"Then accompany me to a place."

He took me to the parking lot. There was another parking lot here. No wonder they were not besieged by anthomaniac.
He seemed to see my question and said, "This is our own parking lot to stop the siege of anthomaniac."
"Oh," I guessed it more or less, but I froze when I saw his car.
"is this your car?"
"Well, why?"
"There was a car looking for us to race. Her car won’t be yours just like you."
Seeing his confidence, I knew I was right.
"It turned out that the Ferrari of the same model as us was you."
"This is limited. How can you buy it?"
"You can’t buy anything. If you want to buy everything, you can buy everything."
"Just like you."
I sat in his passenger seat, tied Ann up and took him out of the campus. Where did he take me? I didn’t expect to come to the amusement park.
Chapter 3 Amusement Park Tour
I looked dazzled and didn’t expect him to take me to the amusement park.
"why?" He saw me and asked me strangely
"How did the Minister bring me here?"
"Don’t call me minister. You’re as good as me. Call me by name."
"Oh, I’ll call you Xiao Leng or Hyun." I saw him suddenly stiff.
"It’s as good as Hao and them. It’s called Xuan Xuan Ba."
"Have you been here?"
"Let you experience it today." He took my hand and ran to the amusement park.
"How to roller coaster"
"It should be exciting."
"Okay, let’s go."
We got into the roller coaster and started. Many people screamed. He said to me, "Call me if you want, and let me relax."
"All right, ahhh!" I cried.
We just screamed for a few minutes
"How to relax?"
"Well, do you come often?"
"No, this is my second visit. I once came with my parents, but after a few minutes, they left, leaving me and my bodyguard." I turned around and saw his eyes sad.
"All right, let’s go play." So we went to play with many things such as roller coaster carousel, bumper car, go-kart, sightseeing car, simulated shooting system, water slide, water walking ball and so on. It was already evening, and finally we came to an ice cream shop.
He stopped and asked me, "Do you want ice cream?"
"What flavor?"
He went up to the boss and said, "A strawberry and a vanilla."
After we ate ice cream in a small wooden chair, he said, "We still have one who hasn’t played, which is the most exciting."