Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling smiled and turned to the nearby Floating Life, the Hong Hua Dou Tai, the Ci Ren Gu, the old lady Yang, the scorching sun and the South Glory Magic waved their hands and both nodded at Yang Ye and then disappeared through the door together.

Yang night took a hand and looked around.
Before the madness, I have followed the orcs to temporarily go back to the orc territory to arrange it as a bm, and the domain is naturally the Lord’s floating domain, the Lord Hong Hua Dou Tai, and the black domain Lord Ci Ren Gu. That is to say …
Damn it, there are so many people going back with me?
Yang Ye turned and looked puzzled, stared at the scorching sun and raised his eyebrows and asked, "Hey, what are you doing in our team?"
The hot sun smiled. "Hey, hey, I don’t want to go back to my family for the time being. Let me go with you and have fun!"
Yang night sighed, and a group of people went to another crossing door, and the crossing door for the scorching sun disappeared instantly.
Walking through the front door, Yang night took the blue demon to cut the south glory illusion and took the baby. Old lady Yang and the scorching sun turned their heads and waved goodbye to the floating life, the Honghuadou Taihe Cirengu.
Floating life looked up and said, "Red Bi! No matter what, you are still a scholar. You must do your best! "
Yang night nodded. "Don’t worry, I’m lazy, but you can exclude me."
A line of people got into the door and disappeared instantly.
"See where he looks like the savior?" Cirengu smiled and shook his head.
"Of course not. He is now … who? Oh, yes, Yang Ye! " Hong Hua Dou Tai said, "This red body will eventually have that Yang night nature. It is estimated that his original body does not want to lose the ordinary original state created when he lived with Mrs. Yang Lao. Haha!"
Floating life looked at the fading through the door and nodded slowly and said, "Yes, he has always been doing Yang Ye well."
Through the door, a line of people jumped out one after another and came to the red domain Lord.
Red domain owners seem to have been waiting there for a long time, and they see faces coming out and posing for a pair of smiling faces.
"Red domain master" Mrs. Yang Lao nodded at the red domain master in the previous step.
The red domain owner smiled and nodded and said, "I know everything." Looking at Mrs. Yang, she asked incredulously, "I can’t believe that you are willing to give up a higher position and come back to me?"
"Peace of mind" Mrs. Yang answered truthfully with a smile and turned to look at Yang Ye "and it can often see the night"
"Well" red domain master echoed looked up and took a few steps behind the old lady Yang, and grabbed Yang night’s shoulder with both hands and shouted, "Well done! You are well-known in the current domain, and my main face in the red domain has light! "
Yang Ye smiled, "Your face has always had a bright red domain."
The red domain master didn’t recognize Yang’s teasing in the night talk and thought, "Before, I was always bullied and despised because of my simple red domain master qualifications. Now, haha, the black domain master Ci Rengu and the white domain master are not as old as me!" I’m sure I’ll sit in the first row of the sub-domain main congress. Ha ha ha ha ha … "
Everyone came with a smile and suddenly heard the red domain master say so, and his expressions were sluggish.
The red domain owner smiled enough and spilled his eyes on everyone. Finally, he stared at the baby for two steps and asked softly, "Baby Long, I asked you before if you would like to come to our door. Now can I officially announce that you will be my red domain owner?"
Baby one leng smiled and nodded "yes! Red Lord! I will be there when I attack my brother at night! "
South glory magic aside suddenly a glaring expression frightened with a smile-I which she? That’s not a narrow escape?
Thinking of rushing to the red domain owner and saying, "Domain owner, do you want to reconsider and not be so hasty?"
"What do you mean?" Red domain master one leng.
Aside the baby also instantaneous malicious eyes.
"No, I mean, Ciren Valley has just become the master of the black domain. His hands must be short of hands. It seems not good for us to dig a corner at this time …"
The Lord of the Red Domain hesitated for a moment and suddenly smiled. "Leave the personnel arrangement of the Lord of the Black Domain, Ciren Valley, to the Lord of the Floating Life to worry about. I also hope that our official career will continue to grow!"
Said quickly close to the south glory magic bass said, "don’t I don’t know what you think, bear with me, I can arrange for you and the baby to perform differently."
Nan Rong Phantom stopped talking after listening to the music, turned around and explained that the comfort had already been revealed to lost face Baby Long.
Red domain Lord looked at Yang night, Lan Yao chop and the scorching sun and shook his head with a smile and gently sighed, "I really didn’t expect you all to come back. You are all willing to come back. Hehe, especially Red Bi, your strength and identity today are still willing to come to our door for a small job. I really don’t know what to say …"
Yang Ye smiled at the scorching sun and hugged Lan Yao. He said, "You’re welcome, but we have just done a great thing and successfully completed one thing. Can we consider giving us a holiday?"
The red domain master Zheng turned his head to look at Mrs. Yang, and when he saw that Mrs. Yang nodded, he was confident. After all, his red domain master base was supported by Mrs. Yang’s status as a woman, and now he is completely clear about Mrs. Yang’s domain identity, and naturally he respects Mrs. Yang’s nod more. He will never say no!
"That good will give you a holiday! Take a long vacation! " The red tonic sounds
Yang night, Lan Yao chop, scorching sun, Nan Rong illusion and Bao Bao Long laughed at each other one after another.
Yang Yeyi waved his hand, "The Lord of the Red Domain gave me the door and we want to go home."
Xiaoxiao and Gentleness tidy up Yang’s bedroom every day as usual, and sigh that the peach blossoms in front of him set each other off. The red face is now unknown-Mr. Yang has been missing for many days again. Every time I look at this swinging bedroom, Xiaoxiao will be disappointed and gentle. Although it is also uncomfortable in my heart, I will comfort him every time.
Every day, two beautiful maids clean up the bedroom and sit by the bed in this bedroom for a while, crying.
On this day, Xiaoxiao and tenderness cleaned up again. Yang night’s bedroom sat on the bed and looked up at everything in the room, sighing one after another, but I didn’t know what else to say.
"Xiaoxiao gentleman will come back soon" gently sat beside Xiaoxiao and gently comforted her shoulder.
"Well, I hope," Xiaoxiao replied in a low voice but slowly lowered his head.