Aside Mukexin doesn’t know when she has fallen asleep. She sleeps very sweetly. Her little head leans against Du Yun’s generous and strong shoulders, and her hair falls like a waterfall to be extremely beautiful.

Du Yun’s eyes crossed the flashing to the distant horizon, and a ray of Li Shuguang appeared in the East, and a new day will come soon.
Gently put Mu Yan ran on a piece of air-dried hide. After lying down, Du Yun quietly left the cave. He came to the top of the mountain to breathe fresh air.
Misty and rainy city, this is a historic site in the battlefield of ghosts and gods. Du Yun thought in his heart that Huo Yan and others don’t know what happened now.
When Du Yun knew that Huo Yan, they were sure that they couldn’t escape the catastrophe. Maybe they would all hide and close their penance, but when the news that Du Yun wasn’t dead reached them, Huo Yan and others would certainly be anxious to find him?
"I don’t know if they will be present at this misty and rainy city center fair!" Du Yun eyebrows a young thought of this possibility.
Du Yun guessed that at that time, when the monks in the four directions were less misty and rainy in the center of the city, the five kingdoms would definitely not openly violate their own rules, thus announcing personal vendetta, which would cause public anger by hitting their own faces.
And Huo Yan and others are certainly not stupid enough to take preventive measures themselves. With so many people, it is doubtful that the five kingdoms will find them in a haystack.
The news that Du Yun was alive came to Huo Yan and others, and Du Yun believed that they would guess that they might go there if they knew the information of the fair in the center of misty rain.
After coming to the battlefield of ghosts and gods, Du Yun has regarded Huo Yan as his partner, and Du Yun decided that if others want to be bad for them, they have to step on his body!
In the eastern sky, the sun rises in Ran Ran, and Du Yun returns to the cave. Mu Kexin doesn’t know why she is still sleeping, but Du Yun didn’t wake her up. Instead, she went to a corner and sat cross-legged and reposed.
"Huh?" I don’t know how long it took Mu Kexin to tremble, and then she slowly opened her eyes. She looked a little confused for a week and finally fixed her eyes behind Du Yun and finally woke up.
"Sister Mu, are you awake?" Du Yun’s face with a simple and honest smile this sentence elder sister cried without any sloppiness.
"Yes, why did I fall asleep last night?" Mukexin rubbed his eyes and was embarrassed to answer.
After a few commonplaces, they took some water from their bags and washed up. When the sun hung obliquely in the east, they tidied up and left the forest immediately.
The sky was blue, and it was very pleasant for them to fly in the sky and talk all the way. At this time, Mu Kexin had veiled the perfect face again, and Du Yun had carefully changed himself so that people could not recognize him.
"Uncle, shall we go to the center of misty rain now?" Mu Kexin saw Du Yun’s middle-aged appearance and could not help but quipped.
"Hehehe!" Du Yun smiled awkwardly and didn’t argue with this roadbed. He was embarrassed to spend time with women flirting with him.
The two men crossed one mountain after another, and in the evening, when the sunset appeared in the west, they finally came to a vast prairie, which was the center of misty rain.
Lu they met many monks, most of whom talked about the fair in the center of misty rain, and now they come to the center of misty rain, only to find that it has long been crowded.
"Central point fair is not a genius will be held? Why are there so many people now? " Mu Kexin doubts that the sound has returned to the crisp with cold.
"I don’t know, maybe just like us!" Du Yun stand stand hand said not white but soon he also eyebrows a wrinkly center seems too busy at the moment Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Life and death.
"I don’t know, maybe just like us!" Du Yun stand stand hand said not white, but soon he also eyebrows a wrinkly center seems too busy at the moment?
The center of misty rain and misty city is one day away from the fair at dusk, but it is already full of people. This is a prairie, otherwise it would be really difficult to have so many monks.
Du Yun and Mukexin saw many monks gathered in front of them, and they were surprised and couldn’t help but go to see what happened before they left.
"Hey, hey, it’s really interesting to fight for those two people before the fair, but it’s also good to have a lively look at the fair tonight!"
"It’s not like you want to see this excitement, but it’s hard to see the situation that two second-order strong men fight for life and death!"
"Isn’t the center of misty rain and misty city ordered by the top ten kingdoms not to fight?"
"Ha ha, the somebody else two people are through the application of both sides voluntary top ten kingdom can stop it? This time, we can see who is the best between Ouyang Ye and Zhou Hua! "
"Hey, hey, we didn’t see the itch when we killed God Du Yun with great power. This time, the battle has arrived at God. I have to show off what I have seen and heard!"
"Hush, there is an agate empire here. It is said that the monks of their five kingdoms disappeared in a forest for a month yesterday and killed the gods. When Du Yun appeared again, he killed three agate empire immortals, a large group of half-step immortals and the later monks. This made them hurt their bones!"
"Really? Du Yun is out of the mountain? And when he comes, he talks about the five kingdoms … I wonder if he will come to this fair? "
"Of course, it will come. It is said that Du Yun, who killed God, was promoted to the realm of immortality after the First World War …"
Before Du Yun and Mu Kexin left, they suddenly heard a lot of monks. The argument was that they didn’t ask and knew that this was a life-and-death struggle between two second-order monks who were immortal, but they were still interested in listening to it. But in the end, they heard that they actually turned the topic to themselves. Du Yun finally spoke.
In particular, a monk said that he had entered the realm of immortality, which made Du Yun smash his mouth and the rumors were really powerful
Mukexin said nothing, but Du Yun still saw a sly smile from her cold eyes, and Du Yun’s eyes could not help but turn to the center of the two people
A large area in the center of the crowd is where two immortals fight for life and death. Through the conversation with the monks, Du Yun knows that the man in yellow is Ouyang Ye and the man in white is Zhou Hua.
Both of them are very strong, and the second-order cultivation of the immortal shows a lot of weakness, and some monks can’t help but retreat a few steps.
After a long confrontation between the two sides, they finally fought. Du Yun watched and listened to the people around him talking about it. Before long, he probably understood why they had to fight for life and death.
Ouyang Ye is an intermediate kingdom monk. He is gifted and has a great opportunity to enter the battlefield of ghosts and gods. It was after his late peak that several adventures promoted him to the second-order field of immortalization.
Around him, there are five Godsworn Immortals and more than a dozen Godsworn in the later period, and the peripheral area of the ghost battlefield is also famous.
That’s the problem. When they became famous, someone planned to step on their bodies to become famous, so Zhou Hua appeared
Zhou Hua is an excellent person. Most of his circles are senior kingdom brothers. They have profound cultivation resources. For the monks in the middle kingdom and the lower kingdom, they really look down on them.
Once again, Zhou Hua took the bet. The bet is that if Zhou Hua can slay Ouyang Ye, the group of male brothers will lose and pay the bet to prove that Zhou Hua is really powerful.
On the contrary, if Zhou Hua can’t slay Ouyang Ye, it’s that Zhou Hua lang’s nominal root has no strength. Zhou Hua has a good face. He is an intermediate kingdom man who can usually contact those senior kingdom brothers because of his strength. After being challenged by a group of brothers, Zhou Hua really can’t bear it, so he looks for Ouyang Ye.