"Now, do you think it’s a seat or just a house owner? If so, you can separate out and I will never mean it. "Speaking of which, Zhang Tao’s tone seems a little cold. Obviously, if they separate Zhang Tao, they will not spare the Ministry."

There is no one to talk to. At this time, Tian Weng is livid and doesn’t know what to say to stop Zhang Tao’s momentum. "In this case, I hope you don’t play tricks under my nose, because this will bring your life to an end. If you are willing to be sincere with me, I believe that everything you want is possible, and our heavenly house will also become the East Yue mainland for people to look up to."
Zhang Tao’s strength and fame have made everyone recognize that the so-called days are often beneficial, and everyone has seen the benefits and the future, and naturally there is cohesion.
Zhang Tao found that everyone’s eyes changed slightly, and he knew that his rhetoric was still very good. Then, before everyone could respond, Weng and his grandson suddenly found themselves moving "for you to harbor evil intentions!" Die! " At this time, killing chickens and monkeys is merciless.
Zhang Tao naturally won’t give him a chance to make a decision now while everyone is undecided and let them know who is really in charge.
In the scream, the two men were crushed by the powerful qi. Their strength was insufficient to resist the saint Zhang Tao. They were unmoved by protecting their roots. Zhang Tao knew that they must be dead men trained by Kai Zhong. Now that they see the real master, they will naturally not be presumptuous to attack themselves.
This is also the place where the blood begonia Cong is bought because the dead are the law, which is called protection. Actually, it also has a monitoring effect. If you don’t have second thoughts, you won’t feel uncomfortable.
Zhang Tao killed Tian Weng, but people dare to say that Zhang Tao’s face smiled again, but it seems inevitable for the Ministry to thoroughly investigate. It is definitely not difficult to eliminate the unstable factors of the building intelligence network and the pervasive killer
Immediately after that, Zhang Tao directly told the story about the joint venture with the broken Qiao Ling. Of course, everyone knew that the broken Qiao Shi had the potential, and all the departments were amazed. They seemed to see the bright and far-reaching future of the JIU ge Fu.
This time, the difficulties encountered were much smaller than Zhang Tao imagined. I originally needed to start a shock, but I didn’t expect these people to pay more attention to interests than I thought. They successfully disintegrated their shaky alliance and killed the toughest people. It was a foregone conclusion.
"I believe that everyone knows everything, but whether the seat can win the main position of the government, Zhang will also accept everyone’s opinions and ask you to recognize that I can’t do it, then Zhang will definitely abdicate and make way." Zhang Tao smiled gently
"Lord, you are the candidate in our mind. If you are not allowed to be the Lord, I will be the first to let him go."
"It is the young talents of the government who are absolutely the best choice."
"The government will lead us to become the leader of Dongyue mainland" and also jointly oppose Zhang Taoren’s pursuit of Zhang Tao. They don’t even know that they are ugly because Zhang Tao has made them see hope and interests.
Zhang Tao smiled, which is what he expected. These people are rooted in the fact that the wind blows on both sides and they master their own strength. Their own background has made them the most loyal people.
In fact, although these people are elders, they are not the real backbone, because they are responsible for developing the JIU ge Fu separately and benefiting from it. The backbone is the one who holds the real secret and knows the powerful strength of the JIU ge Fu.
Finally, the position of the house owner has come to a conclusion, and it is still kept secret. The original Zhang Tao has always been the behind-the-scenes house owner. Now the development of the house is getting bigger and bigger, which is beyond everyone’s imagination. As a result, Zhang Taoshen’s secret of the house owner can’t continue to be concealed.
If we continue to hide it, Zhang Tao will face several troubles, just like Tianweng. What Zhang Tao needs now is to clear its name! Paper can’t wrap fire! Zhang Tao will be exposed sooner or later. There is no need to keep it secret.
Followed by blood begonia will tell everyone about the subsequent development of JIU ge fu, but Zhang Tao came to Kai Zhong and the magic piano. Zhang Tao is familiar with the magic piano. It’s hard to imagine that she almost killed herself with Kai Zhong, but she didn’t expect to have such unexpected benefits.
Three people came outside alone, and Zhang Tao learned everything about the extinct building. Zhong Kaiyuan wanted the magic piano to tell Zhang Tao the secret token and method to control the extinct building, but it was rejected. "Adoptive father once told Zhang Gong that if he could help me and Kai Zhong solve the achievement method, then we would be loyal to you, otherwise the extinct building is definitely not a private force."
Zhang Tao didn’t feel surprised when he heard the magic piano. After all, this gift is too heavy. It’s too hard to imagine. If the pie really falls, Zhang Tao will be smashed in the clouds.
However, it is not easy for Zhang Tao to face difficulties now. Both Kai Zhong and the magic piano tricks are extinct. The landlord created it himself and wanted to modify the achievement method created by others. This requires not only strength and experience, but also certain opportunities and talents.
After all, it’s a generation of grandmasters who want to create the achievement method. How can such a grandmaster leave a big flaw? But even if it is nerve-racking, Zhang Tao will never give up this great opportunity. If he can really make the extinct building ask the secret power of the government all day, then how can Zhang Tao let go of such a great opportunity even if it is firmly established overseas?
Kai Zhong was obviously dissatisfied with the magic piano, and suddenly he was angry, but the magic piano seemed very wronged.
