"The empress told me to go back and prepare to marry you next month. I will be good to you and my mother will be easy to get along with." Song Jun said.

Linglong blushed. "So soon?"
"I can’t wait …" Song Xuan cough a "that … do you have any requirements? Let’s do a good job early and save what’s wrong then. "
"I didn’t …" Where exquisite thought.
"So … what kind of house do you like? I’ll call it decoration." Song Xuan wondered if women still have requirements for house decoration, right?
"Whatever is good for you … you go home, I won’t pick …" Linglong said, "I’m so ashamed that I lifted my feet and ran away."
Song Xuan was stunned and then smiled. Is the woman’s face too thin?
But he also ignored that he had gone out of the palace with a red face.
Linglong calmed down for a long time before he came to see Su Mian’s "Lord".
"Well, you don’t have to do your own wedding sewing, but some small things can be done by yourself. You got married after you saw them yourself. If it weren’t for the principle, you should wrap some for each other. You are a clever person. I will always protect you if you don’t elaborate," Su Mian said
"It’s a handmaiden. Thank you for your kindness to handmaiden." Exquisite knelt down and kowtowed.
"Get up, whether the day is good or not, I can’t teach you this in the end. I also said before that Indigo should not treat herself as a master or a great person. I am your support, but I can’t be your show off, you know?" Sumian avenue
"Is the handmaiden know handmaiden won’t oppress people and won’t be bullied by others. Don’t worry," Linglong wiped her tears.
"Come on, you have to wait on me. Don’t cry. Give me some water to get thirsty." Su Mian said with a smile.
"Ah handmaiden, I’ll go." Linglong smiled and walked briskly.
Although I can’t bear to leave, it’s always a happy event to get married, and there are also sadness, but the Lord has no intention of forcing her to stay. Does she still have to force herself to stay?
To live a good life is to repay the Lord for learning Acacia. Sister Qingdai heard that Sister Jinxiu is also doing well. She has four children. Chapter 88.
Besides, Ming ‘an has set out from Ning ‘an City.
The carriage took Su Mian’s letter and finally shed tears. Earlier, Su Mian agreed to ask for green ink. Later, Su Mian wanted to think about it. The smoke was more agile than the green ink, so he called Qing Yan and Qing Qiao to come out.
Seeing him crying, he said, "Don’t be sad about the temple. It is said that the scenery in southern Xinjiang is very good. We can also visit the temple in TOEFL."
"Yes, don’t cry in the temple. Your eyes are swollen." Qing Qiao also advised.
"Well," Ming ‘an nodded his head, burying his face in the carriage. "Don’t bother me, I want to sleep."
The two handmaiden glances were worried, but they covered him with a small blanket.
Where can Ming ‘an sleep with his eyes closed? He was a little unhappy before, so his mother asked him to come out, but he was not angry after receiving a letter from his mother every day. He missed his mother, dad and his brothers very much.
However, I thought that my mother was pregnant with her sister, and she wrote letters every day. My mother liked him very much.
I can’t help but remember what dad said. You are always responsible.
Although he doesn’t quite understand what this so-called responsibility is, it’s about this way to come out alone.
Gradually, Ming’ an’s breathing was steady, and he really fell asleep. It was not too early to get up. Last night, I was afraid that I didn’t sleep well. I saw him always turning over in the smoke last night
"Sleeping in the temple is also about wanting to be in harmony with the Lord".
"Yeah, I’m still a child. I’ll drive to see where they stop at noon. It seems that I can’t catch up with the city at noon today. I don’t know how to arrange lunch."
Smoke nodded and saw her lift the curtain and talk to the driver. Soon the carriage slowed down and Qing Qiao jumped.
"What does Taidian want?" PeiYuQing the horse came and said
"Taidian is asleep, and the handmaiden wants to have a look at lunch. If you eat outside, you should always prepare some Taidian’s favorite food. If you eat and drink badly, it will be bad for your health." Qing Qiao said.
"Is this natural? You can go to a town at noon today and arrange your own girls. You don’t have to worry about going back to serve the temple." Pei Yuqing said.
Although he is used to marching simply, he is only seven years old in this line of people, so it is natural to take good care of the Prime Minister when he is away from home for the first time, and he has to take good care of him when he marches.
Su Mian in Yanjing City is in good spirits these days.