Come out of Muxi Pavilion.

Princess Qian Yue’s eyes are full of anger, and her teeth are grinding. "Gu Jinxi Gu Jinxi, what’s so good about Gu Jinxi!"
"Princess calm down" next to the personal maid-in-waiting quickly served tea.
"I don’t drink!" Princess Qian Yue raised her hand and overturned the tray; The face just made tea and was knocked over. "Autumn pity, which point do you think the princess is worse than that Gu Jinxi?"
Autumn flow low head dare not speak.
"You also think that the princess can’t compare with Gu Jinxi, don’t you?"
Princess Xi Yue suddenly became angry and grabbed Qiu Lian’s skirt "isn’t it?"
"handmaiden dare not" autumn flow pale "princess status honor than nature is not others can compare"
"Hum!" Qianyue cold hum
"Princess, your honor is the best choice for the country; King Rui of the West Chu is the favorite child of Empress Dowager Xiao, even if you are both in love, Xiao Taihou will not agree with King Rui’s son-in-law in summer. "Qiu Lian lowered his head and lowered his voice, which seems to be a little cautious.
Even the autumn flow can understand the truth, and the moon is naturally white.
"Is there really no other way?"
Autumn flow low head Bei tooth gently bite lips "this real princess if you really want to destroy miss gu is not no way"
"Huh?" She looked up and saw the round teapot.
"The place of Chu is the best for female Yan," Qiu Liu said as he hurriedly offered hot tea to Princess Qian Yue, and then said, "The attending doctor specially ordered the imperial kitchen to have a lot of taboo things when the empress Jin Fei was infected with smallpox. If these things come on, it is easy to leave scars; Handmaiden today looking at miss gu’s face but made a lot of chicken pox pustules if we do something in her food … "
When she heard this, she was suddenly silent. "People don’t make me, I don’t make prisoners."
She had Qin Rui in Gu Jinxi from beginning to end, but she was just a koo-involved person. The reason ruined the girl’s life. She couldn’t do it.
"This matter will not be said in the future."
Autumn flow fundus quickly across a bit but corners of the mouth slightly raised seems to be dyed light smile "that farce king …"
"Even without Gu Jin sunseeker, there are Li Jin sunseeker and Wang Jin sunseeker …"
The root cause is that Qin Rui doesn’t love her. When she thought of this, she felt a dull pain in her chest. "He wasn’t like this at the beginning, so he …"
"If you can find the princess who disappeared in those days, you will not be responsible for Xia Liang’s country and you will be able to pursue what you love freely." Autumn flow seems to be comforting with her head down.
Her eyes flashed with a hope, but soon faded away. "Your brother has been missing for nearly 30 years, dead or alive … Forget it. Don’t want to do it again."
"Don’t be sad, princess." Autumn offered cakes.
"What about Aunt Huang? What is she doing?" Qianyue took a deep breath and finally calmed down; To Qin Rui, not only is her heart clearer than anyone else, but there is an insurmountable gap between her and Qin Rui
Even if Chu Huang agreed, she wouldn’t.
The son-in-law in summer is cool, even if they can become a bitter couple, they have self-esteem and pride. For example, how can he live in the position of the husband of the country? He is lean and suitable for King’s Landing, but she can’t hand over Xia’s family.
Autumn flow bowed their heads and said, "I heard that Princess Cherish Rou just left Muxi Pavilion and went to Shallow Cloud House to find Su Cen girl."
Su Cen?’ Qianyue frowned.
"Miss Su visited Princess Cherish Soft last night and seemed to have a very congenial conversation." Autumn flow has a steady tone without any tone.
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