I felt a gust of wind overhead, followed by a flash of coolness. Ci Ren Gu Ma sensed the crisis and tried his best, so he pushed out an airflow with one hand and made a subtle dodge by letting himself in a flash.

Nan Rong’s magic knife was really crossed by Ci Ren Gu, but it didn’t finish hiding and split straight across his outstretched arm.
"ah!" Cirengu gave a short cry, his eyes blazing, and he was about to turn over and fight back, but Nanrong Magic had no pause and attacked again.
The osteotome split Nan Rong’s magic horse and adjusted its posture. Two osteotome several inches long were also stretched out at the knee, and then the legs were tightened to keep the posture rapidly sinking. The osteotome knees were stretched from straight to the waist of Ci Ren Valley and hit the top!
This theory of benevolence and valley can’t dodge.
"Poof", the osteotome on the south glory illusion knees was directly inserted into the back of Ciren Valley, and the body of Ciren Valley was also pressed hard by the south glory illusion knees, and it fell straight from it.
The descent speed is too fast, like a falling meteor, and sparks are almost rubbed in the air.
"Boom" a south glory magic knees holding up CiRenGu body straight hit the ground.
A cloud of smoke splashed up and landed, and a pit was smashed.
Nan Rong’s magic closed his knees and stretched his osteotome. He turned over and leaped gently to Yang night and the scorching sun.
"Is it dead?" The hot sun probe glanced at the light asked
"Even the Terminator can’t stand the continuous attack like this." Nan Rong Magic smiled at the place where the two bone knives fell behind him.
Yang night but I didn’t laugh. My eyes kept staring at the past and whispered, "No, this guy is fine. His aura is still there." He turned to look at Nanrong Magic and the scorching sun. "Cirengu is not so easy to deal with. Don’t be careless."
Just then, not far away, the lawn smashed out of the pit to laugh wildly in a low voice. "Ha ha ha ha ….." With the smile, a figure slowly rose from the pit with a bloody expression on her mouth, but it was even more ferocious. "Red Bi is not bad. You are still calm or I will sneak up."
Talking, Ciren Valley walked out of the pit, swinging from side to side in front of Yang night, the scorching sun and Nan Rong illusion, and then reached into his back and touched it. He took a look at the blood pie mouth and said, "It’s really amazing that you can beat me without a chance to fight back." He looked up and said, "But you can kill me like this, and it would be too underestimating my Ciren Valley! I was just careless at the moment. I didn’t expect the three of you to join forces and attack so quickly. It seems that I really have to deal with it seriously! "
South Rong Huan was very surprised and looked at Cirengu with a face of unexpected panic and set up two osteotome.
There are also some accidents in the scorching sun. It is reasonable to say that the attack just now is absolutely not weak. I am afraid that the friar will have died long ago, but before Ci Rengu, it is really as if just three people joined forces with those attacks and did not cause him any harm.
Yang night calmed him down, knowing the strength of Ciren Valley, because they had just played against each other, and he knew very well that Ciren Valley had not made any real efforts.
Shi Ciren Valley also had some accidents. He just hit Nan Ronghuan with that punch, but now he’s fine. It’s rare for a monk to bear his own blow.
Don’t …
Bone armor! It’s a relief to think of Gu Jia Ci Ren Valley. It’s the high ability of Gu Family. I didn’t expect this small person to have such strength. That Gu Jia not only strengthened his defense, but also increased his strength and speed.
However, such a simple fire attack on the scorching sun could hurt Ciren Valley, which made him unable to bear it for a while. Maybe he and the aquarium Roulei are really so assimilated?
Thinking of Cirengu, he smiled and stepped forward and said, "I was careless and disrespectful. Your strength is not bad. It is beyond my imagination. Let’s come again!"
Talking CiRenGu body flash has rushed to the Yang night, south glory illusion and the scorching sun there moving as fast as by disappeared.
Yang night, the three of them at the same time, a surprised thought that the hot sun had been punched head-on and fell back.
Too soon!
Yang night and Nan Rong illusion were surprised at the same time, and almost didn’t see Ciren Valley’s moves and moves. What a terrible strength!
Shocked, but not neglected, two osteotome and a hidden blade were attacked at Zhongding Ciren Valley at the same time.
At this moment, Cirengu was really serious. Her face closed and her eyes closed. She stared at the white light and red light, dodging in the crisscross gap. No matter how fast and dense she waved, she couldn’t touch Cirengu.
Nan Rong magic waved his arms and two osteotome seemed a little impatient. In the fight, he stole a glance at Yang Ye only to find that Yang Ye’s expression was very calm and vaguely with an unfathomable smile, just as at the moment, instead of fighting with Ci Rengu for life and death, he tried it very easily!
Don’t Yang night this small and I also left a skill to protect the strength?
Nan Rong fantasized about being kicked hard by Cirengu in an unguarded moment, and suddenly the whole person flew out obliquely and slammed the grass hard, and then rubbed out on the ground for a long time.
Yang night here a surprised CiRenGu fist also to cross a punch was Yang night bowed their heads and flashed, but a turn CiRenGu by rotating strength kicked out to Yang night quickly put up his arms to keep out a but was pushed out by this great force after landing "unter den unter den" to step back and barely live arms faint acid hemp.
The three men teamed up to fight again, but this time they were beaten by Ciren Valley one by one.
Nan Rong Huan and the scorching sun jumped to Yang Ye’s side
Three people looked at each other, eyes have their own meanings.
Shinan Rong Huan and the scorching sun both secretly marveled at the fact that Ci Ren Gu had just met and got hit by Ci Ren Gu’s fist, and these two former bystanders were terrible in Bai Ci Ren Gu.
That one punch and one foot really shocked the heart and lungs. If you didn’t have the ability to protect yourself, I’m afraid you would have been shattered by the earthquake, and the speed of Cirengu is amazing. I really can’t feel what a powerful guy this crazy guy is if I didn’t fight personally.
And Yang Ye just played against such a guy! Moreover, for a while, the strength is not obvious, and the reality of Yang Ye is also extraordinary
But hehe, Nanrong Magic and the scorching sun smiled at each other.
"Hey? Don’t fight? " Not far from Ciren Valley, I was not in a hurry to catch up with him, but sneered and shouted, "I haven’t fought anyone so seriously for a long time. Don’t spoil my interest and come again!"
At CiRenGu three people at the same time.
"How about it?" South glory magic look at Yang night asked
"There is no doubt that he is stronger than us," Yang said in a low voice. "But to tell the truth, I didn’t do my best, so this Ciren Valley is not a real Ciren Valley. He is just an evil and cruel member who was forced to separate. The real Ciren Valley is not like this. I … I don’t want to kill him."
"Hey, hey," Nan Rong smiled. "I can see that you are concerned, or the scorching sun and I wouldn’t come." He looked at Yang Ye and said, "Did you have any real kung fu?"