When he knew the realm of purple rhyme, his face twitched a few times and then he was ecstatic. "Qing Yun, is your dream-returning soul Dan?"

Purple rhyme discontentedly glanced at Lin Yu "what? Are you unhappy that my strength has risen? "
"Where where I am very happy hahaha …"
Lin Yu giggled several times and got purple and clear eyes. "No sincerity!"
"Squeak …" Violet jumped onto Lin Yu’s shoulder and bared her teeth for a while and patted her small chest.
"You also reached the nine heavy nature? !” Lin Yu didn’t expect Xiao Zi’s strength to soar so much that his mouth was almost crooked.
Now clear rhyme, small purple clear rhyme, hand and strengthening the strength of five elements and five spirits, five elements mixed with beads chain, it is estimated that a strong person with two or three weights in a Yuan God’s realm will have to give in by three points when they touch them.
"By the way, I have always forgotten to give it to you." Lin Yu took out the colorful feather clothes obtained from the ancient god war field and handed them to Ziqingyun.
After receiving this colorful vitality wrapped around the beautiful feather clothes, the eyes immediately sparkled with brilliance. "Is it an order treasure in the ancient god battlefield?"
"Well," Lin Yu nodded, "despite the practice, I forgot."
"It’s a good thing you remember." Purple Qingyun put away this colorful feather coat and snorted. "Here, three great uncles have returned to Purple’s home. Let me give you these three medicines. If you forgot to give them to me just now, I wouldn’t remember."
Pass Dan medicine bottle to Lin Yu, and then Purple Qingyun will continue chatting and blowing bubbles and playing with Xiao Zi.
Lin Yu a wry smile this girl even take Dan medicine for yourself to play so many tricks is really her.
These three Dan medicines are naturally refined by nine-leaf colorful lotus, and the order Dan medicine is specially refined by restoring strength in autumn.
Now that these three pills have been refined, it’s time to take a trip to Qiuwanyue.
Lin Yu has been avoiding meeting Qiu Wanyue because she doesn’t know what to say when she meets him.
Real Lin Yu is a man’s responsibility to the autumn moon. Do you like him? He doesn’t even know much about the autumn moon’s personality.
However, it is not the way to avoid it again. Men can’t abandon it at random. They have to face it and their feelings can be cultivated slowly.
Lin Yu knocked on two doors outside the door and casually called a "come in"
Lin Yu opened the door and stared at this scene dazed in his place.
The beautiful trunk of the moon sitting in the bath bucket in autumn is looming in the water vapor, which makes Lin Yu’s blood boil.
The bright and clean jade arm surface rubs each other, and the towering jade peak is more plump and mouth-watering when it is permeable.
In autumn, when the moon is closed, the water vapor becomes flush, which adds a bit of feminine charm.
"How are you? What are you doing here? " Autumn holding the moon quickly covered the bath towel around her with a bath bucket, which made Lin Yu daydream about the exquisite body and raised his eyebrows. "Why didn’t you say anything before coming in?"
I don’t know if it’s the steam in the room or something else. Lin Yu’s face is red. "I knocked at the door just now. Did you let me in?"
"Teacher Tian Lanxiang, I have brought it for you …" Yu Han directly pushed the door and was just hit by her. Lin Yu and Qiu Wanyue hurriedly faltered and said, "I … I’ll … go out …"
"No," Qiu Wan Moon said coldly, "It’s not you who should go out."
Lin Yu knew that Qiuwanyue had driven himself away, and he didn’t intend to continue to watch Qiuwanyue take a bath, so he took out a medicine bottle containing three Dan medicines. "Give it to you or give it to Han?"
Autumn holding the moon one leng "what things?"
Lin Yu didn’t tell Qiu Wanyue that she went to the battlefield of ancient gods to look for medicinal materials to restore her strength. Qiu Wanyue had been there to find medicine for Ziqingyun. She didn’t know what was the place of Dan medicine in Lin Yu’s hand.