Secretly he turned her eyes and looked at the Gobi king with a smile "? How does it taste? Since you don’t know me and broke into my room tonight, let’s be good brothers and sisters! Jade cold kills! "

Su Ling then threw the Gobi king to make Yu Su smell and raised his palm high to show his strength!
Seeing this, the two followers around the Gobi King immediately screamed, "Forgive me, hero, forgive me! It’s … It’s him who asked us to tell you what keys you have!
We broke into the house because we had to, and the hero forgave us! "
Between life and death, the Gobi king himself never thought that he would be sold out by the death!
He endured the pain and looked back at the two attendants and scolded 1!
However, the strength of Yu Su’s palm has blown their hair into a mess, and the two attendants still hastily explained, "Heroine, we really don’t know anything! It’s the Gobi king. He’s coming after you! We! We are all implicated by him! "
The words of the two attendants soon made Su Ling sigh deeply!
She knew it wouldn’t be peaceful, but she didn’t expect to come so soon!
Just out of the capital, isn’t it? It’s just a day on the road. Just arriving in Baijun will cause complications!
It seems that she has the golden key. The news spread faster than she thought!
"Take it with you!"
Su Ling with a sigh, everyone stared at the line of sight and slowly said to Yu Su and Chu Yi!
When three men were forcibly pulled out of the room by them, Su Ling just looked at the crowd and smiled in a low voice. "Thank you for your hard work! It’s all right. Go back to rest early! "
See her smile a little stiff but they didn’t move!
On the contrary, Su Yu sat at the table with her pace and broke the silence in time. "Ling, you knew their purpose long ago?"
Su Yu’s inquiry is also a doubt in others’ hearts!
After all, they all clearly heard what the former Gobi King Tang said!
But he is coveting Su Ling’s beauty, but now it seems that it is not like that!
WenSuling also gently nodded with everyone "I also they are common fair-weather men!
But then I thought about it carefully. If they are really fair-weather people, they can’t think about my heart just because I appear!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed that there were girls’ meals in the lobby when we came into the inn!
And there are also many graceful and graceful people! If the Gobi king is really a loser, will he let those women go and pay special attention to me instead? ! "
Hear Su Ling explain Su Yu and Su Ao suddenly looked at each other!
Su Yu still asked, "Maybe you are so beautiful that he has never seen you like this!" "
Su Ling’s forehead suddenly slipped three black lines, and the dark and bright pupil flashed a dark mans!
At the same time, several of him, including Huang Lao, looked at Su Yu in a very strange way!
This scene Su Yudun felt embarrassed and coughed quickly. "You forget it! I’m also curious how Ling knows their purpose so clearly! "
"Second brother, this is very simple! Just now, you also heard that the two attendants talked about what key the Gobi King wanted to come to me for! Moreover, the former bartender also explained to us that the Gobi king and them just arrived here in the last two days!
If they are Fengmen and Huangmen or people who covet treasures, they will know that I look normal!
Because … "
"Because I handed the portrait of the leader in all directions, I wanted to let the congregation know, but now I’m afraid it’s self-defeating!"
At this time, Yu Su has returned to the guest room and just heard Su Ling’s explanation!
So he didn’t hesitate to directly say what he had done!
Su Ling has long known this!
"If so, I’m afraid we can’t delay any more!
If scum like Gobi king can recognize little sister, if she stays too long, maybe more people will appear! "
Su Ao’s calm and deep words made several people at the table nod!
The night is already deep, and the third child goes to the window and pulls it carefully. After a while, he will say coldly, "Let’s stop here tonight and we will leave at dawn!"
With the appearance of Gobi king and others, it also indicates that there will be more ghosts in the road ahead!
After waiting for everyone to disperse and return to her room, Su Ling sat at the table for a long time and never got into bed!
In this way, after the Gobi king appeared late at night, she felt that her situation was really not optimistic!
This time it’s a scum like Gobi king, but if there are any strong opponents later, I wonder if their party will be resolved safely!
And she can’t guarantee that she can accurately guess each other’s purpose every time!
The night is dignified and cold, but Su Ling is sleeping!