing to bombard, he fled back as fast as time in an attempt to escape the attack range of the ghost of war.
(That’s enough, Hughes Lan. Thank you … Please continue to protect the boss! Tell him I’m a war ghost … and I’ve never regretted being his loyal lackey! )
(I won’t advise you to fight the ghost captain to pave the way ahead! )
War ghost eyes staring at the ghost escape direction fast beating heart slowly become calm to coils of golden halo from his right fist to spread around.
"Hey? I can learn Jiewang Boxing from Jiewang! ?”
"That’s right. I tried a man who seems to have the knowledge of Jiewangquan to learn from him, which means that some of us can continue to study Jiewangquan."
"That’s great! I am tired of ten times the power of Jiewangquan! "
"War ghost, right? Xiu Buttgen, you come to learn Jiewangquan? "
"You are very good at fighting less, and you are still relatively clever in this respect. You learned this trick from me so quickly."
"But I wake you up this recruit unless you are going to the enemy mutually assured destruction, try not to make it really abnormal, even though your physical quality is strong and horrible. If you rashly make it possible, you can also support this powerful force to bring * * damage."
"North Kaiō, the war ghost, taught you to advance the King Boxing?"
"no? That’ll be the day! You didn’t learn it? "
"Forget it, you didn’t learn it if you didn’t learn it. Ten times the limit of Jiewangquan is so big. If you learn advanced, it will have a great impact on your body, right?"
Please forgive me for lying to you. I really don’t want you to worry about me! Cupid … You are our backbone. Please let me destroy the enemy that stands in front! )
"One hundred times the king fist qi! Super explosive cosmic phantom! "
As Guanghua blooms, the ghost figure has disappeared instantly and reappeared less than 100 meters away from the ghost body!
His fist is only covered with a common flame, which is caused by the energy friction when his body is flying rapidly.
Ghost perception is extremely keen. Immediately after perceiving this punch, it turns over and blocks six pieces of war machinery in front of it and instantly transforms it into a huge shield!
The war ghost cries that as the body moves, strong energy runs on the fist muscles, which has made his body bear this kind of terrorist pressure, and his flesh and blood are flying in the air!
But this punch still hit six steel shields made of war machinery!
The fist shield touches and a little light effect. The big fist in the sand bowl seems to have a kind of shape and position, and it melts slowly where it touches … as if it were melted by the high temperature of terror!
When it seems to stop at this second, the ghost face still has a hasty block and panic. zhaojie’s face also shows a look of extreme pain. Everything seems to have stopped. This fist is slowly moving forward, and the naked eye can see the speed of exploding through the steel shield and then falling on the ghost.
The second hand of the clock seems to have jumped a step forward at this moment. I panicked and my eyes slowly moved to see that I was hit by this punch.
At this moment, the flow is restored, but the flame shock wave expands like a star explosion. Whether the passer-by or the golden protoss are involved in this flame, it turns into fly ash.
The remaining four beautiful girl squad soldiers, including Nuova and Terhi, were also blown out.