The sky is completely bright, the road is smooth and someone is riding a fast horse in front.

"Report XiaoLi wait in front and Xiaoting seems to have found someone following him and sent a small group of people back." The guards leave, but obviously Xiaoting found that they were not XiaoLi people.
Weiyuan frowned slightly next to Yan Liang and coldly denounced a "waste"
"It’s more beneficial for us to move without Xiaoli to divert our attention." Weiyuan gave her a look and asked her to calm down. With Xiaoli Xiaoting, her attention would be diverted to a great extent.
Her jaw was tight and she looked back coldly. She didn’t want people to be found, which would make it more troublesome for them to follow.
"Give up the road into the mountains" Weiyuan raised my hand and patted her on the shoulder. Since Xiaoting sent someone back to search, they could hide.
Riding into the mountains, although I am not familiar with Qi, I met Xiaoli after an hour.
His face is not very good, and his eyes are full of repressed anger and Xiao Tingdou, which seems to make it difficult for him to control his anger.
"King Weijun speaks alone." He glanced at Weiyuan and then went straight to the depths of the forest.
Wei Yuanma then went over and left him alone. I don’t know if I should listen to him.
Yan Liang’s expression on the horse’s face with his arms around his chest, she looks very calm.
"I’m serious. Do you really believe Xiao Li?" LiuTianZhao turned down the sound prevention was XiaoLi hand over there to hear.
"seven points" seven points letter
"So much?" Liu Tianzhao raised an eyebrow and couldn’t believe that they were able to believe Xiaoli for seven points.
"LiuTianZhao for a while you take NingXiaoYue away from her martial arts can’t take action" Yan Liang suddenly look at him word for word.
Liu Tianzhao immediately frowned and was about to speak when Yan Liang interrupted him.
"Don’t refuse in a hurry. I gave it to you. The third martial brother and the fourth martial brother should be coming soon. I want you to stop them. You’d better lead them to the side." She lowered her voice and this sentence has a strange meaning.
LiuTianZhao somewhat confused NingXiaoYue came over there and looked at Yan Liang waiting for her to answer.
Yan Liang didn’t answer the question. Do you understand? If you understand it, you will leave now. "
Ningxiaoyue took a deep breath and then nodded. "Let’s go." He grabbed his sleeve.
Liu Tianzhao wanted to ask, but she was dragged away by Ning Xiaoyue and finally didn’t ask for it.
Liu Tianzhao suddenly asked, "What do you mean by Yan Liang?"
"What do you mean? She doesn’t believe in one of us "and Yan Liang’s friends for more than ten years, she knows very well.
"who?" LiuTianZhao immediately ask deny is yourself.
"Definitely not me." Ning Xiaoyue shrugged. She was confident in herself.
Liu Tianzhao said, "That wouldn’t be me, even though I’m not her other disciples."
"Who knows?" Ning Xiaoyue saw his one eye, but he thought a little about Yan Liang’s letter. It should not be a cave. 118. Doll in red.
Weiyuan Xiaoli came back from the depths of the forest, and their faces were different, but on the whole they were not very good-looking.
Yan Liang gave them a look without words.
Xiao Li, his hand in succession, Mata looked back when he left, but said nothing.
Until they disappeared from sight, Weiyuan came over and raised his hand and touched Yan Liangtou. "Did you drive them away?"
"Well," Yan Liang nodded and looked at his face and slowly narrowed his eyes. "What did Xiao Li say to you?"
"Xiaoting side have a master is not a general master, maybe we are all against" looked at her Weiyuan low said.
"Master?" I’m tired of hearing the word master Yan Liang. It seems that there are masters everywhere, but the facts prove that it is not worthy of the name.
"This time it’s true that Xiaoli already has the idea of backing out" can make Xiaoli fear Weiyuan’s imagination.
"What’s the conclusion?" I intend to return to my plan, but the conclusion seems to be different.
"The conclusion is to fight to the death." Of course, it’s just an idea to back out. They still have more to kill those people. The idea of backing out is worthless.
Nodding, "It fits your personality. Now that you have the answer, let’s do it." This is their style. How can they do it when they have come to this step?
"Now that Xiaoting has found out what he has done, he is willing to do the bait of diverting the tiger from the mountain. We are a knife in the dark. After all, Xiaoting doesn’t know us now." Wei Yuan stroked her face with one hand and whispered word for word
"If Xiao Li doesn’t defect halfway, we will certainly succeed." We have been tracking and hiding ourselves to find out who Xiao Ting gave the money to.