All three of them are guys who are extremely enthusiastic about science and technology. At this moment, the small team has been formed, and the three small partners have not eaten lunch and returned to the laboratory to re-churn.

In other words, three stinky farts are worth one Zhuge Liang. It really needs to think widely and benefit to develop this thing. No matter how wide and limited one’s thinking is, only in the fierce debate and defense will inspiration spark.
This trip didn’t come in vain. Mad Dog Dragon sighed with satisfaction. Before the Eastern Dynasty, he always felt that the research was in a bottleneck. Now it’s okay, buddy. It’s time to announce that the bottleneck period has passed smoothly, and then it’s time to show off its glory.
However, both Mad Dog Dragon Peter Pan and Han Xinyi Yixinjian base can make the equipment theory, but the raw materials are too difficult to do well. Now that everyone knows the principle and composition, the three of them have a good time this afternoon.
Soon approaching 6 o’clock, Sao Hehe laughed. "I’m hungry after a busy day. Why don’t we go to town for dinner tonight to celebrate the establishment of our science and technology trio?" What do you think? "
If you listen to eating a mad dog and a dragon horse, you will naturally raise your hands and feet in favor of "you must have a good meal and get into the city once."
Han Xinyi said lightly, "And it must be your treat, because our two props have high gold content, and your box grade is too low."
"Hey, hey, there’s no problem." Sao Hehe smiled. "I’ve always been very poor, so I have no money left."
The whole city of giant chivalrous man is very characteristic. A big river twists and turns in the city, but many slopes of the mountains in the city are also larger. Many high-rise buildings are built on the hillside, which looks very imposing.
There is also a taxi in the city. As soon as I entered the city, I recruited one. "The more expensive the master takes us to the best museum in the city, the better. For us, it is to kill the museum."
Mad dog dragon can’t wait to kick his face. Can you be a bit old-fashioned?
Finally, the taxi pulled the three people to the highest point in the city-the Golden Pavilion Western Restaurant on the Peak.
This is a beautifully decorated restaurant. The biggest selling point is that leaning against the window overlooking the most beautiful night in the city.
It is true that the price is not expensive, but ridiculously expensive.
Three people chose a booth, and np immediately sent the menu after sitting down. When I looked at the price, I was worried that I would sell a gold coin when I rubbed a glass of lemonade.
He didn’t dare to look at the price of dinner
Two men and one woman naturally give priority to women. Han Xinyi showed excellent literacy. Salad, steak, bread and sweet soup are both reasonably matched and there is no wave. Girls generally eat very politely.
"Hey hey, I want to thank you two for teaching me a lot of knowledge today!" Sao Hehe said with a big smile, "Brother Gua, just order whatever you want and take care of it today!"
"really?" Mad dog dragon was overjoyed. The horse summoned np members.
He ordered the first dish and asked Sao Hehe to surrender directly. "This honey roast chicken wing comes first."
"good!" Member takes notes.
Mad dog dragon flipped through the menu "Italian black steak, two garlic and lily chilli shrimp, three plates, Italian sauce, meat and heart powder, a plate of Mexican bread, one?" What’s this? Sweet and drunk foie gras? I haven’t eaten that one dish, first, uh-huh, rose truffle chocolate, 5 pieces, lemon-scented roast chicken leg slices, 6 pieces, that Luo Songtang, two pieces, no red wine and beer, two cups, right, that super-large cup … "
He ordered more than a dozen dishes in one breath and immediately bid. "Sir, you have consumed 5 holy coins and 31 diamond coins."
Mad dog dragon immediately put SAO ha ha looking at "? Am I a buddy? I know that you are not saving hard. "
"That’s, that’s Brother Gua, that’s just helpful enough." SAO, ha ha, all smiles, but my heart has a feeling of wanting to kill people.
Five holy coins for a meal are really hard to eat by yourself and others.
However, the clerk was about to leave when he was stopped by a mad dog dragon with a wry smile on his face. "Brother Sao, I just ordered that I have to continue to order whatever you want to eat alone."
"I …" SAO ha ha eyes a black suddenly want to faint.
The big meal soon set the table. Mad Dog Dragon’s signature mode is not much to say. Eating is loud and feng shui is rising.
