"Oh!" Xiao Xun’s divination is very accurate.

"Xiao Xun, let’s go." Xiao Yu said to Xiao Xun from the floor.
"Oh, let’s go! Wan Wan, Xiao Yu and I are going to deal with’ Charm Ji’. Remember that you should be careful today and you’d better not go out. "Xiao Xun told me once before going out.
"I know Xiao Xun, you are more nagging than my mother. Let’s go, or it will be uncertain tonight."
"Then let’s go out."
One minute later …
"I’ll go out for a walk, too. It’s easy to talk at home. It should be okay to be careful when I go out." I changed my clothes and went out
"It’s so fresh outside! ! !” Go for a walk in a deserted park.
Suddenly, a crying little girl ran over and pulled her clothes and said, "Sister, you have to save my mother."
"Will you tell your sister what happened without crying?"
"My mother was taken away and said she would take you to the back hill if she wanted to be okay."
"Then you go to the back of the mountain now."
"But …" The little girl hesitated.
"But what?"
"Sister, you are a good person and those people are bad people."
"Ha ha, you are a kind little angel, but the most important thing at present is to go back to your mother, so don’t worry until I go to the back hill."
Houshan …
"Sister is here"
"Haha, you did a good job." Suddenly a woman came out from behind a tree, Xiao Meiling, and then dozens of people dressed in black came out one after another. "Where’s my mother?" The little girl asked anxiously
"Don’t worry, she’s fine" and then winked at a man in black who took the woman out from behind another tree. It should be the mother of a little girl.
"Let her go, don’t want to die, and disappear immediately."
The little girl looked at Wan Wan anxiously and smiled at her.
The little girl’s mother quickly got up and said thank you to Wan Wan and took the little girl away.
"What do you want? Xiao Meiling "Wan Wan asked.
"I think your death ruined my happiness."
"Your happiness ruined my life?"
"You’re the one who seduced him, and you made him change his mind."
"Joke that you have nothing to do, grab your man’s heart and come here to blame me."
"I won’t talk nonsense with you. Get her for me."
There was a fierce battle in the men in black in the rain. Because there were a large number of men in black and they were all in the men’s institute, their mobile phones fell out of their pockets and arrived soon …
"Take her away for me."
When Xiao Meiling left, a little girl came out from behind the bushes. It was the little girl who had just been rescued. She secretly ran back because she was not at ease. As soon as she came back, she looked at her and left a mobile phone.
The little girl picked up the phone and dialed Xiaoxun’s words in the address book column.
"Hey, what is it?"
"Is it Sister Xiao Xun?"
"What happened to me?"
"No, this mobile phone sister was taken away."
"What? Where are you now? "
"I park behind the mountain"
"Well, you wait for me. I’ll be right here. N17 dares to provoke us. You’re dead meat.
"Give me that bucket of water to wake her up."
A man in black came from nowhere and threw a bucket of water at Wan Wan without hesitation.
"Well ~ ~ What happened?" I woke up, but my head was still in a daze.
"Haven’t you remembered? Do you want me to help you? "