Long Aohai nodded and said, "The speed gang is very powerful. Wang Francis Cotton and Deputy Wang Smith Bond are both powerful people. It is difficult to deal with them. We have to prepare carefully."

"Dragon Master, don’t worry. Since the three of us have come to Chinatown, it will be beneficial for the Chinese to win it. If they are willing to negotiate with us, we will reason with them. If they are unreasonable, then the fist will be hard."
Zhouyi firmly said to Long Aohai
"Mr. Zhou is right. We can’t stand the speeding gang coming to Chinatown to make trouble again. We must resolutely fight back and not encourage them to be arrogant or they will become more and more arrogant."
Long Jianfeng said heroically when he heard Zhouyi’s words, he was also a soft-blooded person compared with young people. He had long recognized that he should fight with the coasters. At that time, his father Long Aohai suppressed him and prevented him from confronting the coasters. Only then did he swallow it.
After Xiaoxiao came, Long Jianfeng didn’t intend to endure the trouble in William’s Chinatown today. He just came out and prepared to give William a little face. But today, his side was too small or he suffered a loss. He was encircled by the coasters and suffered a little minor injuries. Several people were badly injured. He couldn’t bear this tone. He was going to have a big fight with the coasters.
"Long Shaoshao is right. When Zhouyi and Chen Hu come, we should not be patient with the flying car gang." Xiaoxiao also came out of the car and said.
Chen Hu and others got off the bus when they saw that the negotiations with the speeding gang were cancelled.
"Mr. Zhou, Mr. Chen, Miss Xiao, this matter depends on you. I’m not worried here. I’m just worried that the speeding gang will make a comeback after you leave."
Long Aohai said with some concern that he already knew what happened this afternoon. Xiaoxiao’s means made him feel that the national security agent was powerful, but he was still worried that if Zhouyi and Xiaoxiao and others returned to China, the flying gang would retaliate.
"Dragon Wang, don’t worry, since the three of us have received the national security order to come here, we will definitely finish this and leave no future trouble before we go back."
Zhou Yi said to Long Aohai, "Dragon Master, you are a senior, so it is not appropriate to call me Mr. You’d better call us by our names."
"Well, everyone is a frank person, so I’m respectful. I’ll call your names after I do. Since the speeding gang canceled the negotiations with us, we’ll wait until they come to Chinatown three days later. Besides, you said that we can’t stand up to us now, even overseas. I’ll let the housekeeper Wang take charge of the banquet and you’ll get a banquet!"
Long Aohai is also a frank man who said to Zhouyi Chen Hu that it is also heroic and dry. This time, he is also determined to compete with the flying car for a high position.
"Dragon Master can seek benefits and status for overseas Chinese. We respect Dragon Master very much, so we will have a good drink tonight."
Zhouyi also laughed that although he was a little handsome, his bones were very heroic.
So Zhouyi and others returned to the living room of Longbang headquarters to discuss some things such as dealing with flying cars. Long Aohai asked Wang Guanjia to arrange a banquet and Zhouyi and Chen Hu got a dinner.
Later, Long Aohai invited Zhouyi and Chen Hu to the luxury restaurant, where Zhouyi and Chen Hu got a dinner. Of course, Xiao Xiaolong Jianfeng Wang Guanjia and these people attended.
It’s time for everyone to be here, but careful Zhouyi has never seen Long Aohai’s wife show up, but this may be because Long Aohai is a private matter, and he didn’t ask if it is not good to ask people about their sad past.
The banquet atmosphere is very good. After all, we are all Chinese, and we are especially interested in getting together, listening to the local accent and drinking together.
Perhaps no one in Mandarin will feel this way, but when foreigners get together, it feels like seeing their loved ones.
Long Aohai asked about many things about the country, and Zhou Yi and Xiao Xiao all answered Chen Hu one by one, but he didn’t talk much, but he also had a drink with everyone. People like him can always stay awake, just like Zhao Long in the Three Kingdoms wants Chen Hu Zhouyi to feel safe.
"Dragon Master, where are you from?"
After a few drinks, Zhouyi asked Long Aohai Road
"My ancestral home is Jinan, Shandong"
Long Aohai sighed, "It’s been thirty years since I left my hometown. It’s time for me to study abroad. Now my son is twenty-five years old and Ma is going to get married."
"Dragon Wang, then you and I are fellow villagers."
Zhouyi raised his glass and touched Long Aohai’s glass. He said that Long Aohai was distinguished in appearance and could think for the Chinese in Chinatown. He still respected Long Aohai’s intention to make friends with him.
"I heard Xiao Xiao say that you are from Hangzhou. How can you be a fellow villager with me?"
Long Aohai asked inexplicably that he learned from Xiaoxiao’s mouth a few days ago that Zhouyi and Chen Hu were coming, and he learned a little from Xiaoxiao that Zhouyi lived in Hangzhou.
"Dragon Lord, my ancestral home is Binzhou County, Shandong Province, but now I live in Hangzhou. My grandfather still lives in Yuquan Town, Binzhou County."
Zhouyi replied with a smile
"Then we are real villagers. Come on, let’s have a good drink." Long Aohai gulped down a glass of wine.
"Zhouyi, our Shandong Province has been a talented person of Yanzhao since ancient times. A few decades ago, a great man was born. I wonder if you have heard of it?"
Long Aohai became acquainted with Zhouyi after a few drinks. If you don’t talk about it, you’ll forget your friends.
"Dragon Wang doesn’t know which big shot you said. We have had many heroes in Shandong."
Zhouyi asked with a smile that he was accompanied by a large number of people, and Long Aohai drank a lot of wine. It is also because of this that Zhouyi is a generous person who likes himself more and more.