But in the middle of the meal, the waiter came with a plate full of sweets. "Three people, this is our special French baked Bulei. Welcome to try it."
Han Xinyi frowned. "We didn’t order this dish, did we?"
Member immediately pointed to the southeast corner of the hall "is the gentleman designated gift".
Follow his finger, a middle-aged man in a suit and tie is coming this way.
The man looks quite normal, but his smile is very friendly. "Sorry to disturb the dinner for three. Here is my business card!"
As he spoke, he presented a business card. Mad Dog Dragon took a look at it. It was beautifully made and felt like a piece of wood in his hand.
"general manager of lollipop patek group!"
Mad Dog Dragon is secretly funny. This lollipop is obviously a businessman. Players who come out to send out business cards these days have to flaunt themselves as a branch manager at least, otherwise business can’t be discussed. What company is this Patek Group?
"The three must be the students of the winning base, right?" Lollipops are poisonous to the eyes. You can tell at a glance.
Sao Hehe laughed. "Great, what’s the matter?"
Lollipop smilingly said, "It’s okay, it’s okay. I feel that three people have a lofty outlook and want to know each other."
This statement is half-truth, half-falsehood, and yuxuan is absolutely talking about it. Not only does he seem to have absolutely no idea about beauty, but his main attention is to be in a coquettish body, but it is business for a general manager to want to know something.
There are all Cong people present. You ordered a more expensive dish to give away. You must have an idea. Mad Dog Dragon immediately said, "I don’t know what business Papa always runs?"
Lollipop laughed. "It’s all small business. Small business sells a little energy production."
"Oh?" Mad dog dragon three people all looked up at him. "What energy production?"
Lollipop a look at this situation know that ten * * is to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twenty The siege
The lollipop to buy energy production is actually all kinds of large and small equipment, such as mad dog, dragon hand and jellyfish ears, and of course, some precious energy is also sold.
He said that Patek Group is a large-scale and powerful company. The actual truth is that the company has to be both a boss and an employee, and the company’s account liquidity is less than one saint coin. If there is no suitable buyer tonight, the company can be renamed "no use" and his general manager can jump off a building.
General Manager Bang was born in Obsidian, and he is naturally fond of collecting scientific and technological props. The problem is that Obsidian is respected as runes. People are interested in these strange things. At one time, he also wanted to switch to upside down runes, but the competition for the sale of runes in Obsidian is either fierce or tragic.
Later, someone showed him a way to come to the hall of genius, and maybe he could make a name for himself.
A businessman, a player with a small amount of money, has been wandering all the way. After a long journey, he finally came to the giant man market, but he still can’t sell these things.
He thought it was not that his goods were not good enough, but that he had not met an expert.
So he comes to the Golden Pavilion every day in the hope of meeting a big shot.
He’s met a lot of big shots these days, but none of them are knowledgeable. If he can last for three days at most, he can really go begging.
I have to say that some keys really need a little luck, but people’s success is not luck. The chief executive has developed a pair of poisonous eyes when dealing with people for years.
Mad dog dragon, the three of them caught his attention as soon as they entered the restaurant. First of all, naturally, Han Xinyi’s beauty appeal must be huge.
However, in "The Ninth Continent", you casually caught a female player in the street, which was all beautified beauty, but he still didn’t care to see the three people dressed in ordinary clothes.
Later, at dinner, he saw Han Xinyi’s posture at a glance. This is a mixed circle.
Many people have eaten western food, but many people don’t know that the etiquette of really eating western food is very particular and complicated, such as how to place knives and forks. How many centimeters should I keep my chest from the table? In what order are the dishes eaten? What posture should I take when drinking soup?
There are as many as a hundred kinds of complicated western food etiquette, and Han Xinyi’s elegant eating is really nothing wrong.
Yu Doubilong’s eating is really … He eats steak like he’s tearing up sesame seed cake spaghetti. He’s not eating it. You’re not mistaken. He takes the plate and pours it into his mouth. It feels like he’s thirsty. He drinks water, but the chicken wings don’t say the ultimate trick. After a few seconds of peristalsis, his mouth spits out bare bones.