Yang Ye, the adult with two lips touching, didn’t move at all. Instead, Lina, the little girl, appeared to be more active-sucking Yang Ye’s lips, and small tongue kept probing Yang Ye for being crude and abnormal. She closed her eyes, her eyelashes trembled slightly and her lips were tightly attached to Yang Ye’s lips, but her lips were too small. Yang Ye needed a slight mouth to give her a full kiss.

Yang Ye is no response, but he still feels soft on Lina’s two pink lips. He can clearly feel the soft small tongue reaching out to him with a creamy liquid with a sweet taste. She small tongue has reached Yang Ye’s mouth and gently touched a wild tongue, while Yang Ye is also a conditioned reflex. Her tongue lingers and gently rolls her small tongue … Such a movement makes Lina’s body tremble gently and gives a sigh of satisfaction in her nasal cavity.
This groan made Yang Ye wake up directly and quickly stretched out his hand to push Lina from his body and pull out a glittering and translucent silk thread …
Lina’s eyes were blurred, her face was flushed and she was short of breath. She looked at Yang Ye and gasped and murmured, "Brother, this is Lina’s first kiss …"
How does Yang Ye feel at this time? He wants to die! !
Lena is only a few years old and twelve years old! ! This is not just a minor in China, but a you girl! ! He’s such an animal that he kissed a you girl! He has a girlfriend. How can he face Qin Yan when he does such a thing? How to be a good husband? Shame on Qin Yan and trust him …
No, no, it’s not love, it’s just that my brother and sister are more intimate.
Yes, it must be.
"Lina, don’t think too much about this. It’s nothing to do with the affection between brother and sister." Yang Ye explained quickly and tried to lead Lina to other places.
"Lina likes her brother." Lina pretended to be naive at this time.
"Alas …" Yang Ye sighed and pulled the friend bar to receive the news from the blue and white snow burial.
Although you can’t send a message to Yang Ye outside, you can bury the snow in blue and white.
The news of burying snow in blue and white is simple-
"Hurry up, a few bear supervisors can’t fight np and don’t help" to be continued.
Chapter 17 Revenge Moment
When Yang Ye walked out of the tent with Lina, from a distance, there were six bear supervisors in the middle of the racecourse, and they looked very proud.
See Yang Ye walked over and buried the snow in blue and white and looked back with a cool expression. "The wild monster is too arrogant to say that we should hand over protection."
Lilina hasn’t been away from his nose since Yang Ye walked out of the tent. He kept sniffing his eyebrows and pursed his mouth slightly, showing his displeasure. Yang Ye directly chose to look at her line of sight and jump directly over Lilina to the front of the blue-and-white snow body and asked, "Did they kill Lina’s parents?"
"Probably" blue and white buried snow nodded.
Lina is next to Yang Ye, and he talks about burying snow in blue and white. Naturally, she can hear clearly. As soon as she hears the enemy who killed her parents, Lina’s eyes are full of anger and she stares at several bear supervisors in front of her.
"yes?" Blue and white buried snow eyes took a leena.
"Hide to help her kill these monsters and leave her to mend the knife." Yang Ye pointed to the bear supervisor’s way.
Blue and white buried snow nodded and asked, "Fight?"
Turning around, Yang Ye squatted and touched Lina’s little head and gently said, "Lina, go to the side and hide until I call you, will you come out again?"
"hmm!" Lina nodded and trotted to a small tent where several human slaves, including Cardo, were hiding.
Seeing Lina running safely to his face, Cardo’s heart was finally released. Although he talked with these strangers for some days and knew some things, he never saw the fighting capacity of these strangers with his own eyes. He would never believe that these young people could win the bear masters, but they could break the stone and kill people without blinking an eye! It’s scary
What’s more, it’s believed that it was from that strangely dressed young man’s mouth that they actually heard such an exciting news that the west Sa Ding mining area was occupied! And the core of it is these young people, which makes people believe.
But … What if it’s true?
"Akz" Kadoora pulled Lina back and shouted.
"Uncle Cardo, I’m here." A young man named Akez came over. He also looked confused and didn’t know what Cardo was going to do.
"That thing went to ask the seniors in the hills of South Sa Ding about the situation in West Sa Ding." Cardo said lightly.
That thing! Akz was surprised that it was very precious, and it had not been for a long time. The seniors said it had to be in an emergency, but now Uncle Kado wants to make it …
"Cardoso, are you sure? That thing’s predecessors can’t make it until it’s very urgent, "Akz said with some concern.
