Lin Yu and Magic Seven Little are old rivals, but their confrontation ended in the failure of Magic Seven Little. This is also the second time that Magic Seven Little attacked Yun He City. It seems that it is estimated that there will be no third time.

As Magic Seven Little said, after the first world war, either Lin Yu is finished or Magic Seven Little is finished, and there will be no third result.
It is probably that there are many strong people who have suppressed the magic seven little. This time, it has become more calm than before, and even the momentum of the team has become particularly different.
In order not to affect the high-end combat effectiveness of both sides of the Fang army, they are also guarding the rear and waiting for the tie between the two armies.
The more similar it is to the general assembly war, the more the victory or defeat of the low-end combat force can influence the war situation.
For example, the high-end combat effectiveness of both sides will fight to the death, even if they fight for a month or two, they may not be able to win or lose, and it is very likely that they will not win in the end.
And if the armies of both sides fight each other, the outcome will be decided in a few days. At that time, there will be no need for high-end combat effectiveness.
For the inferno, there is no low-end fighting capacity. Even if the inferno attacks the city, there is no way to defend it. For Yun He, without low-end fighting capacity, it will become meaningless for them to defend the city.
Both sides understand this truth, and they wisely chose to watch the game.
See the magic seven little command army advancing Lin Yu towards their Yun He city is also a high drink "SPAR gun ready!"
"Click click …"
There was a series of machines around the city wall, including thousands of cannons with a diameter of one meter. The spar cannon stretched out from the hole in the city wall and aimed at the inferno army.
"Yuan Mudun is ready!" Magic seven little drink a front row of more than ten inferno soldiers immediately took out a wooden shield that could resist spar shells and put it on the head.
Magic seven little eyes have been staring at the Lin Yu city wall flame time was Lin Yu countered once, he will never suffer a second time.
"There are so many wooden shields!" Lin Yu breath a mouthful of air conditioning inferno resources seem to be very abundant, Lin Yu don’t know where their resources come from.
But now is not the time for Lin Yu to think about this problem. Now he thinks it should be like breaking this yuan wooden shield array
If ordinary spar bombards out and falls on this yuan wooden shield, the result can be white lang spar.
Fortunately, Lin Yu still has his successor.
"cannon!" As Lin Yu called to drink thousands of spar shells, he thundered and sent out neatly across the purple tracks and fell to the Yuan wooden shield.
Hum … Hum … Hum …
Just like the second time, when the spar shell hits the Yuan wooden shield, it sends out waves of purple ripples.
However, unlike this time, this round of spar shells turned into purple ripples and did not disappear at the same time, but accompanied by several black metal fragments!
The shape of these metal fragments, such as blades, is thin and sharp, and it is absolutely not a problem to penetrate the gap of Yuanmu shield array.
When the spar shells vanished, these fragments flew out at a high speed and stung those inferno fighters with Yuan wooden shields.
"Ah …"
Tens of thousands of inferno fighters screamed at the same time. Rao is that their bodies are harder than ordinary terrans or they can’t resist high-speed flying blades.
The yuan wooden shields in the hands of these inferno fighters fell to the ground one after another, not because they didn’t want to take them, but because they couldn’t take them at all.
Their bodies, hands and faces are full of black blades that deeply pierce the flesh and blood. The horror is very embarrassing.
Their bodies were poked several times after being filled with water, and blood gushed from the blade mouth and instantly dyed a large area of the battlefield. Chapter 46 New weapons.
This round of artillery bombardment in Lin Yu directly abolished tens of thousands of inferno fighters, which was not expected by all.
"What is this spar gun? How can there be such a ghost! " Be caught off guard, seven little frightened to disgrace, can’t help but shout a low voice.
Observing this battle, families also have different faces, especially those who are good at mecha and war machines, and they are deeply interested in the improvement of Lin Yu’s weapons.
Although the appearance of this spar shell in Lin Yu still looks the same as that of ordinary spar shells, the creativity and technology mixed with this gadget in the shells are not owned by Luo’s family.
Luo Zhong stared straight at the crystal screen, and the communication crystal asked Yu Shan, "Is this your Yuan mecha technology?"
Yu Shan shook his head with a dignified face. "If we don’t have this kind of mecha technology, we will definitely give it to you. This is much easier than collecting the living soul."
Luo Zhong knew that Yu Shan didn’t deny that it was necessary to believe Yu Shan’s story, but he still didn’t understand his doubts. "There is no reason why our Luo family mecha technology is the first Lins in Cangyu mainland, and there is no reason why their weapons are more advanced than ours."