Zhang Tao ha ha a smile "magic piano makes sense. Don’t worry, Kai Zhong magic piano. I will definitely find your achievement method. The shortcomings will be corrected. You must know that you will be my right-hand man in the future."
"Brother Zhang Tao, don’t worry, even if you repair it, I will let Harp give you the extinct building." For Kai Zhong, the magic harp didn’t refute Zhang Tao’s natural laughter.
"You come with me." There are dark-edged people around to warn Zhang Tao, but he is extremely at ease to find a place with the strictest warning line. Zhang Tao asked Kai Zhong to sit cross-legged
Zhang Tao’s double fingers split a small qi into Zhong Kai’s "running body qi" and then forced the line sound to make Kai Zhong quickly kill Zhong Kai’s body slowly.
Zhang Tao’s true qi soon attached to Kai Zhong’s murderous look, like frost attached to the treetops. Instead of being disgusted, it added a silver frost.
Running size Sunday Zhang Tao carefully observed every suspicious place, hoping to take this opportunity to find out the loopholes. The landlord died of murderous attacks and finally lost consciousness directly. Not only that, because murderous attacks were substantial, he actually made his body riddled with holes, which is miserable. He tried to change but failed. He didn’t want Kai Zhong and Magic Piano to go his way.
Zhang Tao didn’t find any doubts in the big and small holes on Sunday, but if it was simple, it could be solved, and the landlord wouldn’t die.
Take back the true qi. Zhang Tao frowns and meditates. If you are a master, it will be solved. However, Zhang Tao will soon abandon this idea of dependence. These must be solved by himself. When he can solve this problem, his strength will improve again.
"I need you to tell me the achievement method." Zhang Tao suddenly said that although this is a no-no, it is also incredible to be able to resist this kind of murder.
Magic piano may be hesitant but Kai Zhong has no doubt "good Zhang Tao brother. 548 ring clues.
This time, the meeting of JIU ge-fu didn’t last long, and Zhang Tao got everything he needed. Now JIU ge-fu still needs a master, and he volunteered before he could say anything.
Although she doesn’t want to part with Zhang Tao, she also knows better that this is to help Zhang Tao. Zhang Tao is very moved by her and treats her confidante. She can give her life.
Hand brushed her jade face, and Zhang Tao felt the touch in his hand. The simple words "Thank you for the cloud" were enough for the poisonous cloud.
Zhang Tao, a blood begonia, wanted to thank her, but she didn’t have a chance. She seems to have been avoiding or avoiding anything. Whenever she sees herself, it’s business is business. Only when he and she are apart will the blood begonia say that Zhang Tao is familiar with four words, Zhang Dagong.
Blood begonia, JIU ge fu, devoted himself to his youth. Zhang Tao naturally saw in his eyes whether it was himself or JIU ge fu, which were developing rapidly. Maybe he should put everything behind him?
Zhao Daniu seems unwilling to leave his Zhang Tao and won’t drive him away. Kai Zhong and Magic Piano must stay here, and the members of the Dark Blade around him will slowly leave Zhang Tao. It takes a short time to find a way to kill people because of this delay. Then they will inevitably follow in the footsteps. This is what Zhang Tao doesn’t want to see.
However, Zhang Tao was amazed by this achievement method. It is true that the former ancients were extinct. The landlord is definitely a rare talent. He can find a little change of his own in the simple and changeable, and then he actually found another way to solidify the murderous look into a lethal method.
If this achievement method is spread out, it will inevitably make the whole Dongyue mainland crazy, but the more so, the more difficult it is to find a flaw. They can perfectly control the murderous roots and don’t need to let them cultivate their hearts.
The murderous rampage is the problem of achievement method, which finally leads to the scattered murderous look. The more you practice to the back, the greater the murderous power, and the greater the explosive intensity of your own body. This kind of murderous look with two edges is incredible.
What Zhang Tao needs to solve now is that if the murderous look doesn’t get out of control, it seems that the achievement method of random outbreak is slack, and now the murderous look seems to be a problem. Don’t you have to wait for the murderous look to explode before you can find clues? At that time, even it was already too late.
It seems that it is the first time that they have heard about this achievement method, whether it is Li Qiuxiong or Nanguang. At the same time, they also said that it is still a gain to rack their brains in Zhang Tao.
See Zhang Tao nerve-racking, Zhong Kai couldn’t bear to say that he would return to JIU ge Fu with the poisonous cloud, so that Zhang Tao didn’t have to worry too much. Perhaps it was because of the unwillingness of the owner of the extinct building, or perhaps the slight rotation of the gear of fate actually made Zhang Tao think of a way.
Poisonous clouds are like controlling poisonous bodies, so why can’t Kai Zhong and Magic Piano follow suit? The cold of heaven and earth helps them compress their murderous look and then form Dan. Do they also need Dan from animals?
Now that we have found a solution, Zhang Tao is naturally a little excited. They are also surprised to tell Kai Zhong and Magic Jean about this method. After all, this is a new road.
Is it like compression? Is it direct compression murderous look? Or are they building an indestructible house in cold weather? Or Dan the animal?
For this kind of achievement method, Kai Zhong and Magic Piano are still far better than Zhang Tao and Zhang Tao. This method is suspected of waking up a few wrong people, and they naturally know how to deal with murderous look.