"Yan Shoutou is a low-key person who doesn’t want people to know her private affairs", but she explained that she kept laughing.

Although Yan Liang agreed to this marriage, Ning Xiaoyue felt that she didn’t want to. Although she never said a word, long eyes could see that she and Shuo were not a match at all.
A group of people turned from the avenue into the lane, and the roadway was pitted. This residential area is not a file place either.
Small yards are close to the wall, but how high one person is effectively blocking the sight of the neighborhood.
The woman leading the way in front stopped and pointed to the closed door next door and said, "That’s the courtyard."
Yan Liangju walked over to Li Dao and hurried to catch the door with his hand.
The door is closed by locking it from the outside and directly hitting the knocker door.
When I came into view, there was a table and two rattan chairs on the left side of the courtyard.
The cabin is not open, and it is somewhat mysterious and somewhat desperate.
Catcher will knock the door into the faint room, and the smell coming out is the smell of abortifacient.
Yan Liang and Ning Xiaoyue walked in first and saw some dried herb residue in the broken bowl at a glance.
Ning Xiaoyue went over to squat down and looked at it carefully and then nodded. "The dose of abortion medicine is very large."
On the left side of the hut is the bedroom, and on the right side is a narrow hall in the kitchen. Although they are all pocket-sized, they are very clean, and there is a vase with flowers in it.
There is a bed in the bedroom near the window opposite the north wall, a table with neat pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and a small shelf against the wall is also full of abortifacients. If you leave the room, it tastes real, and it is full of air.
It is really a woman who has read a lot of poems, and the book of songs is set on the table, and it is still in the state of being read.
Yan Liang can’t understand the book of songs and is too lazy to understand it. Look elsewhere carefully and then go.
Came in behind Weiyuan, swept the line of sight at the table one by one, and finally raised my hand to put aside the paper full of words and picked it up.
The font is beautiful, neat and clean, and it is particularly good to write, which is after years of practice.
One by one, suddenly, one piece of torn paper floated to the ground.
Just Yan Liang looked over. "What is that?"
Weiyuan bent down to pick it up and handed it to her "two poems"
"Poetry? I don’t understand. "I can’t understand it bluntly, and she doesn’t think it’s shameful that she can’t understand it."
Wei Yuan withdrew his hand and looked at the two poems carefully.
"Su Kou" swept several times Weiyuan suddenly way
"What?" Twisting eyebrows is a bit unbearable.
"These two poems are really crossword puzzles. When they are linked together, Su Kou’s name is Su Kou." He easily knew the name of the woman corpse.
Yan Liang came over and grabbed the paper from his hand. Two lines of Juanxiu were literally torn off and there were some handwriting.
"This face is torn. It seems that there are more than two poems. Since you say it’s a crossword puzzle, this face,,," Yan Liang looked up at Weiyuan and asked him to give an explanation.
"It’s meaningless to hide your name inside, and there is another person who is likely to be a lover." Wei Yuan’s eyes are slightly shining like stars.
Raise your eyebrows and nod "reasonably"
It must be hard for her to say "thank you"
Yan Liang didn’t pay attention to turn around and go.
She is not interested in literary style, but she has to say that sometimes literary style still has some advantages.
For example, if you let her study these two poems, she can’t study them.
There are literate people in punishments, such as Liu Tianzhao, but he is definitely not as good as Weiyuan’s brain. These two poems are estimated to be enough for him to study for a while.
"These materials are good. It seems that this girl really has a hard time." There is a wardrobe on one side of the bed, and Ningxiaoyue calls in more than a dozen dresses.
"Now we should try to find this man with her." Take that piece of paper and pull it away. I don’t know if it’s Su Kou himself or someone else.
"It’s not easy to find. There is no trace at all." Ning Xiaoyue really didn’t see any trace of a man. This is a boudoir, where a man enters.
"I don’t know whether this house is bought or rented. If we can find the deed or contract, we may know her identity more clearly." Wei Yuan hit home.
Ningxiaoyue took a look at Yan Liang and waved his forefinger. Luckily, they still have punishments for so long. Why does the brain turn so slowly?
Yan Liang remained silent but also rummaged through it immediately.
Small shelves are full of Yan Liang, turn them out one by one and shake them. These are a pile of waste paper in her eyes.
Weiyuan walked over when he didn’t know, but instead of helping, he leaned on the table behind him and took Yan Liang and threw it aside for interesting viewing.
"Lin Guangji, she still looks at this" Weiyuan is quite sighing.
Yan Liang didn’t look back and rummaged through his ears, but he could hear him.
"Who is Lin Guang?" Unless it’s some ninth-rate scholar.
"Lin Guang, the top scientific research scholar in the fifteenth year of the reign of Emperor Qin Long, has a sharp pen and ink, and his style of writing is surging. After being summoned by the emperor alone, he was given the Shangfang sword to rise to the governor of the four northern cities." Wei Yuan knew quite clearly.