Lingyun has millions of troops in his hands. Even if he is a super local tyrant, his money has not reached the point where he can kill Lingyun.

"Once it was the granary, this time it was the arsenal. What does he know about the location of our warehouse?" O’ Haili growled that he was in no mood to pretend to be gentle.
The whole company has never seen such a battle between Ou Haili and Keke, and no one dares to talk at this time.
There’s O ‘Haili alone who’s growling.
"Who told him the location of the warehouse?"
"Don’t let me know that I must kill him."
"Sorry, I’m excited. You all come to analyze a situation. What Lingyun will know the location of our warehouse?" Finally, Ou Haili calmed down.
However, this sample did not reduce the fear of others.
After a few minutes of silence, Xu Fengzhuang boldly said, "Chen Xianguo is in charge before Xuzhou warehouse."
Ou Haili saw his one eye natural white Xu Feng meaning.
And Xu Feng really wants Chen Xianguo to carry this pot, but he doesn’t know the warehouse address. Chen Xianguo really told Lingyun.
This time, weapons and equipment in the warehouse were suspected, and Xu Feng was the most responsible. However, if the warehouse address was leaked by Chen Xianguo, his responsibility would naturally be low.
Chen Xianguo is driven away by Ou Haili. Now Chen Xianguo has exposed the warehouse address to Lingyun, and you are naturally responsible for Ou Haili.
But in this case, Xu Feng can also think about it in his heart but dare not say it.
Even in private with other people in the company.
Chapter 545
"You mean Chen Xianguo will reveal the warehouse address?"
"I can’t guarantee it, but he is the most suspected."
Xu Feng’s purpose is to transfer Ou Haili’s anger to Chen Xianguo’s body. He also speculated that there is no evidence that Chen Xianguo revealed it.
Ou Haili also knows that Xu Feng is a guess, but in Ou Haili’s heart, he is also very suspicious of Chen Xianguo
He loves to drive Chen Xianguo away, so Chen Xianguo retaliates? This is very likely to happen.
But now * * law won’t work without evidence. If there is evidence, he will ruin Chen Xianguo.
"You should check Chen Xianguo’s game and the real world," said Ou Haili. "If you find evidence, call the police."
In the real world, if things can be solved by law, O ‘Haili is still willing to solve them by law. Only when the law cannot be solved will he consider other methods.
After all, his family has a great cause and the real world justice is so powerful. If people catch him, even if he has a lot of money, he doesn’t care.
It is true that several warehouses in Xuzhou were once again attacked by Lingyun, and Chen Xianguo, who had just been kicked out of the regiment some time ago, was the first suspect.
If someone hadn’t leaked the warehouse address, O ‘Haili didn’t believe Lingyun would find it.
A granary was ambushed, and Ou Haili was naturally white after catching Bing Xin Jade Man.
The grain and grass were exposed because they were followed. Did someone follow them when they went in and out of the armory?
At one time, many ice lovers were found around the granary, but this time there was no one around the armory.
Moreover, the arsenal is not only found in Xuzhou, but also in other big States. Even in Lingyun Youzhou, Ou Haili has built two small warehouses.
Nothing happened in these warehouses. What happened to Xuzhou warehouse?
The address of Xuzhou armory is leaked, and the probability is as high as 90%.
"God, you two will accompany me to Xudu," said O ‘Haili.
He came here to make money quietly, but now Lingyun has robbed him of things several times, even though every loss is within his tolerance, but this is definitely not the way to go.
He can’t stand it if he comes again a few times. Fortunately, three warehouses were looted this time.
If all ten arsenals in Xuzhou are looted, he will also be hurt.
Going to Xudu is naturally going to find Cao Cao, hoping to use Cao Cao’s hand to fight Lingyun.
These losses have made O ‘Hare Libai take root in the game in reality.
In reality, a businessman can succeed without anyone in the government, but it is almost possible in the game.
In reality, no one dares to rob his property like this, but there are many people like this in the game, not just Lingyun.
However, he was hidden deep without being discovered, otherwise not only Lingyun would rob others, but also others would certainly rob him.
Lingyun doesn’t know that Ou Haili has decided to take refuge with Cao Cao.
In February, Yizhou Liu Zhang still didn’t survive, and it was wiped out by the world at large and Zhang Lu.
Killing Zhang Lu’s mother in Liu Zhang doomed him to get along in Yizhou.
He is worse off than historical Liu Zhang, not only facing Zhang Lu, but also facing the world.
Even though his father left him a capable minister, he was not competent enough to root these people.
And now Liu Bei can’t go to Yizhou to help him. After all, Liu Bei hasn’t got Jingzhou yet.
Liu Zhang was captured by Zhang Lu and Zhang Lu didn’t kill him or read a little Liu Yan’s feelings.
Two of Liu Yan’s three sons were killed by Dong Zhuo in Chang ‘an, and now Liu Zhang is the only one left.
Zhang Lu is very grateful to Liu Yan. If it weren’t for Liu Yan, there wouldn’t be Zhang Lu now. He is putting Liu Zhang under house arrest.
Liu Zhang was placed under house arrest and Yizhou was immediately divided up by Zhang Lu and the world at large.
Zhang Luyuan didn’t see the world at large, but he took the opportunity to occupy Chengdu people.
However, after playing a few games with the world at large, Zhang Lu was completely defeated by the wind.
At this time, Zhang Lu realized that it didn’t take long to come to Yizhou after Liu Yan’s death, and it was the most powerful one in Yizhou.
Originally, he should have teamed up with Liu Zhang to deal with the bully, but he teamed up with the bully to deal with Liu Zhang.