After talking about feelings for a long time, do you want to find a doctor to cure her girl?

The man’s eyes contain a hint of inquiry, "What can I do to help you?"
Phoenix shallow silence for a while.
"… I have money" sounds as small as mosquitoes.
Say that finish chicken shallow regret it.
Look at this man’s clothes. They are extremely luxurious. Maybe he is a nobleman. Even the money in her palace is not enough for people to plug their teeth.
Sure enough, the man smiled.
Feng Shao secretly smiled at your brother-in-law!
Isn’t it money? What’s the big deal Aunt will be a local tyrant sooner or later!
"Come on, you run! I’ll find a way myself! "
If it’s a big deal, she’ll go and please those princesses!
Although those women don’t look like good birds, don’t they all pretend to be very affectionate with her?
Then it doesn’t make sense for her not to be profitable!
Phoenix shallow across the skirt rubbed his ankle and lowered his head without going to see him.
Suddenly, I can’t smell a sigh.
One second, a warm palm bends from the knee and passes through another one, holding her back. It was a man who tasikmalaya and picked her up.
Phoenix shallow heart a bump face looked at him in shock.
Men don’t change color.
"As far as you are concerned, unless you climb back, you can sit here all night. Chapter 5 is that I let you be wronged.
"Then you can’t hug me!"
Feelings. She just spoke. Did this man turn a deaf ear?
Haven’t you heard that she is the emperor’s woman? If anyone sees her, she may be charged with fornication and disorderly harem, and then she will die!
Phoenix struggled hard in his arms, and his small hand made a fist and hit him in the chest.
Of course, she didn’t dare to try too hard-this man’s martial arts skills were so high that he was not happy to kill her and then destroy the body … Ow, ow, that would be terrible!
At first, the man let her struggle, and then his face turned black.
"Don’t move!" The man slapped her ass.
Phoenix shallow suddenly stupid.
A moment later, when she recovered from the initial shock, her face "brushed" and rose to pig liver color.
"You … you you … how can you …"
Feng Shao is going to cry. She’s a clean girl!
This fellow is too bad, not only holding her so boldly, but also dare to spank her casually!
"Do you know the emperor and I don’t know! You can be a shopkeeper of cutting hands in case someone sees you, but what do you want me to do? " Phoenix shallow stared at him with shame and annoyance.
The man looked calm. "If you are afraid of being seen, you should try to hide your face."
Phoenix is shallow and talkative.
Hide your face? What is this theory? Steal the bell?
But in the end, he really did it silently because of his lewdness and arrogance.
Being held by a man, she must put her hand around the man’s neck, so the only way to cover her face is to bury her face in the man’s chest.
Phoenix shallow this depressed for a while.
Although she is a modern person, she must be shy to be held by such a handsome guy who met for the first time!
As a result, she wants to snuggle up to someone’s chest. It’s really embarrassing for two generations!
However, Feng Shao was lucky that she didn’t touch anyone all the way until the man held her near a palace. She raised her head in alarm and looked at him piteously. "What the hell are you doing?"
The guards at the entrance of the palace have seen them before the men.