"Sure, go and ask. I feel that something may happen to the royal family in Sa Ding. These strangers may be people from the outside world who have been begging for years …"
"what! ? The outside world! " Akz exclaimed that if it was someone from the outside world …
"Okay, Uncle Cardo, I’ll contact you right away!" Akz nodded heavily.
"Go," Cardo waved his hand.
Akers looked around a few times to make sure that no one climbed over the fence and climbed out of the racecourse to go in one direction …
During the conversation, Cardo Aktz was very quiet beside them. She kept staring at the outside and wondered what was going on. Cardo looked at Lina and sighed heavily-he could do nothing.
"Humble humans, whether you pay protection or not, we won’t let you work here." In front of Yang Ye, a bear supervisor spewed stench and gathered in front of Yang Ye’s face.
"Sir, we must pay! With your protection, we can definitely live a better life! " Yang Ye "surprised" and rolled his eyes. He added, "Alas, I have nothing to give to your master, but I can’t think of anything worthy of you because you are so handsome and majestic …"
"Ha ha good will talk after I give you a feed horse easy work well! Hmm? The human chick behind you is so beautiful. Let her come to my tent to wait on us tonight. Hey hey … "The bear supervisor stared at Lilina with saliva.
"Hey, hey, good, but it depends on whether you have the life to live late …" Yang Ye laughed.
"what! ?” Bear supervisor face a change.
A light ring, a black sword with a handle, pierced directly from his chest and came out from behind, bringing out mooring blood …
"roar! !”
The bear supervisor’s face suddenly twisted and roared. He waved a huge stick at Yang Ye and didn’t respond to other bears. Yang Ye took the lead in launching an attack here-
"Trial? Szaszko prisoner angel hinge! "
The huge chain came from the virtual, and the chain dragged through the sky. In an instant, the bear supervisor lost his mobility and was tied to the original place and could not move.
Lilina, a bear supervisor, kept attacking with silvery white wings "whew". The pale blue flame surged out at the highest speed and swept away towards a bear supervisor. From its side, it flashed across the sharp blade of the science and technology knife and gently wiped the neck of the black bear to pull out a blood line …
Broken knife, palm clenched fist, three steps and two steps jumped to the front of a bear supervisor, and the right fist slammed out and bombarded the black bear’s heart with great force, which knocked the bear supervisor straight back …
Blue-and-white buried snow looks particularly elegant or special-dressed every time it kills monsters, which may also be related to his profession, which has ninja skills. This profession gives people a feeling of being calm when it puts skills-the fingerprint gently picks up the avatar and gradually emerges to aim at the dagger in front, flip the figure and drift. Blue-and-white buried snow has scraped more than a dozen knives in a bear supervisor’s body …
Yang Ye stabbed the bear supervisor who spoke, not simply venting his anger, but more importantly, he needed hatred. One knife was enough to hold the hatred, followed by Yang Ye Yu Guang’s glance at his right hand and a golden rainbow flowing out in an instant and lashing out at a bear supervisor-
Accurate hit!
The irresistible force of the rainbow flows through the rainbow to the black bear’s body, which is as strong as the bear supervisor, and is also directly pulled down at Yang Ye’s feet.
This Yang Ye got two strange hatred.
Then you can grind these idiots and monsters to death slowly …
Although these monsters are all big and tall, but the ai is really low, they can bully and be restricted by the system. np here has been forcibly added-swept-and this setting should not be too easy for players.
Yang Ye, the supervisor of the bear clan, has already dealt with too much experience and gained a lot. It is not as difficult as it was at first, and the output speed is much faster. Twenty minutes later, the supervisor of the bear clan took the lead in dying and wailing, and there were no pieces, experience, equipment and props.
After the blue and white snow was buried, the bear supervisor who joined the broken knife was also killed. Because of the melee of the broken knife, he fought directly and hard, and it was best to help solve it first.
Then the blue and white buried snow and the broken knife helped Lilina to drag her two bear supervisors to kill three people and turn around. Yang Ye chased the last two bear supervisors behind him.
The quick offensive soon knocked down one, leaving only the last one, that is, the bear supervisor who clamored the most.
"Leave it residual blood don’t kill" Yang Ye way.
Several people knew several attacks to control the blood volume of the bear supervisor to an extremely low point of only a few hundred, and then Lilina’s "prisoner angel hinge" once again started to bolt the bear with residual blood in place.