Wen Xin Hou Ye Yongchang Hou Ye Weiyuan Hou Ye added several ministers and several people sighed all the way out of the Golden Luan Hall.

Things soon came to the attention of Emperor Yangde Palace in Jinluan Hall.
Although Emperor Xiao Cong has never seen Xiao Huang, the fact is that he has paid a lot of attention to the things in the court, and he wants to find his own mistakes and humiliate him so that he can regain his face.
But it’s hard for a child to be wrong.
Now I hear Xiao Huang actually tell the courtiers directly that the queen is equal to him.
Xiao Yan’s face is so angry that a woman is equivalent to him. He told him so much before that he would give him the throne, but he wouldn’t let him.
Now it’s better not to give the Jiangshan throne to that woman.
Xiao Yan looked up and saw the queen mother sitting in the temple. Lu couldn’t help pointing to the queen mother and scolding, "It’s all you who taught Haoer to be better to a woman than to us."
The more Xiao Yan thinks about it, the more angry she is. She walks around the hall and finally turns her head and walks out.
Queen mother Lu saw him go out and quickly got up and said, "Where are you going?"
Xiao Cong didn’t good the spirit said, "Even if he becomes emperor, I will be his old age. This is against the ancestral system. I will never sit idly by until I see the ancestral system."
Xiao Cong said the queen mother hurriedly stopped him. "You don’t go. He is the emperor. What he does is his business. What about the emperor and empress of the East China Sea? Aren’t you calling outsiders embarrassment? Let’s sit back and calm down. "
The queen mother took Xiao Cong to sit down to appease his anger.
Although Xiao Cong is angry, he is not going to go.
However, it is still difficult to calm down his anger and hatred. He asked him to give himself the throne. He refused to make the present harmony, and he was directly equal to the Empress after the courtiers announced it. Doesn’t that mean that that woman is more important than their parents?
Xiao Cong felt quite stuffy at the thought of this.
After a long time, the queen mother quickly offered tea to persuade her.
Two people were talking in the temple when a eunuch came in and reported that "a bodyguard came in front of the Queen Mother’s Palace to say that Ningfu Lujia had come to visit the Queen Mother."
The queen mother is Ningfu, and Lu’s ancestors are all fragrant families.
This was the time when the first Emperor Jing Wang chose to marry. He was afraid of this younger brother. How could he tell his younger brother the daughters of those rich families in Beijing? He chose an eldest daughter from Ningfu Cui Shi to marry King Jing.
Because Ningfu is a little far away from Beijing, few people from Lujia have come to Beijing, but there is no shortage of local products sent to Beijing every year.
Lujia has always been good to this married aunt, knowing that her emperor’s eyelids are having a hard time and she doesn’t bother her.
I heard that my aunt became the queen mother and Lujia came.
The queen mother immediately smiled happily and waved to the eunuch to "take people in yourself."
"It’s the Empress Dowager"
The queen mother of Yangde Palace Hall was full of excitement and could not say how happy she was.
Emperor Xiao Cong looked at her and felt that her smile was dazzling and she felt so sorry. She was so happy to open her mouth and wanted to scold her.
Abrupt thought of lujia bearer things Xiao Cong suddenly laughed.
At this time, there are some people in Lujia who are worthy of scrutiny. Is there anything you want?
However, according to his understanding of Xiao Huang, even if Lujia wants something, that evil will not be achieved.
Will not become them.
Xiao Cong suddenly interrupted to see the scene of the queen mother being beaten in the face, so his painful heart was strangely calmed down a lot.
One person’s pain is not as painful as two people’s, and it is much less painful to see others’ pain.
That’s so true. Now he’s in a better mood just because he thinks that the queen mother is going to get hit in the face by herself.
Xiao Cong face with a smile said, "since lujia people come, you have a good time with them. I’ll go to sleep."
The queen mother looked at Xiao Cong with a strange face. She was so angry that she seemed to be so happy for a while.
But she did not pay attention to Xiao Yan with the wave "go"
Lujia this time a total of five people went to Beijing, two ladies and a young master.
The empress dowager empress has a sister-in-law and a sister-in-law, and two young ladies are sister-in-law and sister-in-law. One is called Lu Minxin, and the other is called Liu Minyue, a gentleman named Lu Xuan.
Both the young ladies and the young master are good-looking.
The queen mother was naturally happy to see her family so excellent and immediately gave a bunch of things.
Liu Minxin and Liu Minyue looked around their eyes and flashed off the palace from time to time, so it was not comparable elsewhere.
If only they could enter the palace.