"Don’t go!" Zhang impatient shout out is late, shek mun has Wu Yu two people are at the door!

"Idiot! How did you start such a big flame! I feel the smell of Shi Tian. Isn’t he dead? " Wu Yu was surprised that he didn’t go to Shi Tian around.
But to a little lotus with the most blazing flame, floating in a small fire lotus, with a finger belly the size of crimson and twelve lotus leaves.
At this time, the red fire is constantly blooming from the flower heart, and the temperature rises sharply everywhere in the stone room!
"Twelve fire lotus seed! Original Shi Tianyuan bearing in the east domain it is no wonder that talented flame is stronger than his Wang Ti "the nangongshan frown can’t help but blurt out.
There are some secret arts that can be found in the natural classics with the source form of martial arts fighters, and there are some special bearing forms, but most secret arts can be practiced by fighters and rarely can be refined out of the body.
Now, the sudden appearance of Shi Tianyuan’s fire lotus in reality can’t help but surprise Wu Yu Nangong, and at the same time ask Zhang for an answer.
Zhang difficult ground avenue "you are quick to get out! Otherwise, it will be attacked by flames, and the flame temperature is getting higher and higher, which you can’t bear, and the red-violet spark is the most precious thing. If it is destroyed, my efforts will be wasted today! Don’t come in for a while no matter what happens! "
"Idiot, what are you going to do? How did you become like this? Your hair? Your muscles? Your skin? Do you bake yourself with this flame? Don’t be so horrible! " Wu Yu heart big worry not shouted
She didn’t want to go out to see Zhang. There was no skin, no blood, no bones, no ghosts, no ghosts. Her heart ached and she rushed to Zhang.
"Get out! This flame is too strong. You can’t get hurt because of me! You can’t help me "Zhangyang Avenue.
On second thought, your secret will come out in the end. If you don’t tell your lover and brother, you can save it before hiding it.
Then he said, "I can devour all living things by practicing martial arts. After this time, I will tell you the truth! Now get out of here. The flames will get stronger and stronger. It’s hard for you to resist! "
"Swallow!" Nangong Qi frowns for a few seconds. His golden passport is getting thinner and thinner, and he feels that the room air is getting higher and higher, which he can’t bear.
Zhang generally doesn’t lie, especially this time it’s an emergency. Nangong Ji decided to say, "Good! I believe you! Xiao must live for me or I will beat your wife! "
This threat is really lethal, which makes the tension not ease.
"I will definitely live and I will fight with you! It’s not that easy to want me to die! " Zhang grinned, but it’s hard to laugh without skin.
Wu Yu wanted to rush to the front of Zhang Yang, but was stopped by the flame lotus.
The temperature of the small lotus diffusion flame is too high and the range is also very large. Small sparks fly in the air, which makes Wu Yu’s flame shield somewhat unpredictable now, and she feels that her skin is sweating and there is a sense of being cooked.
"Idiot, don’t scare me! You come and eat, that’s eating. Why do you seem to be eaten? Will you stop being crazy? This small fire lotus source is descended from twelve fire lotus. You can’t stand it. I forbid you to mess around! You can’t do this! " Wu Yu is impatient and afraid when he doesn’t walk across the fire lotus.
"I am obedient and get out!" Zhang Yangxin is more anxious. He can devour the flame, but Wu Yu is not as strong as him. If the black flame shield disappears, Wu Yu may turn to dust!
"Don’t go out! Don’t go out, I want you to swallow it! " Wu Yu stubborn shout
At this time, there are twelve lotus leaves, and the small fire lotus seems to feel the majesty and be provoked, and the fire quality of Wu Yu is also very high. This small fire lotus wants her to compete for high and low!
"Dare to move back!" Zhang shouted that more than 50 tentacles of devouring spirit stretched rapidly and wrapped the small fire lotus directly.
The devouring tentacles retract rapidly. When they retract in front of Zhang Yang, the flame has burned the devouring tentacles of the inclusion.
"Swallow!" Zhang Yang’s eyes burst into black light, and the pupil disappeared into two small black holes.
He opened his mouth and sucked in a strong suction to form an airflow and directly sucked the finger-sized lotus into his stomach!
"Idiot!" Wu Yu frightened her feet and rushed forward.
"This achievement method is really scary, even dare to swallow the lotus root! Little girl, stop it! Don’t make it look like where will you go! " Nangong Qi reached over Wu Yu’s shoulder and firmly fixed the latter to the ground, which made Wu Yu unable to lift his feet no matter how hard he tried.
"You don’t tube! I’m going to … "Wu Yu reflexively stared at the Nangong’s fierce way, but she didn’t say a word. Zhang’s situation changed her expression!
Zhang Yangshen suddenly rushed out of a big crimson flame, which rose rapidly and rushed to the top of the stone chamber, baking the top of the rock building into a blackened round hole!